Seoul Shopping: 3 Places You Should Go on Your Very First Visit

Seoul has tons of great shopping. Without getting a taste of Seoul’s shopping vibe, your trip to Seoul would surely be like a scrap. And if you only have an ample days of visit and would want to maximize your trip by visiting must see attractions at the same time shopping, hey hey! Don’t fret! It’s certainly possible. You can squeeze some shopping time on your itinerary. May it be during the day, night time or wee hours since there are shopping areas open 24 hours. Whaaat? Yes, you’ve read it right! 20161122_215658-01[1]To give you a feel of Seoul’s shopping vibe, you don’t have to visit all the shopping areas. Just a visit to these 3 shopping haven is more than enough.

Let’s start with my favorite shopping district,20161124_153331-01120161124_181431-0111.) Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street.
For people who like to shop on a budget, take my word, head here first. My mistake was coming here on our last day and have already bought many stuff at Myeondong, DDP and some underground areas on our first few days.20161124_153227-012Read more about my shopping experience at Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street on my previous blog. Click the link.

2.) Myeongdong20161122_215325-01[1]A very touristy area and the mecca of beauty shopping in Seoul. Aside from beauty products, it actually has everything. There are both expensive and cheap stuff. But it depends on how you shop, and how well can you find treasures. Of course, you too pay for what you get. Shops usually open from about 10am-9pm. If you love Korea’s beauty products, make sure you have an extra suitcase. (I guess you know what I mean) lol!20161122_215347-01[1]20161122_215140-01[1]You can see the famous beauty brands at the road shops (aka mass market) like Missha, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Elif, Primera, Holika Holika, Etude House, Laneige, IOPE, name it! They have it! And prices for those beauty products are cheaper than those you buy overseas, so you definitely will end up hoarding. Woowoot!20161122_215935-01[1]But to be honest, I find it weird to see many shops repeating after a short distance. I even thought that I just went to a certain shop not realizing that there are many of them in the area so in the end I find it boring. Maybe only for me who’s not so insane of cosmetics. But just a tip though, don’t be too easily lured in by the free masks they give but don’t be afraid to ask for extra samples if you do choose to make a purchase at a store. They are generous! Trust me.20161122_214758_001-01[1]You’ll find big brands too, such as H&M, Zara, Nike, Adidas, UNIQLO, and most of the popular Korean brands.

Ooops! Myeondong vibe is not just about that! It’s not only about Shopping but food-tripping too!20161122_215359-01[1]20161122_215407-01[1]

There are many street-food stalls. Yeeey! Come here on an empty stomach and enjoy their very own appetizing street-foods.20161122_195226-01[1] They sell everything from sweets (banana + rice krispies + nutella crepe) to typical Korean goodies (tteokbokki, bulgogi, japchae, korean kogo, egg bread, kimbap) and many mooore!20161122_215926-01[1]

3.) Dongdaemun district20161122_191821-01[1]
Dongdaemun is the heart of domestic Korean fashion. Those small retail shops found on the streets and subway stations buy their merchandise wholesale here. So go and do your shopping at Dongdaemun Market. It’s open 24 hours. Seriously! And if you want to shop but left no time, you can make this as your last stop for your day itinerary. But do take note that, Dongdaemun is cheap, but it’s not always the cheapest. There are also several shopping malls at the area so take your time to wander around. You’ll never be bored! 20161122_191651-01[1]And what’s good about this shopping area is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, also called the DDP which is just opposite the Dongdaemun 24 hours shopping district.
There’s no other UFO-like building you’ll see there.
It has become a major urban development landmark in Seoul.
The centerpiece of South Korea’s fashion hub and popular tourist destination.
An ultramodern structure designed to host fashion, cultural, and design exhibitions.20161122_192106-01-01-01[1]20161122_192106-01-01-02[1]20161122_192304-01[1]The place blew me away. I’ve only seen impressive pictures but seeing it in person, especially at night, was really something I couldn’t even describe.20161122_192004-01[1]

20161122_192734-01[1]My favorite is the rooftop garden filled with huge patch of flowers that shine beautifully in the dark. 25,550 stalks of flowers lighting up the rooftop are indeed breathtaking. No wonder it has captured the city of Seoul.

20161122_192447-01[1]20161122_192909-01[1]20161122_192633-01[1]Visitors who want to learn more about the DDP can register for a guided tour (available in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese). Those who wish to participate are required to make a phone reservation at least two weeks before the tour. It’s free of charge by the way, but some exhibitions may require admission fees. And do take note that tours are not available on Mondays.20161122_193122-01[1]Even if you only have an ample days of visit, you can’t go wrong with a well planned itinerary. So, who said that visiting must see attractions at the same time shopping is not possible? Uh-ohh!

Let me have a drink first while braving the -3 degree weather. lol!20161122_195909_001-01[1]




What you didn’t know about Ewha Womans University-Fashion Street

Forget about other places, just head here!20161124_145336-011
Probably the best place to shop in Seoul. A fashion haven for young women. Shop here first before you shop anywhere else, which apparently is my biggest mistake when I was in Seoul. lol! I regret coming here on our last day in Korea, I should have done plenty of reading before the trip. Poor thing I never did! haha20161124_151916-011
Before you shop like crazy, start first with a brief walk to the outskirts of the Campus. Surely you’ll end up admiring everything that you see. From the exquisite compound and Architecture to the beautifully landscaped gardens. WOW. How I wish I studied there. Ewha Womans University is a private women’s university in Seoul. It is actually the World’s Largest Female Educational Institute and is one of the most Prestigious Universities in South Korea.20161124_150809-01120161124_151431-01120161124_151544-01120161124_151815-01120161124_151827-01120161124_152124-011And who says I’m too late for Autumn? :p20161124_152423-01120161124_152714-01120161124_152741-01120161124_152042-01120161124_152407-01120161124_152113-011

20161124_152727-011Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen.

Coming out from the University is a shopping and food area. How convenient it is for students but I feel it’s more tempting (you may guess why) haha! The alleyways and streets are filled with usual shops you see elsewhere but there are many individual shops here and there which are more unique, chic and fab. Prices are really cheap. It’s easy on the pocket mainly because it caters mostly to Uni students.20161124_153229-01120161124_153331-01120161124_150718-01120161124_153048-011So if you are looking for a trendy fashion or more on cute K-style outfits which ain’t a pain on your budget. Don’t think anymore, this is the place to shop all you want. You can go as crazy as you never imagined yourself to be. haha! And of course, I bought a whole load of clothes at a very affordable price. You can disappear into 1 shop and come out like barely 5 minutes later with 1 or 2 plastic bag in your hand. I swear! lol Imagine seeing a shop that sells each bag at 10,000 KRW (428Php) regardless of design. BUY! haha And most of the clothing pieces are priced at 5,000 KRW (214Php). You can even get overall denim at 10,000 KRW which in my opinion is damn cheap. Oh My! Make sure you don’t get excess baggage when you head back home. :p20161124_153923-01120161124_153935-01120161124_181431-01120161124_172527-01120161124_172509-011Truly the shopping here is more fun and enjoyable. The clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and beauty products have more variety and are more cheaper than Myeongdeong district. There are also several restaurants, eateries and kawaii cafes! Replenish your lost energy before you go on for further shopping. lol!20161124_150741-011 I never had much photos for the shopping alleys since I got so busy (you probably know why) and realized that it’s already time to head back to our place for a dinner with other Airbnb guests. On another blog post is all about my awesome Airbnb experience at Comestay. Click the Link!

20161124_153227-012Overall, it’s a pretty fun experience to visit Ewha Woman’s University – Fashion Street. It’s one of my favorite areas in Seoul by the way. Definitely worth a comeback visit. Till I see you again!

Get there by alighting at Ewha Womans University station on Line 2 and then take Exit 2 or Exit 3. 20161124_150803-011