How to Save on your Switzerland trip

I caught myself feeling so thrilled while writing my very first blog post after a year of hiatus. Prolly there’s a whole bunch of stories to tell and I’m actually confused where to even start. lol! From the remarkable events down to the wonderful trips of the past year, I’m way too excited spilling some posts of everything that has happened. But I didn’t want to be so insensitive, specially on what is currently happening globally. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, most of us are worried, frightened and down. Even so, allow me to share about my past travels, hoping it can ignite your wanderlust once this nightmare is over.

What country have you been dreaming to visit?
If you ask me, I don’t just have one but one looong list. HAHA! Who would only dream of one when we live in a vast world full of beauty. As this famous quote goes, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” This has always reminded me not to stop exploring,
not to stop wandering.
Yaaas, way to go girl!

Now, let’s start ticking of my list. 1st on it, is SWITZERLAND.

The breathtaking views of the Swiss alps, the scenic train and bus rides, the stunning views of lakes and castles, the taste of Swiss chocolates and the endless selection of cheese are just few of the reasons why I’m dying to visit Switzerland.
How could you not dream of visiting the most beautiful and serene place on earth?
A country that certainly looks like a land from heaven.

But everyone knows it’s a pretty expensive country. And that’s prolly the reason why you haven’t put it on your bucket list yet, right? The high prices makes you intimidated. But when I visited Switzerland, I realized that there are actually ways on how to save on your trip.

4 tips on how to save on your Switzerland trip:
1. Learn about the Swiss Travel Passes. There are many types of Swiss Travel Pass. You have to choose which one suits your travel itinerary. Sometimes, you may not even need it. A Travel Pass for your Swiss trip makes you save a ton of money. But you don’t just buy a travel pass unless you are very certain on the places you’re going to visit. Some places offer free public transport. You have to do the math before buying it. Compute and Compare the costs with a regular fare vs. using your chosen travel pass before you decide to buy. For me, the best option for a travel pass is a SAVER DAY PASS specially if you are using much of the public transport for a day but not needing a 3-day Swiss Travel Pass. A saver day pass doesn’t need a validation unlike all the other travel passes and you need to buy it at-least before your Switzerland trip. Print the saver day pass and carry it with you together with your passport on the day of usage. Simply, just hop in and out of any public transport such as, trains, buses, trams, cogwheel, cable cars, and boats. Hassle free!
Just a tip: If you are sure of your travel dates and itinerary, and if a Saver Day Pass suits your trip,
book it 60-days in advance for just 52Chf/75Sgd/1855Php.

The best choice for our itinerary was getting a SAVER DAY PASS. We had a 3 full day itinerary but I only bought 1 Saver Day Pass which was used on our 1st day. It was a jam packed 1st day and after comparing all the costs of transport, a Saver Day Pass indeed saved our day! We used it from Zurich airport to our hotel, from hotel to Zurich HB Main station to Lucerne, boat ride and a cogwheel to Mt. Rigi and back to Zurich HB Main station. You can travel throughout Switzerland mostly on all routes with unlimited ride on the day of usage until 5AM the following day.

2. SUPERMARKETS as your best-friend. Eating out is really expensive. Average price for a dish like pasta is 20 – 30 Swiss francs (43Sgd/1500Php). So how about those having frequent hunger pangs?Gosh. My budget sure won’t suffice. haha! Cooking your own food is way more affordable. To go foods are my everyday eats in the supermarket. lol! Migros, Coop, Denner, Aldi and Lidl probably will be your best-friends too!

3. Save on your Accommodation. Question is, how to save on your accommodation? When you are planning a trip specially to an expensive country, expect that accommodations are pricey too. In Switzerland, you don’t need to stay in prominent hotels. Budget hotels, hostels and airbnb will do. Mostly they offer a decent stay. But of-course, always read reviews before you book. And booking it in advance will save you some penny too!

Booked an overnight accommodation in Amden, St. Gallen thru Airbnb. And I should say that was a pretty good deal!
Watch the short vlog to see the amazing view from our window.

4. Never take a TAXI. No matter how short the distance is. No matter how tired you are. Lol! Uber if you can’t take the train. We spent 70Sgd (roughly 2500Php) for just a short 10-min taxi ride. I was navigating our way back to our hotel, the distance wasn’t that far though but my hubby impatiently got a taxi when I told him that our hotel was just around 4km away. Honestly, we both were very tired and so we got the price. haha!

We had a short but sweet Switzerland trip. 3 full-days weren’t enough for Switzerland’s beauty but because I’m dying to see the Swiss alps and I wanted to end our Europe Trip with a blast, I did not hesitate to do such quick side trip. And I should say, it was all worthit!

Will share on a separate blog-post our 3 full-days Switzerland itinerary.
Your thoughts? ❤