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I’m a Nurse by Profession who also has a blog. If by definition, owning a blog makes a blogger, then I suppose I am a blogger. It’s fascinating how the label ‘blogger’ evolved into? I’ve never heard it 10 years back. Ooops!

I’m an Expat. Filipina Nurse living & working overseas and that alone allows me to have the unusual mid 20’s life journey. Imagine how is it gonna be like living away from home? I take it, blogging about such would be something riveting.

Fashion infatuated and consumed by wanderlust. Strangely, I like to shop more on shoes and clothing but not make-up. I can survive with only a lip tint and a face cream on and I’m good to go.

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Journey Through a Thousand Gates – Fushimi Inari

The moment we got off the train, I started craning my neck, looking for all the orange. Yes, to be honest! lol. Even if you have never heard of the Fushimi-Inari shrine, I’ll bet you’ve seen pictures of those reddish-orange torii gates, stood closely together forming like a tunnel. And a scene from Memoirs of a Geisha was shot here, Who can remember? :p20160401_142154-01[1]20160401_142208(0)-01[1]The torii gateway snakes all the way up the mountains, creating several tunnels of redness amidst the heavy greenery. It was beautiful and as you can Imagine me on my first time visit, would be like, non stop snaps even if they all look the same. lol.20160401_143347-01[1]20160401_143349(0)-01[1]20160401_143348-01[1]The significance of the shrine located at Fushimi Inari is to honor Inari, the Shinto god of rice. You will see foxes sculpture throughout the grounds, as they are said to be the messengers for Inari. Each torii gate was donated by companies and individuals thankful for their blessings, the long tunnel of toriis is one of the most iconic and sacred landmarks of Kyoto. But, if you’re more interested in sightseeing than knowing the history, you can still enjoy the Fushimi Inari shrine. There’s so much to see and you could easily spend over four hours exploring the offerings of the religious site.20160401_142216-01[1]20160401_142354-01[1]20160401_152556-01[1]20160401_152558-01[1]I actually had no idea how much hiking would be involved just to get up the mountain. (My bad! I never made a search on this) So, we just followed the trail with boldness? haha! As it gets steeper, freezing cold as we get higher, sadly, I just can’t. Too bad to stop at the middle of the hike but I literally felt like grasping for air. Nasal flaring to its highest level. Sorry. I fail. haha! The torii tunnels are literally going up to the top of the mountain, and if you are tough enough to climb the whole thing, then it would be a very rewarding feeling when you reach the top. 20160401_143926-01[1]20160401_143612-01[1]20160401_150219-01[1]20160401_144559-01[1]20160401_144613-01[1]

Okay, back to the main entrance after the failure hike with these kawaii ladies. :p 20160401_152819-01[1]20160401_152810-01[1]

If you can make it at the top of the mountain you surely will witness a beautiful scenery but like me who fail the hike, haha! Just head back, food stalls are waiting for you! lol. (the main reason why I’m no longer fit) I must admit! :p


Fushimi Inari Shrine is located just outside JR Inari Station, the second station from Kyoto Station along the JR Nara Line (5 minutes, 140 yen one way from Kyoto Station, not served by rapid trains). The shrine can also be reached in a short walk from Fushimi Inari Station along the Keihan Main Line.



Coat/Romper/Turtle neck top  Dotonbori Shopping Arcade

Vintage suede shoes F21 Osaka Japan

Loose-type Backpack Esprit






Many colors come and go,
but black will never go out of style.
There’s something about black. It is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. It’s flattering, alluring, and timeless, regardless of your body shape or size. And, its confidence-boosting powers are pretty much limitless.

You can wear black at any time, at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion. For many though, black continues to be the anchor of style; a celebrated Gothicism and wardrobe staple.

Wearing all-black can make even the skeptics downright giddy. :p


Steal the look:
Crop top NO name
Palazzo Toki Choi 
Flats Charles and Keith
Handbag, Watch MIchael Kors



Grey Tones

A hint of vintage, classic and minimal. An elegant shade if you ask me. With a touch of cool, poised class, cold refinement..SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESGREY TREND, What I actually love about this cool shade is the fact that being neutral, makes it go with anything. It’s effortless. Crispy but soft, rich but understated. There is something incredibly refined about this color, and the minimal effect it has makes it very easy to play the posh card. The minimalism is ideal for those ladies who want to try something different.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhen you choose to wear grey, whether as an all-grey-look or just a grey item in your outfit, go for it. It’s apparently not only trendy, but also very easy to match, to style, and to rock. It’s really classy and chic! It looks fantastic with a pop of color, such as red, or even bright yellow, but as for this I chose to be on a subdued palette.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSometimes the coolest outfits are those that you throw on without much thought behind it. The ones that are simple in color and silhouette. Those looks that you can make look different with just one twist. Here I made sure to keep everything neutral in grey to fit the mood.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI thought I’d get bored of this “no colour” phase. But NO! I didn’t. 🙂
It even made me feel more grown up and sophisticated. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAll these photos were taken at The National Gallery Singapore. As much as I want to blog about the Gallery but my visit was only limited. Arrived there an hour before it closed. (Insert my crying face here). The massive interior space that the gallery occupy will not allow you to enjoy an hour to explore and discover. 1 hour won’t really be enough and it can’t even cover half of this HUGE gallery.


I have only managed to walk through certain parts of the two buildings coz the time was very limited hence definitely would go back to see the countless beautiful works displayed to the public. All in all, You will not want to miss out the National Gallery Singapore!



What I’m wearing:
Midi Skirt (got this from flea market) :p
Toki Choi geometric mesh crop top
Charles & Keith flats and tote
Michael Kors accessories


PHOTO CREDIT : @iamngng

Understated but not Boring

They say understated is nothing BUT boring. Then I say, Hell No! I feel understated style is not just about the clothes you wear. It’s about how you wear the clothes, the way in which you carry yourself. It’s deceivingly simple and not something you can buy.img1441640866724[1]img1441641223778[1]img1441640923026[1]
It can’t be much simpler. White semi see-through tee, distressed denim and a pair of blue ballet flats. Love the simplicity, it’s just easy! A street style denim look for everyday will give you that effortlessly stylish chic outfit!

img1441640805267[1]The hit ripped/distressed denim style back on the 90’s faded like a bleach bath. But now it’s back with vengeance, and it’s all about style.

Grab on your unused or fave denim and cut open the knee holes.
Yes! It’s just easy. :p

My DIY ripped denim.

Denim from Cotton on
White V top by Sutiem Fashion
Ballet flats from Rubi


img1440941653002[1]img1440941755694[1]img1440940595301[1]img1440940462761[1]Classical. Subtle and sleek.
Black-and-white monochrome ensemble is a sartorial look that will never go out of style. One colour scheme; endless possibilities.

Living in a complex world, there’s something reassuring about clean, simple black-and-white, especially when it’s organized into logical stripes, grids, and figure-flattering vertical planes.
img1440940189082[1]Absolutely the look is modern, cool, and assertive. Black/white pairings are one of my favourite. There’s something so utterly timeless about monochrome that I find myself reaching for it whenever I have those “I have nothing to wear”.  haha! (It’s even my trick for a simple and easy day wear)img1440939693704[1]img1440939780275[1]img1440941369156[1]img1440941450481[1]And hey! A touch of pastel with your monochrome. Why not? It’s absolutely fab!


Top & Bottom from TOKYO FASHION


Ankle Wrap Gladiator from RUBI

Singapore ART Museum.img1440942011369[1]img1440943166614[1]img1440949750156[1]