Why I Fell In Love With JAPAN

I was fascinated with Japan back when I was in College. The culture, people & food captivated me. As I recall, I even wanted to take up International Studies Major in Japanese Language and Literature, haha that’s how I’m enthralled over this country but then again I ended up with the famous course in town, Nursing. Yes, a distinct fact. lol.

Backtrack 2011, I was a full time Nurse and a part time online English Teacher for Japanese thru skype video call. Even if I get too tired working in the hospital, I still enjoyed every conversation I had with my Japanese students. As they were learning from me, I also learn from them. And there grew my love for this country even more.

So finally! My first time going to Japan! Like finally!
(You surely have an idea how excited I am) Yay!

Indeed, it was a life-long dream to experience and explore Japan and it lived up to all my expectations. Japan has fantastic food, beautiful temples and shrines, zen gardens, national parks, and a culture with long and rich history. Bonus part is, I went during Spring. Oh Yes Sakura! Those lovely sakura, so delicate and marvelously formed. Such a delight to be walking under a canopy of Cherry Blossoms. Japan is without a doubt a wonderful place and, while it may be an expensive country to visit, there are plenty of ways to make this country affordable.

There will be a series of post about my very first trip to Japan and the trip covers OSAKA, NARA, KYOTO and TOKYO. 🙂







Many colors come and go,
but black will never go out of style.
There’s something about black. It is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. It’s flattering, alluring, and timeless, regardless of your body shape or size. And, its confidence-boosting powers are pretty much limitless.

You can wear black at any time, at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion. For many though, black continues to be the anchor of style; a celebrated Gothicism and wardrobe staple.

Wearing all-black can make even the skeptics downright giddy. :p


Steal the look:
Crop top NO name
Palazzo Toki Choi 
Flats Charles and Keith
Handbag, Watch MIchael Kors



Understated but not Boring

They say understated is nothing BUT boring. Then I say, Hell No! I feel understated style is not just about the clothes you wear. It’s about how you wear the clothes, the way in which you carry yourself. It’s deceivingly simple and not something you can buy.img1441640866724[1]img1441641223778[1]img1441640923026[1]
It can’t be much simpler. White semi see-through tee, distressed denim and a pair of blue ballet flats. Love the simplicity, it’s just easy! A street style denim look for everyday will give you that effortlessly stylish chic outfit!

img1441640805267[1]The hit ripped/distressed denim style back on the 90’s faded like a bleach bath. But now it’s back with vengeance, and it’s all about style.

Grab on your unused or fave denim and cut open the knee holes.
Yes! It’s just easy. :p

My DIY ripped denim.

Denim from Cotton on
White V top by Sutiem Fashion
Ballet flats from Rubi

Sheer – Dare to be BOLD!

Are you ready to be a little bit daring?



Sheer is one of the biggest trends on the horizon. A lot of people are intimidated by sheer tops because they feel like they show off too much skin or are too hard to wear. First of all, part of the fun with sheer is that it shows off some skinSecond, sheer is more versatile than you would think.



This white sheer top in detailed lace is my stylish way to pair up my favorite washed out jeans making it more chic and fab with my classic open toe wedge.

img1441220211822[1]img1441220145854[1]img1441220097350[1](When it comes to white it is not about what you wear on the outside but what you wear underneath.)


So when you’re going out, go for a bolder look.


Casual. Cool and effortless.



Tokyo Fashion Sheer Lace Top


 Giordano Washed out Jeans

CHarles and Keith Open toe Wedge

Vintage Leather Bag 

Photo Credit: Miss Beatriz Lee