Universal Studios Japan: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

20160330_134208(0)-01-01[1]On my visit, Universal Studios had a “Re-born” parade to celebrate their 15th year anniversary.  So glad to have witnessed the fun parade where casts of different attractions were present. Teary-eyed as I was watching right in front of my eyes, like as if I was part of it. Too dramatic. Lol. But yes, it’s true. A sprightly mood from everywhere. Crowded but fun. Staffs drones smiling and waving to everyone. A vibe literally contagious.20160330_152024-01[1]20160330_151612(0)-01-01[1]20160330_142526-01-01[1]Great if you fancy a whole day out. And if you do so, then I recommend getting a fast pass, if not you might end up losing your temper. Fast pass gives you fast access to most of the attractions from the massive queues especially the rides. But for some who don’t usually take rides, like me,haha (Yes, I’m a scaredy cat.) Lol. then single pass is fine since the park alone is already a fun attraction. Amazing sight with a sublime atmosphere. Definitely, never a dull moment for all age group.20160330_142157-01[1]20160330_161610-01-01[1]20160330_161615-02[1]20160330_162204-01[1]20160330_162414-01[1]20160330_162425-01[1]20160330_162514-01-01[1]20160330_154742-01-01[1]20160330_161131-01[1]20160330_161229-01[1]20160330_155302-01[1]20160330_160732-01[1]20160330_160306-01[1]

Lucky I’m not fond of the rides, and if you are then just go get ready for the insanely loong queue for each one.

So, here’s where I was busy queueing from. Foood! I prefer queueing for them. lol. :p


My visit to USJ was not even a full day. The morning itinerary was in NARA and back to Osaka, headed straight to Umeda and finally spent afternoon here till around 7 in the evening. It may look packed but it was not. See blog post for the morning trip to NARA. As to my memory, reached nearly 3. Despite the crowd, still able to get in. Hurray for luck! lol.20160330_154927-01-01[1]20160330_154933-01-01[1]20160330_154935-01-01[1]20160330_155746-01[1]20160330_155531-01[1]20160330_155514-01[1]20160330_160218-01[1]20160330_155130-01[1]20160330_155114-01[1]20160330_155329-01[1]20160330_154539-01[1]If you are visiting japan, do visit Universal Studios in Osaka and never miss to get a feel of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Apparently it’s the main attraction and whether you are a fan or not, most likely you will end up getting stunned.20160330_172024-01[1]20160330_172048-01[1]20160330_181506-01[1]20160330_182143-01[1]20160330_181938-01[1]20160330_181951-01[1]20160330_182013-01[1]20160330_182110-01[1]Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hmm.. Need I say more?20160330_182152-01[1]20160330_182652(0)-01[1]20160330_182503-01[1]20160330_182652-01[1]20160330_182807-01[1]20160330_182250-01[1]20160330_182320_001-01[1]
Each attraction has time entry specially during peak season. So for a 5pm timing for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was just perfect. As the sun finally set off. The lights making it more real. The weather dropped further making me feel even more cold. Brrrrr!20160330_182902-01-01[1]20160330_183147-01[1]20160330_183345-01[1]20160330_184755-01[1]

I’m really lazy to queue especially when I see it’s too looong. But okay, I’ll try for once. Just for this famous one, Butter Beer!


And since I survived the long queue, I bought one with the mug instead of the disposable cup. My memory for this awesome trip to Osaka!

Sayonara!20160330_190405-01[1]20160330_191057-01[1]Get There and Around

By train

The entrance gate of the Universal Studios Japan is located a five minute walk from Universal City Station on the JR Yumesaki Line (also referred to as JR Sakurajima Line). From Osaka Station, there are several direct trains per hour (15 minutes, 180 yen) and many more connections that require an easy transfer at Nishikujo Station.


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