Many colors come and go,
but black will never go out of style.
There’s something about black. It is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. It’s flattering, alluring, and timeless, regardless of your body shape or size. And, its confidence-boosting powers are pretty much limitless.

You can wear black at any time, at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion. For many though, black continues to be the anchor of style; a celebrated Gothicism and wardrobe staple.

Wearing all-black can make even the skeptics downright giddy. :p


Steal the look:
Crop top NO name
Palazzo Toki Choi 
Flats Charles and Keith
Handbag, Watch MIchael Kors



Denim on Denim


Everyone is wearing double denim.
Should you or shouldn’t you double up on your denim?
Take a look! Twice as much denim is twice as good. (:



On this trip, I played with denim on denim. It is totally fab! Trust me. haha
The weather was kinda erratic by that time so I wore a midriff cropped top as an inner for my denim polo
(Incase Mr. Sun is out again after a low rainfall, I’ll be totally ready to feel balmy wearing my slinky inner) yay!

You can never go wrong with faded jeans. Thumbs up! :p



It was in the month of June, (ssshhh… my birth month) when we visited Hong Kong.
These shots were taken at Harbor Grand Kowloon Hotel.
( I have my review about the hotel on a separate post. )
Take a peek of it as you might want to stay there when you visit Hong Kong.

Street style wanderer
Street style wanderer

Accessories: Michael Kors Bradshaw Oversized, Bentein FJ Gold Black Necklace.
Jeans from Giordano
Cherry cropped top from Bugis Street for 5 bucks
Cheap deal denim polo top on flea market, hurrah!
You don’t need a bunch of bucks to look fab.
Always remember It’s not about the clothes you are wearing, It’s how you wear it! 🙂