Beauty Made in Korea

Everyone of us want to look beautiful. Aren’t you? Even male want some beauty too. From time immemorial, appearance has been the prime in humans’ minds. Either it be centuries back, or today in this modernized world, humans are judged by their physical appearance. It is not even a secret that the standards of beauty nowadays are rather strict and demanding. Truly Society have always valued beauty.

Appearances that match the existing beauty standards remain one of the vital feature of a modern individual. Would you agree? But those people who are discontent with their appearances, also have different ways of improving the way they look, such as makeup, clothes, or being in harmony with themselves. Indeed time has evolved. Vanity in our culture has increased and become more acceptable.

Speaking of looking stunningly attractive, have you ever thought of Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery? What are your thoughts on it?

Let me share mine..

When I visited Seoul, I knew it’s not just about Kimchi, K-pop and K-beauty. lol! I’ve been such a fan of many K-dramas until I’ve loved anything about Korea. And when I say anything, I mean to include even those “fake” or shall I say enhanced beauty. Yes, apparently they’re famous for it. Believe me or not, it’s fairly accepted and commonly done. But despite such a mock-up, it’s as if as natural that you wouldn’t figure it out. That gorgeous beauty though! Pore-less lustrous skin, double lids, bigger eyes, V-shaped jaw and whoaah! that perfect nose job. Wow! And those are just one of the simple and common procedures. I couldn’t even believe when I was told that going to the plastic surgery center carries as much weight as getting a haircut — it’s an everyday thing! Oh! Seriously?

Really time has changed. Nowadays, people are more open about their desire to be attractive. And without a doubt, Korea is famed for its Perfect Asian Beauty. That alone made their medical tourism for Cosmetic Surgery a boom.

What I like from travelling is also learning a lot of things from locals and other travelers. From wandering around Seoul during my trip, I’ve actually known a local. She’s damn beautiful! Let’s call her Jude. Sorry jude, if by any chance you bumped into this blog post, please don’t hate me of exposing these all. lol! (I know you won’t) haha! And don’t worry, there’s millions of jude in the world anyway. :p

I couldn’t believe that my Seoul trip would turn out to be so informative because of her. Jude is one of the many Koreans who have done Cosmetic Surgery. What? Yes, true. But can you imagine how I brought up the topic? lol! (that’s how a chatty mouth can go overboard) haha! She’s too nice and welcoming. And from there, we just clicked I guess. Chatting non-stop and learning a lot from her, that alone made my trip even more meaningful.

As we were loitering around the streets of Seoul, she pointed a lot of plastic surgery centers. Really! I was shocked, it seems like it’s just around any corner. (Drool)


img-20170108-wa0002-011img-20170108-wa0001-011img-20170108-wa0005-011img-20170108-wa0006-011Few of my photo snaps. I couldn’t imagine how many Plastic Surgery clinics are there in South Korea. No wonder they are the  Cosmetic Surgery Capital of the World.

Most people get cosmetic surgery done to improve their appearances, but at some point, their wishes don’t always come true. Damn scary right?! The truth of the matter is that it can actually be fatal or may have the unwanted result if the procedure isn’t performed correctly. More complications arise from improper training of the surgeon. Many “discount” price clinics that claim to offer professional service for a low price have begun to show up all over many countries. Most of those doctors not even properly trained to perform such drastic cosmetic surgeries. Thus, giving anyone their worst nightmare.

Since Korea is widely known as the haven for Cosmetic Surgeries. Jude shared to me a particular platform that would be of a help in case I myself will consider to do any kind of Cosmetic Surgery. HAHA! It felt funny though because I couldn’t even imagine myself doing like a nose job, (I surely would be mooore beautiful, right?) Waaaa. haha! Yes, I’m beautiful in my own eyes anyway. lol!img-20170107-wa0005-011 So, to those who are planning to do Cosmetic Surgeries in Korea. Hey! You surely will thank me for this. Though it has been introduced for me to use, I’m generously sharing it for everyone to know. Indeed it’s very beneficial specially to those coming from South East Asia who would want to do Cosmetic Surgery in Korea. Worry about the language? Not anymore! Discreetly searching about Cosmetic Surgery? You don’t have to! Everything is in the platform. And if you are one of those already planning to do but don’t know how and where to start, this is definitely for you!


Here it is —> Click the link to know more about what Jude has introduced me when it comes to doing Cosmetic Surgery in Korea.

I never thought that even for Cosmetic Clinics has this kind of platform. It surely will make your life easier if you wish to do any Cosmetic procedure. And you actually don’t have to worry since only reputable clinics are listed there. Need not to waste your time inquiring individually and non-stop searching over the web. It’s as easy as if like choosing and booking your hotels in AGODA, or browsing cheap flights in skyscanner.
What’s even more good in the platform is they bring out price transparency plus a lot of good reads on their POST section. (Click to read anything what Korea has to offer)

In the future when you do any surgery through using the platform, do drop me some mail and share your experience. (If you don’t mind) I would love to hear them!

My Seoul trip was worthwhile indeed. It was not just pure sight seeing and shopping but it actually was too informative and productive because of Jude and also because of my chatty mouth and bubbly personality perhaps that’s why I bumped into her. HAHA! Thanks Jude!

I guess I have to end here? Even if I still have a lot to say but it’s getting too long now. lol!

Let me share more of it on a separate blog post. Look out for it!



Cheers to life, to people you meet, to places you travel!