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Hello, I’m Jenny! Welcome to thewander-lust.com where you’ll find a recollection of my travels, events and life’s experiences. Initially, this blog was established as a means to keep up with my own interests in capturing precious moments of my travels. I love taking photos and videos each time I visit a place. I enjoy editing and compiling all those captured scenes. But with time, and little effort this blog has evolved into something much more intricate and meaningful.

It’s definitely fun to go somewhere unfamiliar and escape from our daily routines for a while. I travel to discover and experience new cultures, taste new cuisines, and photograph artistic scenes. I’m the budget traveler type. I always do my research before any trip and make online bookings way ahead, well it worked for me in saving some penny. I make my own itineraries based on what I want to see and experience. I’m genuinely curious – I have a list of cities and countries I want to explore.

Do you prefer to see where the wind takes you? Or are you a stickler for a detailed plan? I would say, I love to see where the wind takes me. Although I make detailed daily itineraries but I don’t just strictly stick to my plans. I am flexible and spontaneous in a way. But I always make sure that I’m enjoying every bit of the trip.

Traveling isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. And that’s the way it should be.
What kind of traveler are you?

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m the budget traveler type yet the stylish one. It can always be tempting to throw your new outfits in your suitcase before you head off on your travels (especially if you can picture the perfect sunset shot of you wearing it on the ‘gram). I love playing with colors but most of the time, I stick to darker tones. When it comes to keeping stylish, dark colors – you’ll be able to wear them time and time again without noticing every single speck of dirt and dust. Mix it up with vests, shirts and long sleeves and you’ll have a seemingly limitless amount of outfit variations. After all, variety is the spice of life.

We’re all unique, what is one traveler’s idea of style heaven can be seen as another’s hell. Regardless of your fashion statement, comfort should always come first, and style will naturally follow. Imagine if you’re hopping around on long bus journeys then the priority is to feel comfortable and safe without strangely placed zips and buckles prodding you from all the wrong angles.
Always remember, travel style is in the eye of the beholder.

Your thoughts? ❤

Fell free to drop your comments or suggestions.
I always look forward to reading those even on the days I am swamped with work.

Behind the Blog

I’m a Nurse by Profession who also has a blog. If by definition, owning a blog makes a blogger, then I suppose I am a blogger. It’s fascinating how the label ‘blogger’ evolved into? I’ve never heard it 10 years back. Ooops!

I’m an Expat. Filipina Nurse living & working overseas and that alone allows me to have the unusual mid 20’s life journey. Imagine how is it gonna be like living away from home? I take it, blogging about such would be something riveting.

Fashion infatuated and consumed by wanderlust. Strangely, I like to shop more on shoes and clothing but not make-up. I can survive with only a lip tint and a face cream on and I’m good to go.

Feel free to email me at stylishwanderer22@gmail.com
Drop me a message and let’s talk from there.

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A Glimpse of OSAKA

Osaka is like a big downtown. Stayed there for 3 days before heading to Kyoto. For a first time traveller in Japan, many would be asking which part to go first? Should be Tokyo? Kyoto? Or Osaka? I’d say do Osaka first, I didn’t regret going there first, in fact I’m glad I did.

Osaka is a more compact Metropolis, much easier to navigate. A great way to get a feel of using the railway system and getting a glimpse of a Japanese way of life before heading to the larger Tokyo.

Osaka is the food mecca of Japan. A food lover’s paradise. The so called “Japan’s Kitchen”. Their love for food is so legendary that it’s given rise to the saying: “Osakans are ruined by spending on food.” Oh, felt guilty for this. Lol. So If you’re planning a trip to Osaka, then chances are you’re going there with one goal in mind – to eat. Food is one of Osaka’s main attractions, but as anyone who has visited will know – it has many other charms awaiting to be discovered!


The one sign that has lasted the longest, for over 70 years, and is very famous for tourists, is the 33m Glico Man sign at the Ebusu-bashi bridge. It’s a simple graphic showing an athlete in a victory pose.

(So here’s my Obligatory shots for this famous landmark) lol.


The heart of Osaka. If Shinsaibashi is the city’s prime shopping district known to be the largest shopping area in osaka, then Dotonbori is its kitchen. Visiting Osaka without making a stop here would be like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. With its free-spirited decorations and glitzy neon signs, let Dōtonbori’s cuisine culture pull you in to its warm grip. Situated alongside a lively canal, there is no such thing as subtleness in this area of Osaka.  It is considered the best place in the city to try their regional dishes like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, udon and a lot more. Giant mechanical crabs and huge octopi statues adorn shop fronts, tempting passers-by with promises of what food specialty awaits them.

Time for FOOD STROLL! Yaaay! :p20160329_194512-01-01[1]20160329_195700-01[1]20160329_195951-01[1]20160329_200227-01[1]

Worth the queue. Hmm though pricey but so tasty! (2000Jpy, 25Sgd, 870Php)

Takoyaki, one of the region’s famous delish dish 🙂

Melts in your mouth! Urgggh!
20160329_210138-01[1]20160329_210256-01[1]20160329_205706-01[1]20160329_204028-01[1]20160329_204808-01[1]20160329_204755-01[1]After pigging out, you can head back for another stroll but this time is for shopping. Ain’t a good combo after non stop munching? :p



Trench Coat Online
Sneakers Charles & Keith


“Holidaying” in France?

“Holidaying” in France? No, it’s Colmar Tropicale in BUKIT TINGGI MALAYSIA – BERJAYA HILLS. 

Colmar Tropicale, a French-themed village and resort inspired by the old town of Colmar in Alsace, France, which is known to be one of the most beautiful city in Europe.

This spectacular French-Themed Resort is a perfect place for a quiet laid back getaway with a picturesque and romantic environment.

It does look like you are “holidaying” in France.

Feel the French atmosphere.
“Relish in century old Alsace charm at this French-themed resort, settled at 2,700 feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests.”


It’s quite a unique experience, really. Think of it as a resort situated in Malaysia role-playing as a French village. Cool isn’t it?


(Oops.. Did i blent in?) haha :p

Knitted slit dress & sweater Tokyo fashion 
Tote & Sneakers Charles & Keith


Melaka World Heritage City

A few months back, went to visit malaysia.
Melaka, where it all began. Exploring a World Heritage City.


Malacca (also locally known as Melaka) is a small, friendly city that with many eye-catching sights. The city indeed is a mix of old and new, historical establishments and old shops stand side-by-side with shopping complexes and there’s just so many colourful sights in the city.



It is easy to go around on foot or trishaw to explore the many places that make Malacca unique.


You just can’t stop from taking cute shots from the paint job outside the building, is already an attraction on its own.

The Orangutan House is owned by an artist, Mr Charles Cham who started his art gallery studio in Malacca in 1992.

Didn’t really explore yet on the day of arrival. Was a bit too lazy after a 5 hours coach ride from singapore. And oh by the way, stayed in The Pines Melaka hotel. Will be having a different blog post about the hotel though for having such an awesome stay for 3 days in Melaka. Hope it can help you guys when you visit the heritage city.


So the day of arrival was a day of pigging out and shopping. Yes you read it right! Far from singapore’s crazy food and shopping is a good place for those who don’t like to spend so much on clothes and food. (hey it’s me!)


  • Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall
  • Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall

These 2 Shopping malls can make you spend your ringgits! haha

Nando’s Malaysia! Famous for PERi-PERi flame-grilled chicken.
My hunger pangs definitely was satisfied! haha


Did some walk after pigging out and I just can’t stop from striking a pose. Melaka is probably the only place in the world that has ruins of both Asia and Europe. Beautiful architecture is just by foot. So don’t be a lazy bitch! haha :p


And after some walking you need  refreshment. Don’t fail to try out Bikini Toppings! Location is at a less crowded corner of Jonker Street.
Somehow, even under a super hot sun, this cafe is quite chilling and windy.  Serves mainly desserts: Coconut Jelly, Coconut Shake, Ice Cream..


It was a great day indeed! Back in the hotel for some relaxation and night swimming overlooking the city. Watch out for my next blog about The Pines Melaka.




Will be having a separate blog about: Getting Around Melaka by Trishaw!
Tour Melaka in 1 day and you’ll see the must attractions!





Macau: A day trip from Hong Kong

Macau is a startling one day trip from Hong Kong. For only 55 minute boat ride you can experience a version of Vegas but with old town Portuguese flare mixed around it. It’s absolutely a different vibe from the big city of Hong Kong.


Truly It’s a sleepy colonial city that has now ballooned to become Asia’s gambling capital.
The one thing that stuck out from our trip was just how many casinos there were.
Huge themed casinos dominate the skyline with each newer one outdoing the previous new kid on the block.


Macau Tower

You can’t expect to cover all the casinos in a single day trip. You can cover only two or maximum three casinos in a single day with all its spectacular shows and attractions. And the good thing there is you can visit them without any restriction, even if you are not interested in gambling.


This Macau trip was really not planned at all. Haha :p
But since It’s a breeze from Hong Kong so why not explore.
To start off, I didn’t even know which place to go first after touching down.
Transport? Routes? Etc… Apologetic though for being jumbled. Haha

But worry no more! For the moment you stepped out from their terminal,
lots of travel agents will come your way in case you haven’t planned your day trip or so.
(and that’s what I totally need. Yehey!)

Decided to have a car hire. It was perfect!
Loved the luxury of time to stay longer on one place and visit the next attraction even faster. What’s even nice was getting a really friendly and accommodating driver.
(Nothing I could ask for to this unplanned trip) Wohooo!

But if you want a no cost tour around Macau you can actually take free shuttles,
Oooops! (sorry I never knew about this the moment we came) haha
I still wont regret though coz it made our trip purely free and easy!


I Fell in love with the cultural sights.
The lovely little area full of Portuguese architecture, shops and food stalls.


The driver was too good to take me on this Heart shaped tree.
He knew I would totally love this!haha


Headed off to Macau’s Best known landmark, Ruins of St. Paul’s.
You should have a mandatory tourist shot for this famous landmark!


The famous A-Ma Temple in Macau existed since 1488.

img1440521717285[1].jpgOooops! Don’t ever forget to drop by Margaret’s Café. It’s a small, no-frills coffee shop (of more questionable hygiene standard. Oh sorry! haha) Don’t expect to be treated cordially there, and I reckon if this was any other coffee shop, the surly service would surely be enough to turn customers away. BUT the famous Portuguese Egg tart was the BEST! Served piping hot, too drooling for the custard filling and pastry was so greasy and buttery. Yummmm!

A day will give you enough time to get a decent feel for Macau, see the main sights and just be back in Hong Kong Island for an evening cocktail – perfect! Really had an extraordinary trip in ‘Vegas of the East’!


Denim on Denim


Everyone is wearing double denim.
Should you or shouldn’t you double up on your denim?
Take a look! Twice as much denim is twice as good. (:



On this trip, I played with denim on denim. It is totally fab! Trust me. haha
The weather was kinda erratic by that time so I wore a midriff cropped top as an inner for my denim polo
(Incase Mr. Sun is out again after a low rainfall, I’ll be totally ready to feel balmy wearing my slinky inner) yay!

You can never go wrong with faded jeans. Thumbs up! :p



It was in the month of June, (ssshhh… my birth month) when we visited Hong Kong.
These shots were taken at Harbor Grand Kowloon Hotel.
( I have my review about the hotel on a separate post. )
Take a peek of it as you might want to stay there when you visit Hong Kong.

Street style wanderer
Street style wanderer

Accessories: Michael Kors Bradshaw Oversized, Bentein FJ Gold Black Necklace.
Jeans from Giordano
Cherry cropped top from Bugis Street for 5 bucks
Cheap deal denim polo top on flea market, hurrah!
You don’t need a bunch of bucks to look fab.
Always remember It’s not about the clothes you are wearing, It’s how you wear it! 🙂