Macau: A day trip from Hong Kong

Macau is a startling one day trip from Hong Kong. For only 55 minute boat ride you can experience a version of Vegas but with old town Portuguese flare mixed around it. It’s absolutely a different vibe from the big city of Hong Kong.


Truly It’s a sleepy colonial city that has now ballooned to become Asia’s gambling capital.
The one thing that stuck out from our trip was just how many casinos there were.
Huge themed casinos dominate the skyline with each newer one outdoing the previous new kid on the block.


Macau Tower

You can’t expect to cover all the casinos in a single day trip. You can cover only two or maximum three casinos in a single day with all its spectacular shows and attractions. And the good thing there is you can visit them without any restriction, even if you are not interested in gambling.


This Macau trip was really not planned at all. Haha :p
But since It’s a breeze from Hong Kong so why not explore.
To start off, I didn’t even know which place to go first after touching down.
Transport? Routes? Etc… Apologetic though for being jumbled. Haha

But worry no more! For the moment you stepped out from their terminal,
lots of travel agents will come your way in case you haven’t planned your day trip or so.
(and that’s what I totally need. Yehey!)

Decided to have a car hire. It was perfect!
Loved the luxury of time to stay longer on one place and visit the next attraction even faster. What’s even nice was getting a really friendly and accommodating driver.
(Nothing I could ask for to this unplanned trip) Wohooo!

But if you want a no cost tour around Macau you can actually take free shuttles,
Oooops! (sorry I never knew about this the moment we came) haha
I still wont regret though coz it made our trip purely free and easy!


I Fell in love with the cultural sights.
The lovely little area full of Portuguese architecture, shops and food stalls.


The driver was too good to take me on this Heart shaped tree.
He knew I would totally love this!haha


Headed off to Macau’s Best known landmark, Ruins of St. Paul’s.
You should have a mandatory tourist shot for this famous landmark!


The famous A-Ma Temple in Macau existed since 1488.

img1440521717285[1].jpgOooops! Don’t ever forget to drop by Margaret’s Café. It’s a small, no-frills coffee shop (of more questionable hygiene standard. Oh sorry! haha) Don’t expect to be treated cordially there, and I reckon if this was any other coffee shop, the surly service would surely be enough to turn customers away. BUT the famous Portuguese Egg tart was the BEST! Served piping hot, too drooling for the custard filling and pastry was so greasy and buttery. Yummmm!

A day will give you enough time to get a decent feel for Macau, see the main sights and just be back in Hong Kong Island for an evening cocktail – perfect! Really had an extraordinary trip in ‘Vegas of the East’!