MISOODA Event: Korean Surgery Sponsorship

I wrote about the latest Beauty Platform in Korea on my previous blog and in case you missed it, read it here > Beauty Made in KoreaIt’s about my discovery of MISOODA.COM, link to their website.

I am actually rather satisfied with my natural looks, but there are some imperfections which I thought I could improve on. And like anyone else, I do appreciate natural beauty but I also do admire those people who are brave enough to go under the knife just to get that enhanced beauty. Well, why not? This modernized world has brought us to many medical advancement and we all have the chance now to enjoy the current medical technologies arising.

Have you ever looked at the mirror and instead of seeing that flat and wide nose you’re seeing a narrow nostrils with elongated shape? Uh oh! Or that manly jawline altering it the way you want or the way it would look better? Droopy eyes? Not Anymore! No eyelids? Oops.. You’ll soon have! Double eyelid surgery is even the most common and famous minor cosmetic procedure. So, depends on which area you want it to be enhanced, name it and you surely can get it done. With the dramatically developing technology, it is now no longer a dream to achieve that pretty face you want or even a perfect body you desire through cosmetic surgery.


My plastic Surgery research started when I met and befriend with a local in Korea, where she introduced the latest Korean beauty platform, MISOODA.COM. It has piqued my interest. From there, I began to be curious about Korea’s cosmetic surgery trend. Took me more than 3 nights as there are lots of information to read through online. But like me, you surely will end up with hesitations, weighing the pros and cons, because of the fact that there are also failed surgeries. It all boils down to getting a reputable clinic with an experienced surgeon as there are many inexperienced ones in the market providing you a cheaper offer. Don’t dare, or else you’ll get a nightmare.

The platform, MISOODA.COM makes it convenient for people who wish to do Cosmetic Surgery in Korea. It gives them the assurance that they will be on a safe hands, for they will no longer need to search one by one of the hundreds of clinics found in Seoul putting them to No Risk of choosing disreputable clinic since all the clinics listed in the platform are all board-certified and deemed qualified.

Now, MISOODA.COM has an ongoing model search. Do you want to make your dream a reality? The dream to achieve that beautiful face you desire is all in your hands now. You can join their event and win 50% or 100% Korean Surgery Sponsorship. This Model Search event is your chance to get that beauty/body you’ve ever dreamed of.


100% Sponsorship could be so enticing but this makes you no control over the procedures done. Surgeon decides for everything, even changing how you naturally look like as long as it yields to the very best of you. But they will need you to provide full face/body surgery photos of before and after the procedure then write post surgery updates/reviews of until 6 months. You also might need to stay for a bit longer period due to clinic rules, while that of 50% Sponsorship, is the other way around. Which I bet is the good deal. It’s like getting that surgery type you’ve ever wanted at a 50% off discount. You’re all in control over anything done. Staying in Korea for only a few days until the stitches are all taken out which normally takes 7-8 days only. Awesome! It does need you to write post surgery reviews though but won’t require you to provide full face/body photos, only the area where surgery was done. Ain’t it pretty simple? If you already thought of doing any cosmetic procedure, now is definitely the time. Grab this chance to get 50% off the procedure price.


Hurry and Apply now while it is still open. Nothing can be easier than choosing 50% or 100% sponsorship and select the clinic you want in their website. Misooda and Clinic selection will be within 2 weeks of application. And there you go, successful candidates will do their dream Korean Surgery before 31st July 2017. Do read all the guidelines stated on their site once you qualify.

Here’s the Link to your Application, MISOODA.COMCheers Ladies!

So, drop me a line if you happen to join the event.