Back in the past, it was probably not quite as acceptable to combine black and brown together. (Oh, what Era was that?) Nevertheless, rules are made to be broken.The myth that black and brown can’t be worn together is just that — a total myth.

Sometimes mixing and matching can be tough — ESPECIALLY when it comes to long-standing taboos about which colors you can actually wear together. Is it okay to combine black and brown? Can you ever throw other color into the mix? Heck yea, you can! (I am literally wearing these now together.)

Black and brown are both neutrals so they work great together and with a variety of other colors. These two colors look great together if you add some interest to the outfit with textures and patterns.

The most important thing to remember is not to get too caught up on the many different fashion rules, because for every rule there’s an adorable outfit that breaks it!


Style is meant to be personal, so go ahead play a bit.

Romper, Brown leather Jacket No Name

Handbag, Wedge from Charles and Keith