Vivaldi Park Ski World: My Failed Ski Experience

Vivaldi Park Ski World has been noted for being the most visited Ski resort in Korea. The closest ski resort from Seoul which takes about an hour and the largest Ski area in Seoul Metropolitan Region. It has its state-of-the art facilities and slopes suitable for all levels. The World-class Ski Resort can accommodate 20,000 visitors daily, covers combined slope area of 1,322,021 m2, total slope length of 6,784 m. Among a total of 10 lifts VIVALDI PARK SKI WORLD operates, there is Asia’s first 8-seater express chairlift and 8-seater gondola. Definitely will give you a remarkable ski experience and will be a perfect get away from your busy life.20161125_103528-02-02120161125_103528-02-01-011myxj_20170211225905_save-011Okaaay, nuff said! Time for some Skiiing!20161125_103151-01-01-01120161125_103151-01-01-02120161125_103059-02-01-011I look so pro, isn’t it? But don’t be deceived. haha!

20161125_113341-011Trained about an hour at the bottom area and with confidence I decided to take the express chairlift in order to ski down the beginner’s slope.

Woohoo!20161125_104351-01-01-02120161125_104351-01-01-011But don’t dare follow what I did or else you’ll end up with something you might not like. lol! Body aches all over because of a few times or shall I say many times I rolled over and I guess it was a bad fall. haha! But just laugh it out and get straight back up. Remember that some even take courses if it’s their first-time hence 1 hour is definitely not enough specially for beginners but I don’t know why the hell I’m so eager to ski down a slope. Although I have ice-skated before, I realized that skiing is completely different. 20161125_104340-01-01-01120161125_104340-01-01-021Getting off the express chairlift is actually not easy, well I’m speaking in behalf of those beginners/first timers like me though. The express chairlift runs continuously and once it reaches the platform where you need to get off, you have to quickly ski down or else the chairlift will wallop your back. (You must get ready when it’s your turn) And sadly, I never knew that, ergo I was unprepared. (Feel free to imagine what happened next) lol!20161125_105713-01-011Booom! I literally rolled over. HAHA! That was my first and scariest fall. I never could have imagine it to happen. Horrible and Painful. It’s difficult to stop once you’re down the slope. My stick became useless at that point because I was panicking and I just can’t control it, and my feet can’t form an inverted “V” position which is suppose the way to make you stop.


The crew helped me after seeing the roll-over-scene. (Shame!) haha! Mind you, it’s difficult to stand up too. Struggle is damn real! 😀 Lesson learned, don’t be overconfident if you are a first-timer. I’m one good example. lol!20161125_111409-021After getting up from that embarrassing fall, my knees were shaking. The view from the top all the way down is totally a different view when I was just at the bottom area (maybe that’s why I was too confident at first) haha! Reality? It’s quite steep plus I’m still not good at controlling how to stop which is actually the fundamental. Getting off the express chairlift was a failure what more if I take the entire ski slope with not knowing much of the basic? Uh-oh! I better not ski down first. (Let me practice more) lol!20161125_104913-011The crews were helpful and nice but sadly they can’t speak English. Nevertheless, I was taught how to ski down despite the language barrier. Yes, no choice. So just imagine how did the body-sign language went at that point. haha!20161125_1121530-01-01120161125_1121530-01-021After many attempts of learning to ski down, I did fell each time. (I just can’t make it stop) haha! By the way, give consideration to others plus for your safety, do practice at the side (rope side) if you already have gotten up the beginner’s slope but suddenly got scared of skiing down like my case. haha! Okaaay, sorry but I needed to give up rather than risking to ski all the way down. If we only had a longer time then I could have practiced it more. Too bad! Even so, it was such an exhilarating experience.

And then there goes the most embarrassing moment. Any guesses?20161125_112135-011 The crew saw me when I was trying to take out the Ski Board. I guess he knew that I am giving up. lol! Too nice of him though to bring the Ski board down so that I can just walk without carrying it. Ayeee! Kamsamnida! (It’s heavy by the way).20161125_112151-01-011Tadaaah! Went to walk down the slope instead of skiing. HAHAHA!

myxj_20170211225412_save-01-011Ooops! Let me have a selfie with nothing but natural filter, the sunny day with a lovely sky matching my blue ski coat. 🙂

The fall might be traumatic for some but its fun. Take it like the famous Japanese Proverb “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you get up again. Just laugh it out when you fall. haha!20161125_105651-021If you have the chance to stay overnight at the resort or even just whole day, please do so. We only spent a few hours though since we are catching a flight on that same day. We left around 1 and was back in Seoul past 2 pm.20161125_102332-01-01120161125_102411-031Overall, my first ski trip was awesome despite the pain from rolling over. HAHA! Indeed it was a fun struggle, ohh yeah… it was! 😀myxj_20170211225806_save-011Kamsamnida Vivaldi Park Ski World! (click to connect to their website)
Thumbs up for a commendable service!