What you didn’t know about Ewha Womans University-Fashion Street

Forget about other places, just head here!20161124_145336-011
Probably the best place to shop in Seoul. A fashion haven for young women. Shop here first before you shop anywhere else, which apparently is my biggest mistake when I was in Seoul. lol! I regret coming here on our last day in Korea, I should have done plenty of reading before the trip. Poor thing I never did! haha20161124_151916-011
Before you shop like crazy, start first with a brief walk to the outskirts of the Campus. Surely you’ll end up admiring everything that you see. From the exquisite compound and Architecture to the beautifully landscaped gardens. WOW. How I wish I studied there. Ewha Womans University is a private women’s university in Seoul. It is actually the World’s Largest Female Educational Institute and is one of the most Prestigious Universities in South Korea.20161124_150809-01120161124_151431-01120161124_151544-01120161124_151815-01120161124_151827-01120161124_152124-011And who says I’m too late for Autumn? :p20161124_152423-01120161124_152714-01120161124_152741-01120161124_152042-01120161124_152407-01120161124_152113-011

20161124_152727-011Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen.

Coming out from the University is a shopping and food area. How convenient it is for students but I feel it’s more tempting (you may guess why) haha! The alleyways and streets are filled with usual shops you see elsewhere but there are many individual shops here and there which are more unique, chic and fab. Prices are really cheap. It’s easy on the pocket mainly because it caters mostly to Uni students.20161124_153229-01120161124_153331-01120161124_150718-01120161124_153048-011So if you are looking for a trendy fashion or more on cute K-style outfits which ain’t a pain on your budget. Don’t think anymore, this is the place to shop all you want. You can go as crazy as you never imagined yourself to be. haha! And of course, I bought a whole load of clothes at a very affordable price. You can disappear into 1 shop and come out like barely 5 minutes later with 1 or 2 plastic bag in your hand. I swear! lol Imagine seeing a shop that sells each bag at 10,000 KRW (428Php) regardless of design. BUY! haha And most of the clothing pieces are priced at 5,000 KRW (214Php). You can even get overall denim at 10,000 KRW which in my opinion is damn cheap. Oh My! Make sure you don’t get excess baggage when you head back home. :p20161124_153923-01120161124_153935-01120161124_181431-01120161124_172527-01120161124_172509-011Truly the shopping here is more fun and enjoyable. The clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and beauty products have more variety and are more cheaper than Myeongdeong district. There are also several restaurants, eateries and kawaii cafes! Replenish your lost energy before you go on for further shopping. lol!20161124_150741-011 I never had much photos for the shopping alleys since I got so busy (you probably know why) and realized that it’s already time to head back to our place for a dinner with other Airbnb guests. On another blog post is all about my awesome Airbnb experience at Comestay. Click the Link!

20161124_153227-012Overall, it’s a pretty fun experience to visit Ewha Woman’s University – Fashion Street. It’s one of my favorite areas in Seoul by the way. Definitely worth a comeback visit. Till I see you again!

Get there by alighting at Ewha Womans University station on Line 2 and then take Exit 2 or Exit 3. 20161124_150803-011



Petite France: Korea’s attempt at copying European Town.

20161123_161718-01-01120161123_161857-01-011If you want to indulge into some European vibe while in Korea, then head on to visit Petite France. Nestled in the mountains overlooking Cheongpyeong Lake is a French cultural village.20161123_161013-01-01120161123_161503-01-02220161123_161503-01-01120161123_161509-01-011The bright-colored, small cluster French style houses give you a great photo op whilst enjoying the view of the opposite mountains.20161123_161145-01-01120161123_161145-01-021Everywhere is beautifully colored mimicking European architecture, however, most of the buildings are locked, empty/unused but certainly the view is amazing.20161123_162413-01-01120161123_162413-01-021

Le Petite France is based off the novel, The Little Prince. 20161123_155400-011Who can remember this poetic tale? (never-mind my not-so-dramatic pose) lol!

20161123_164252-01-011Its concept encapsulates ‘flowers, stars, and the Little Prince. The village contains a memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the author of the celebrated French novel, Le Petit Prince (1943) and as such it is called the Little Prince theme park. It also has a gallery displaying sculptures and paintings, a souvenir shop, restaurant and cafe giving you a french vibe.20161123_160350-01120161123_164439-01-01120161123_160521-011Though the area is quite small but the sparkling brightness of those colorful houses are definitely appealing to the eye.20161123_162002-01-01120161123_162118-01-01120161123_162118-01-021 20161123_162101-01-02120161123_162101-01-01120161123_162116-01-011It will only take you an hour and half to see the complete grounds but if you are rushing and just really want to see the place without much photo snapping, then 40 minutes may be enough. Yes, that’s how small it is. 20161123_160843-01-011But it’s too impossible not to take great snaps here. (Isn’t it obvious in this post? lol. 20161123_161416-01-02120161123_161416-01-01120161123_161652-012Ooops! Even this Eiffel tower is petite. lol!20161123_160703-01-01120161123_160703-01-021It even became a famous tourist attraction when It was featured on many K-dramas and variety shows, such as Beethoven Virus, Secret Garden, Running Man and most recently, You who came from the Stars. 20161123_162707-01-01120161123_162434-01-011Ola! K-drama addicts, I know you guys are familiar with…myxj_20161126185905_save-01-011myxj_20161126185905_save-01-021Oh yeah, I just can’t stop taking photos from every corner. (forgive me)haha!20161123_162216-01-02120161123_162216-01-011And here’s more of my take! (like moooore) haha!20161123_160504-01120161123_160733-01120161123_164603-01-01120161123_164641-01-02120161123_164641-01-011

Operating Hours 09:00-18:00 (Last admission: 1 hour before closing.) * Late night opening hour has been extended.

20161123_160013-011How to get there?
The subway journey from Seoul is 1 hour. From Cheongpyeong subway Station take the Gapyeong Tour Bus, you pay for a ticket and it works like a hop on, hop off bus at the destinations you want to go to. (including Nami Island, Le Petit France and Garden of the Morning Calm). But the shuttle bus has its own scheduled time. You might end up rushing in each of the place you visit though. Just a tip, better book a Tour Package (click link for more options), those include transport and entrance fees. It definitely will give you peace of mind. Trust me! Such a convenient way of exploring many places in 1 day. 20161123_165005-011And on your way out, just across the street is this cuteee coffee shop and CU (convenience store) 20161123_165040-01120161123_165110-011Been addicted to this drink though. Whenever there is CU, I always look for this. lol20161123_165609-011