A Glimpse of OSAKA

Osaka is like a big downtown. Stayed there for 3 days before heading to Kyoto. For a first time traveller in Japan, many would be asking which part to go first? Should be Tokyo? Kyoto? Or Osaka? I’d say do Osaka first, I didn’t regret going there first, in fact I’m glad I did.

Osaka is a more compact Metropolis, much easier to navigate. A great way to get a feel of using the railway system and getting a glimpse of a Japanese way of life before heading to the larger Tokyo.

Osaka is the food mecca of Japan. A food lover’s paradise. The so called “Japan’s Kitchen”. Their love for food is so legendary that it’s given rise to the saying: “Osakans are ruined by spending on food.” Oh, felt guilty for this. Lol. So If you’re planning a trip to Osaka, then chances are you’re going there with one goal in mind – to eat. Food is one of Osaka’s main attractions, but as anyone who has visited will know – it has many other charms awaiting to be discovered!


The one sign that has lasted the longest, for over 70 years, and is very famous for tourists, is the 33m Glico Man sign at the Ebusu-bashi bridge. It’s a simple graphic showing an athlete in a victory pose.

(So here’s my Obligatory shots for this famous landmark) lol.


The heart of Osaka. If Shinsaibashi is the city’s prime shopping district known to be the largest shopping area in osaka, then Dotonbori is its kitchen. Visiting Osaka without making a stop here would be like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. With its free-spirited decorations and glitzy neon signs, let Dōtonbori’s cuisine culture pull you in to its warm grip. Situated alongside a lively canal, there is no such thing as subtleness in this area of Osaka.  It is considered the best place in the city to try their regional dishes like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, udon and a lot more. Giant mechanical crabs and huge octopi statues adorn shop fronts, tempting passers-by with promises of what food specialty awaits them.

Time for FOOD STROLL! Yaaay! :p20160329_194512-01-01[1]20160329_195700-01[1]20160329_195951-01[1]20160329_200227-01[1]

Worth the queue. Hmm though pricey but so tasty! (2000Jpy, 25Sgd, 870Php)

Takoyaki, one of the region’s famous delish dish 🙂

Melts in your mouth! Urgggh!
20160329_210138-01[1]20160329_210256-01[1]20160329_205706-01[1]20160329_204028-01[1]20160329_204808-01[1]20160329_204755-01[1]After pigging out, you can head back for another stroll but this time is for shopping. Ain’t a good combo after non stop munching? :p



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