Petite France: Korea’s attempt at copying European Town.

20161123_161718-01-01120161123_161857-01-011If you want to indulge into some European vibe while in Korea, then head on to visit Petite France. Nestled in the mountains overlooking Cheongpyeong Lake is a French cultural village.20161123_161013-01-01120161123_161503-01-02220161123_161503-01-01120161123_161509-01-011The bright-colored, small cluster French style houses give you a great photo op whilst enjoying the view of the opposite mountains.20161123_161145-01-01120161123_161145-01-021Everywhere is beautifully colored mimicking European architecture, however, most of the buildings are locked, empty/unused but certainly the view is amazing.20161123_162413-01-01120161123_162413-01-021

Le Petite France is based off the novel, The Little Prince. 20161123_155400-011Who can remember this poetic tale? (never-mind my not-so-dramatic pose) lol!

20161123_164252-01-011Its concept encapsulates ‘flowers, stars, and the Little Prince. The village contains a memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the author of the celebrated French novel, Le Petit Prince (1943) and as such it is called the Little Prince theme park. It also has a gallery displaying sculptures and paintings, a souvenir shop, restaurant and cafe giving you a french vibe.20161123_160350-01120161123_164439-01-01120161123_160521-011Though the area is quite small but the sparkling brightness of those colorful houses are definitely appealing to the eye.20161123_162002-01-01120161123_162118-01-01120161123_162118-01-021 20161123_162101-01-02120161123_162101-01-01120161123_162116-01-011It will only take you an hour and half to see the complete grounds but if you are rushing and just really want to see the place without much photo snapping, then 40 minutes may be enough. Yes, that’s how small it is. 20161123_160843-01-011But it’s too impossible not to take great snaps here. (Isn’t it obvious in this post? lol. 20161123_161416-01-02120161123_161416-01-01120161123_161652-012Ooops! Even this Eiffel tower is petite. lol!20161123_160703-01-01120161123_160703-01-021It even became a famous tourist attraction when It was featured on many K-dramas and variety shows, such as Beethoven Virus, Secret Garden, Running Man and most recently, You who came from the Stars. 20161123_162707-01-01120161123_162434-01-011Ola! K-drama addicts, I know you guys are familiar with…myxj_20161126185905_save-01-011myxj_20161126185905_save-01-021Oh yeah, I just can’t stop taking photos from every corner. (forgive me)haha!20161123_162216-01-02120161123_162216-01-011And here’s more of my take! (like moooore) haha!20161123_160504-01120161123_160733-01120161123_164603-01-01120161123_164641-01-02120161123_164641-01-011

Operating Hours 09:00-18:00 (Last admission: 1 hour before closing.) * Late night opening hour has been extended.

20161123_160013-011How to get there?
The subway journey from Seoul is 1 hour. From Cheongpyeong subway Station take the Gapyeong Tour Bus, you pay for a ticket and it works like a hop on, hop off bus at the destinations you want to go to. (including Nami Island, Le Petit France and Garden of the Morning Calm). But the shuttle bus has its own scheduled time. You might end up rushing in each of the place you visit though. Just a tip, better book a Tour Package (click link for more options), those include transport and entrance fees. It definitely will give you peace of mind. Trust me! Such a convenient way of exploring many places in 1 day. 20161123_165005-011And on your way out, just across the street is this cuteee coffee shop and CU (convenience store) 20161123_165040-01120161123_165110-011Been addicted to this drink though. Whenever there is CU, I always look for this. lol20161123_165609-011