Your 3Day Guide To Ho Chi Minh

Discover enthralling history, fantastic food, cutting-edge art galleries and a year-round party scene in one of Asia’s most exciting cities.

Touchdown Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport, first thing we did after getting out their big and clean airport was to look for transport heading to district 1, Bizu Hotel our home for 3 days/2nights in Saigon.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt’s roughly a 40min drive (including the traffic) from airport to district 1, the backpacker’s area. We took BUS 152 just outside the airport instead of taking a taxi. Taxi costs you around 150 – 200k dong while bus is only 10k dong. Woah! Such a huge drop. And I would recommend taking a bus too than a taxi because the traffic is quite heavy. Even if you take a cab you still end up stuck in traffic. Anyhow the bus is air-conditioned, spacious and only got few passengers. Need not to worry coz it’s still comfy!

Along the way you can witness hundreds of motorbikes squeezing on the road, this explains the traffic. Err! Nevertheless, arrived in our hotel past 9 in the morning. We’re on a perfect location. District, 1 de tham street, home of the backpackers. So many tourists wandering around. At any corner were small hotels and travel agents. Food was everywhere, Cafes too. And ain’t too lucky though coz the hotel staff allowed us to check in even if it’s too early. Yay!

After everything was settled, we went for a walk around the area. And guess what? Just across our hotel, we found a great deal tour-package for the next 2 days including the afternoon tour on our day of arrival. Yuhoo! Total of 50sgd only (roughly 1800php). Hurray for cheap deals! Lol


DAY 1: Morning

Airport Arrival around 9am
Hotel Check in by 10am
Eat local street foods
Tryclo ride for 2 hours in the main streets of the City

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIMG-20160127-WA0058-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0054-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0348-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0345-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0061-01-01[1]

DAY 1: Afternoon

Exploring the nearby streets through riding a tryclo was indeed fun. Back in our hotel for the CU CHI TUNNEL TOUR. (click to read separate post)

The daily tour package includes:
Air-conditioned Van/Mini Bus
Sightseeing with admissions as specified
English speaking tour guide
Complimentary water

Ended the tour at around 5pm and got back in our hotel by 7pm. The tour itself, travel and the congestion makes you dead tired! You need some rest, and…. oh shower. :p

On the good side, our location was perfect! Didn’t spend much time finding places to eat. So a nearby resto brought us to try their local dishes. Hunger pangs satisfied! After dinner was the most awaited rest and shower. Haha! 2 hours rest is enough though for you to be energized. Lol. And get ready to feel the night life of the City! Woohoo! Set off by 10 pm from hotel and have some cocktails in Chill Sky Bar. (the word “chill” is an understatement :p ) Awesome night indeed!20160125_225516-01[1]20160125_224824-01[1]20160125_230422-01[1]20160125_225642-01[1]image-5f49cf5de8630547bfd758db2a5b75a127c787eabad2f3a854075143a0b0f7f7-V-01[1]image-4d01bd701bd6824fa771c62797f128a7000b1fe81dc6839336d340128f36dbf9-V-01[1]20160125_225714-01[1]image-b80dacb996387772b6a99bc03367e9349997ff2a3614023482f3070213640adf-V-01[1]image-529d9fca82887ce097588370415a571cb6f695d268c870551dd81c2065c7402f-V-01[1]image-80ad186b7195fb920019d30a36854918f62b76db104396fd76698d3f5693c003-V-01[1]image-f0ed2e8be4183db144f5ed349cf07a5f4cd32b1cecb4373893f32609a461b82d-V[1]

Day 2

Rise and shine! 7.30am call for MEKONG DELTA TOUR (click to read separate post)

It was a whole day tour. Back in the hotel around 6pm. Well again, you need some shower and rest. Lol Set off by 8pm for the street food and night market outside Ben Than. Ended the night with a relaxing massage nearby hotel. I really love our location. Everything is just by foot.image-c0cfe532d180d050cb18cc08ba53ab4e806118968b332949d152c904ec9b9ec3-V-01[1]image-9ad8d4b5dd28280108e2d23d1ebb07a4ae6a8ed112d57728dc12aebc9e8731a3-V-01[1]image-cf8193c6b2e8e3271699c38dddd1b1b0e02e3c7257fb71e724b82fec0373cd44-V-01[1]

Day 3


8am pick up time for HO CHI MINH CITY TOUR (click to read separate post). Ended around 4 in the afternoon. Need to grab a bite and have some cold drinks before saying tạm biệt.

Vietnam, a country of contradictions. It is vibrant. The cities are riots of colour and noise, packed with aromatic street food stalls and endless swarms of motorbikes. Another jam-packed adventure for me.  Cám ơn Vietnam!





The Mekong Delta Experience

A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without a trip to the Mekong Delta.IMG-20160127-WA0202-01-01[1](you don’t wanna miss that Iconic shot on a canoe ride with a conical hat right?) :p

IMG-20160127-WA0401-01-01[1]Heading to the Mekong Delta, never miss to drop by the Mekong Rest Stop. We halted at this place, had a quick drink, bite and pee. hee! :p Much to our surprise we saw a nice landscape garden behind the resto. The place combines man-made sight with modern facility in a very natural way. Seems that all the tour buses and all the people that will go to a Mekong River Delta, stopped here.

IMG-20160127-WA0419-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0432-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0433-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0243-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0231-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0226-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0254-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0285-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0265-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0233-01[1]On arrived at My Tho, we visited Vinh Trang pagoda. It is an exquisite, restful site with beautiful gardens. It features a giant happy buddha, a giant standing buddha, and a giant reclining one.


Welcome aboard! The leisurely boat ride along the river. Viewed the stilt houses, fruit plantations and fishing villages along the river bank. Proceeded to Tortoise islet, and finally! time to feed our hunger pangs in the orchard garden. 🙂

Vietnamese honey tea
The canoe ride through gorgeous waterways with my conical hat. Oh yes! THIS was the Mekong Delta that I had imagined.

IMG-20160127-WA0184-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0139-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0155-01-01[1]As the local man rowing our boat took long, sure strokes to propel us through the groves of water coconut trees, we all marveled at the beauty of this part of Vietnam. Truly in awe at the simpleness and at the silence.

IMG-20160127-WA0005-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0115-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0112-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0079-01-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0078-01[1]IMG-20160127-WA0123-01-01[1]The perfect way  to get a taste of the gorgeous Vietnamese countryside is a day trip to the Mekong Delta.

Sometimes the journey means so much more than the destination.