Osaka Castle: Why You Have To Visit

If there is one must-see for any visitor in Osaka, then it should be Osaka Castle. Truly a magnificent symbol of the City. It signifies the pride of Osaka. Beautiful and majestic on its own; with Sakura it’s positively magical. In addition to being historically significant and artistic architectural it provides visitors with much things to do and see.20160331_094620-01[1]20160331_094605-01[1]20160331_093919-01[1]20160331_095100-01[1]It is well laid out. There is a lift to take people up to level five of the total seven levels or you can climb the stairs yourself. The idea is to get to the top and work your way down the levels. Sadly taking snaps inside the castle is prohibited but the displays are great and worth the visit with a picturesque view at the top.20160331_093737-01[1]20160331_094724-01-01[1]20160331_094908-01[1]20160331_095301-01[1]20160331_095725-01-01-01[1]20160331_095803-01[1]20160331_100255-01[1]20160331_102025-01[1]
While it costs you 600 yen, 7.5sgd or around 250php to access the castle. It’s totally free to take a stroll around the grounds, exploring the many fortifications and gates that stand strong to this day. 20160331_110653-01[1]20160331_112718-01[1]20160331_112707-01[1]20160331_112643-01[1]20160331_092730-01-01[1]20160331_092704-01-01[1]20160331_092916-01[1]20160331_092938-01[1]20160331_092909-01-01[1]20160331_092900-01-01[1]20160331_093128-01[1]

After you enter the gates, you can see a whole street with food stalls. The food stalls ranged from sweet to savoury. 20160331_113501-01[1]20160331_104130-01[1]20160331_103723-01[1]20160331_110453-01[1]20160331_110537-01[1]20160331_111525-01[1]20160331_114822-01[1]20160331_115551-01[1]

Sakura made it more magical on our visit! From every corner you walk, you see those different colors in bloom. Some were white others were pink. But well, they’re just too lovely! 20160331_093239-01[1]20160331_093222-01[1]20160331_095754-01[1]

Hanami. 🙂



This link may help you if you are traveling from Jr Namba Station.