I Have Received A Liebster Award!

I started blogging a year ago when my admiration to my favorite bloggers went on to the next level. lol! Yes, frankly speaking though. As to how I adore them so much there began myself trying to be like one of them. Haha! But, I never really thought I would enjoy doing such. It makes me feel happy to know that people enjoy reading what I write. Thus, up until now I still make some time to share my travel tips and stories, favorite style statements and reviews of any sort even if I am too busy at work.

Let’s talk about Awards,  I have been nominated for my first ever Liebster Award by Happily Tanned. The Liebster Award is awarded by a blogger to another blogger if they frequently read the blog posts and find them interesting.

Thank you Neha! Now let me answer the questions she prepared.

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Behind the Blog

I’m a Nurse by Profession who also has a blog. If by definition, owning a blog makes a blogger, then I suppose I am a blogger. It’s fascinating how the label ‘blogger’ evolved into? I’ve never heard it 10 years back. Ooops!

I’m an Expat. Filipina Nurse living & working overseas and that alone allows me to have the unusual mid 20’s life journey. Imagine how is it gonna be like living away from home? I take it, blogging about such would be something riveting.

Fashion infatuated and consumed by wanderlust. Strangely, I like to shop more on shoes and clothing but not make-up. I can survive with only a lip tint and a face cream on and I’m good to go.

Feel free to email me at stylishwanderer22@gmail.com
Drop me a message and let’s talk from there.

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