Gangchon Rail Park: A FUN-tastic Rail Bike Experience

20161123_134209-01120161123_133938-011Do you want to experience what it feels like to cycle along old railroad tracks? Wouldn’t it be nice to give your legs a good workout while enjoying Korea’s scenic views? 20161123_135103-011myxj_20161207012432_save1Need look no further! Gangchon Rail Bike Park will give you an overall enjoyable experience you never could imagine. This activity indeed is as authentic as it gets. Trust me! Such a wonderful way to see the beautiful countryside of Korea. Don’t miss this!20161123_133355-01120161123_133452-01-01120161123_133452-01-02-011This has become one of my fave activity during my entire Seoul trip and I certainly would love to do it again on other Season specially Winter or Spring. I can’t barely imagine how extraordinary it would be. But not Summer please. As I’m too used to warm days and the greenery! Let me skip it. lol!20161123_135207-01120161123_135641-01120161123_142429-011Gangchon rail park features an old railroad tracks turned into a bike park. This old railway has been there for 70 years and was no longer needed when the Gyeongchun Line, a double-tracked railway line connecting Seoul and Chuncheon opened in December 20, 2010. Ergo became a popular tourist attraction allowing visitors to pedal along old railroad tracks while taking in the lovely Countryside, Bukhangang River and Old tunnels in the area.20161123_141148-01120161123_141037-01120161123_143905-01-01120161123_143905-01-02120161123_143005-011The whole trail needs you to pedal a bike for about 1 hour but with a partner (comes in 2 or 4 seater bike cart so need not to worry of balancing. lol!) Surely It does leave you with an unforgettable experience! You get to enjoy scenic views while giving your legs a good workout. Doesn’t that sound FUN-tastic?20161123_142920-01-01[1].jpeg

20161123_141639-011In exchange of your leg workout, you get to see lovely mountain and river side scenery. You might think it’s tiring but as to my experience, I never felt tired at all. I didn’t even notice that it was already over. I was too busy relishing the views and wallowing the cold breeze.20161123_143603-011Ola! One of my favorite part is passing through old tunnels where they had some gimmicks plotted inside. You have to go through tunnels with different themes. Whoopee! Bubble game (pop those bubbles inside!), led lights flashing with romantic music and my fave of all is the rave style light show with music blasting in the tune of Gangnam style. Really so amusing!20161123_141812-01120161123_142841-01120161123_142906-01120161123_143245-01120161123_141433-011After 50 minutes of enjoying the scenery with your legs working out, it’s already time to let them rest. lol! About 5 km of pedaling till you reach the rest stop, then… Voila! You can now grab some drinks & snacks or use the toilet (but hold your breath if you do so) Oops!20161123_145500-01120161123_144507-01-01120161123_144507-01-02-01[1].jpegTadaah! A beautiful waterfall sight while you wait for your next ride at the rest stop. 20161123_144711-01120161123_144754-011

20161123_144840-01-02120161123_144840-01-011I never thought I would be that Damn thirsty! lol

It’s no longer a bike for your next ride so just relax. haha! This time is already an open train where you still can leisurely savour the amazing landscape. My tip, make sure to take the right side window seat! The views are just sooo lovely!20161123_150429-011As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I highly recommend joining a group tour package as it will allow you to have a fuss free trip if you wish to visit Nami Island, Rail Park and Petite France in one day. Doing it yourself might just frustrate you. Yes, true. There will be a couple of transfers and timing for the transport which is really time consuming. Plus taking in the fact that Koreans don’t speak English, who you speak for help? Oh! Such a headache.20161123_151324-011Didn’t expect it to be this much fun! Till I see you again!


Here’s a brief guide if you wish to go there by yourself:

From Yongsan Station (Line 1 or Jungang Line)
Take ITX to Gangchon Station or Namchuncheon Station and transfer to subway, one stop to Gimyoujeong Station. Please leave ample time for transfer.
The total trip from Yongsan Station to Gimyoujeong Station will take minimum 100 minutes. ITX (77 – 79 mins) + Subway (6 mins)

From Cheongnyangni Station (Line 1 or Jungang)
Take ITX to Gangchon Station or Namchuncheon Station and tranfer to subway, one stop to Gimyoujeong. Please leave ample time for transfer.
The total trip from Cheongnyangni Station to Gimyoujeong Station will take minimum 75 minutes. ITX (51 – 53 mins) + Subway (6 mins)

It would also be best if you book your tickets ahead but just give an ample time for your transport as the Rail Bike runs in specific timing.  Click here for more details: Direction and Booking