Glass-walled pool over the Harbour


Fell in love with the magnificent view over the harbour!
Wish I had brought my swim-wears for Hong Kong trip. Too bad, really! urghh..
Sorry not sorry for being unready! I never knew the rooftop glass-walled pool was superb!
But since I’m inventive and creative, I was quick to find a way to solve my worry. Yuhooo! (:

On the roof, surrounded by comfortable chaise lounges, the famous glass-walled pool makes for a dazzlingly unique and memorable swim. Awesome!

Truly a Breathtaking eyeshot!


The pool bar and whirlpool ensure complete relaxation.

Street style wanderer

Unveiling my creative way for an Instant swim-wear.
(“If there’s a will there’s really a way! haha )

Since I never brought pairs of swim-wear (sorry I still can’t get over it) heh!

So here’s my Instant swimsuit:
Cage bra used as top and thank God for spandex undies!
Shawl from cotton on.

Hurrray! (: