A True Farm-to-table Experience

It’s been awhile since I last posted about going organic. Yes?

Coz something great is going to happen, mark your weekends starting April 2018!20170713_171506-01-01[1]

Go organic!
Davao Farm Holiday believes that a new way to cook and eat is possible, will you join them?FB_IMG_1522935338036[1]

Starting on April 28, 2018, Saturday and Sunday will never be the same again!
Huni Farm is opening its gates and will be hosting buffet lunch from 10 am till 3 pm.

Among their goals is to explore new and interesting ways to connect people to food and community. They will serve organic meals of fresh harvest from the farm as they educate their guests with the importance of knowing the quality of food they take and serve to their loved ones.FB_IMG_1522935312222[1]

They have been influenced by many styles of cooking and they love to experiment. At their table you can expect to find the freshest ingredients, beautiful and rustic presentation that you won’t soon forget. A weekend  at their table is not only an occasion to share and meet new people, but also an opportunity to discover new sustainable ways of living. This Farm to Table Experience will make the perfect anniversary gift, birthday present, family occasion, group outing, romantic date, or just a wonderful way to experience the farm.

Huni Farm is located at Wangan, Calinan District , Davao City.

Join them with your family and friends! FB_IMG_1522935250808[1]

Together let’s support local farmers, lets promote their products and take part in the establishment of a strong relationship of our community to quality food, local farmers and the environment.

This is the first project of Happy Islands Business Development and Consultancy under the banner of its mother project Davao Farm Holiday.  Gourmet Lunch at Huni Farm is a  new flavor of Davao Tourism which will be launched in cooperation with Livelife Travel and Tours.

For booking and reservations please contact:



Balay Verde Restaurant: From Farm-to-table Experience

Have you had your salad today? Or are you like me who’s too lazy to prepare? Trying to be fit and healthy in action but end up always only in words. Sadly, I’m definitely just like anyone else. But as we get older, we tend to realize the value of our health. 

I’m more towards changing my very unhealthy habits gradually now. Yes, finally! I certainly know how hard it is to get rid of those good food in the market, and generally those are processed, oily, salty, rich in msg, sugary, and high caloric. Closing one’s eye and indulging only to its savory taste, hmm.. is the everyday thing for everyday’s unhealthy meal. But it’s not too late yet. Making one simple change to your diet which is adding a salad almost every day, can pay off with plenty of health benefits.

Eating salads is a super-convenient way to work in a couple of servings of vegetables and/or fruit. Green salads are on the menu of almost every restaurant. But buying and eating it outside, nowadays you also wouldn’t know if it is safe nor fresh? Organically or Conventionally grown?

I had a short stint in Davao a week ago. And I was invited to have a first taste of the SALADS which will be served in Balay Verde Restaurant, link to their Facebook Page, (opening 3rd week of April, located at the 2nd flr. Corporate Center Abreeza).

The Restaurant is a collaboration of the 3 Farms: HUNI, La Fermette and Gem’s Farm. It will be a farm-to-table experience. Everything from the menu are all grown and produced from the 3 farms with zero-synthetic chemical used. Hence, they pledge to serve nothing but FRESH & ORGANIC produce.

Without much adieu, let me share the 8 promising SALADS you can try soon.

1.) BALAY VERDE SALAD20170325_114607-01-01[1]

Your Protein rich salad, topped with salted egg and white cheese plus smoke salmon fish with a Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette.

2.) FRENCH FARMER SALAD20170325_115949-01[1]20170325_120015-01[1]

Quite intriguing taste! Arugula is added sparingly which gives it that bitter/spicy note. Instead of the smoked salmon fish, there’s the seared beef for you and a Béarnaise Dressing. It also has camembert cheese and black olives.

3.) THE KING SALAD20170325_122319-02[1]20170325_122422-01[1]

This will surely be one of your fave especially if you like nuts. It has Almond-ginger Dressing. I won’t describe further, it’s for you to taste!

4.) LILY’S SALAD20170325_123552-01[1]20170325_123625-01[1]

20170325_133800-01[1]Have you heard of Roselle flower? Hey, hey! it’s edible okay! Roselle’s vitamin C is 3 times stronger than black wine, 9 times stronger than citrus orange, 10 times more than star fruit and 2.5-fold compared to vitamin C in guava fruit. It gives a sour taste to the tongue yet it compliments to all other ingredients mixed. The Mayonnaise-Celery Dressing is perfect! This also has Seared Chicken, Golden Raisins, and White Cheese made from Lily’s milk. Lily is the name of their cow in La Fermette. So, now you know why it’s called Lily’s Salad? lol!

5.) MICHELLE’S MEXICAN SALAD20170325_125157-01[1]

While Filipino taste is more like that of Mexicans, for this salad, I guess you know what I mean. You surely will love this!

6.) MIDORI SALAD20170325_130750-01[1]20170325_130832-01[1]This for me is the Wasabi salad and among the 8, is definitely my favorite. The Wasabi Vinaigrette is the reason why. Wasabi indeed is more than just your HOT SUSHI CONDIMENT! Try this first if you love the kick of wasabi. Topped with sesame seeds, mongo & alfalfa sprouts with Tuna Steak.

 7.) SUPERFOOD SALAD20170325_132717-01[1]20170325_132741-01[1]

The mixture of taste from the many different ingredients amazingly compliment each other. Love the sweet potatoes countering the sour taste of Roselle and the Lime Vinaigrette. It also has quinoa, fresh chili and white cheese.

8. KERABU SALAD20170325_133925-01[1]20170325_133934-01[1]

Living in Singapore for nearly 3 years now, this is definitely a very usual taste for me. Of-course, it’s what I eat mostly. Sambal Belacan Dressing, I knew it! Indulge yourself with its Caramelized Pork, Dried Shrimp, Mint Leaves, and Pickled Mangoes.

Balay Verde Restaurant is like a Salad Stop in my Hometown, Davao. Where Fruits and Vegies take the Center Stage but unlike any others, Balay Verde will only serve you nothing but FRESH and ORGANIC produce. You can make your own salads too! But aside from just Salads, they will also serve Lunch and Dinner. And again, everything used in all of the recipes are from the farm. Even beef and pork meat, poultry, etc.,

Here’s one of the many dishes they have, Sinigang na Baboy sa Bayabas. 20170325_135103-01[1]Sinigang is a filipino sour soup dish which uses unripe tamarind but unlike the usual recipe, this version of Sinigang makes use of ripe guava as the souring agent, giving you the mild flavor. And not to mention the tender meat, sorry, I just died. Really! I can finish 1 big bowl. lol!

It’s normal to crave something sweet after a good meal. What about a french croque en bouche and blueternate hot tea?20170325_140226-01[1]20170325_140320-01[1]The petal of the blueternate flower is too pretty to eat! Oops! Yes, it is edible! It ain’t only for decorative purpose.

20170325_110832-01[1]The chocolate is not the usual commercial chocolate but rather homemade. Tastes like dark-chocolate and is made from cacao. Like me, you definitely will love the vanilla custard filling. 1, 2 or 3, you surely can’t get enough of it!

Tip: Eat the croque en bouche at one-shot instead of biting. And you’ll know why. :pMYXJ_20170331102048_save-01[1]

Balay Verde growing soon at the 2nd flr. Corporate Center Abreeza.

Some candid shots while picking veggies and fruits to take home. lol! Thank you Balay Verde Restaurant core group for inviting me.  20170325_153356-01[1]20170325_152433-01[1]20170325_152300-01[1]20170325_152202-01[1]20170325_152046-01[1]