Why I Seoul Love You?

Annyeonghaseyo! It’s been a week since I got back from Seoul and I couldn’t be more excited to share about my awesome escape to the land of Kimchi! Boo!
Traveling to Korea has been on my bucket list ever since I was introduced to the world of K-drama, K-pop, K-beauty and everything else with a “K”. haha! 20161123_125846-01[1].jpeg
Opppaa! HAHA
By the way, he is our tour guide (does he even look like one? I thought from some K-pop band) lol!

I stand in awe of their fashion! Unleash the creativity within you, without being het up of what others may say. Heck care of a mismatch, too vivid nor too dull, over-or-under-dressed clothes. Fashion is an Art after all. And so thus their style!
I so looove their cosmetics. It’s not just the land of Kimchi but also a haven of beauty products. (I’m so into their BB creams and Lip tints by the way) What about you? :p

Those romantic-comedy-drama series, they’ve caused so much black circles underneath my eyes from finishing all their episodes. Yes, those were the days. haha! And who by the way doesn’t like to sing K-songs even not understanding a single word of the lyrics?
Oooops.. Hello, its me! lol!


I’m so glad that I finally made it to Seoul for the 1st time! Hurray!
Can you imagine how excited I was before my trip?
I’ve not been sleeping for days you know. haha! (All Kidding aside)
I’ll be posting more of my Korea trip soon (I’ll definitely get back into track even if my work-life balance seem to be not so right as of now) Phew!