Frost Magical Ice of Siam: A place to visit in Pattaya

I had a trip to Bangkok a few weeks back, though not a long vacay but still I managed to explore many places in just 4 days. I’m gonna post a lot about the trip soon. Aye!20170929_111246-01[1]Any idea of the place? Uh oh! Read on.20170929_110446-01-01-01[1]20170929_110446-01-01-02[1]I’ve always wanted to visit the White Temple in Chiang Rai but I ended up going BKK and Pattaya instead. And even if I haven’t done so, I found myself visiting something like that of White Temple in Chiang Rai, the Frost Magical Ice of Siam. 20170929_111252-01[1]This recently opened Ice Park in Pattaya did not disappoint, just get yourself ready for the scorching heat tho!20170929_111045-01-01-01-02[1]20170929_111045-01-01-01-01[1]Frost Magical Ice of Siam is a 30,000 square meter ice park filled with internationally acclaimed sculptures and carvings of both ice and sand.20170929_114118-01-01[1] 20170929_111030-01-01[1]The park has many zones. The only problem is the scorching heat when you visit during the day. And if you don’t mind the heat, walk through and take a bunch of photos. lol!20170929_111018-01-01[1] The Himmapan Zone houses the sand sculptures of forest creatures and exquisite plants for guests to admire in their intricacies. The Siam Heaven, is an icy dome filled with the largest collection of ice sculptures in the ASEAN countries and chilled to a constant -10 degrees C; this zone is limited to 150 visitors per round, with a time limit of 20mins. The Frost Village where you find the “Photo Booth” and “Souvenir Shop”. The Food Zone for you to indulge their special “Bingsu” or Korean shaved ice dessert in FROST Pattaya style.20170929_111237-02-01[1]20170929_111044-01-01[1]Upon entry, a wonderful scene of white dominates the view (this is not the ice scene yet) and all the creatures are from one of the Thai mythical stories. The bright sunlight highlights the figures and offers a great photo-opp. Hence, an umbrella and sunshades are recommended, I tell you, it’s DAMN hotttttt!20170929_111341-01-01-01[1]The statues were incredibly done and also a lil history was written on a plaque in front of them. I like the white sand sculptures of Thai mythological creatures. 20170929_110135-01-01[1]In contrast, the main attraction was of-course the ‘ice room’ or whatever they call it! Take your prepaid quilt padded coat before you enter the “ice room” with -10 deg C. Be sure to wear proper clothing which I didn’t, and I regretted it in the end. lol! I almost got frostbite! Ha! I underestimated the ice room perhaps, and only rented a coat with no gloves, no pants and proper shoes. haha! I wore a dress and confidently just wore a coat over it. (Frooozen) haha!20170929_112528-01[1]20170929_113001-01[1]20170929_113136-01[1]The ice figures inside are wonderful and the lighting really makes them stand out. The light colors are forever changing, giving different photo opportunities.20170929_112550-01[1]20170929_112552-01[1]A prepaid drink is offered at the bar when you show your ticket and it is served in an ice cube, only fruit juices are served!20170929_112923(0)-01[1]When leaving there is a warm up room where you return your coat and rush to the restaurant to get a hot coffee or tea or indeed a meal if you wish to. They recommend 20 minutes in the air-conditioned room before going out into the heat of the day.

Here’s a short clip: Watch in HD!

How to get there?
Located on the KraTingLai junction (just before the Motorway Bangkok – Pattaya 7) opposite the Regents International School Pattaya. FROST can accommodate up to 3,000 people per day, Open daily 09.00 – 23.00 hrs20170929_111240-01-01[1]20170929_111220-01-01[1]Your thoughts? ❤

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