Airbnb Review: An Awesome STAY at COMESTAY (Seoul)

It’s always good to save a lot of money when you are traveling. Do you get happier when you spend much on your trip? Of-course you aren’t! We even become the happiest if we’re able to catch a good deal. Isn’t it? But being able to create a one of a kind and memorable travel experience at the same time saving a lot of money, well, it doesn’t get much better than that. Booking hotels ahead of my travel is actually my top priority. I make sure I have an awesome room view, comfy bed, spacious room and obviously those with commendable service. Well, who wouldn’t want? However, each of those means money and it’s a fact. Yet if you are lucky enough, you might can get some great deals and promotions (which most of the time, I do get) Yeeey! lol

But this time round is different! 20161125_155018-01-02120161125_155018-01-011Voila! Enter Airbnb. I pretty guess, everyone knows about it. Who doesn’t?

I was introduced to this get-home-sharing app sometime in 2014. It’s actually a peer-to=peer online marketplace of a home away from home. My first Airbnb experience was in Japan last Spring. Too bad I was not able to blog about my reviews yet and even my whole Japan trip. My bad! I know it’s already a looong overdue post by the time I can publish it but surely I still will do (just hang in there) lol.20161125_152356-01-011So for my recent trip to Seoul, let me share my first ever blog review of my Airbnb experience.

Meet Jinho Kim of Comestay.20161125_172018-01[1].jpeg
It was a pleasure meeting him and his wife. And it is certainly a pleasure to say how wonderful our trip in Seoul while staying in their humble place. It turned out to be exactly as what others say on their reviews.

The living room and dining room were spotlessly clean and comfortable, well-equipped kitchen, too spacious bedroom, 3 toilets, and a roof top to chill. Indeed a well-maintained house. And not to miss the admirable host, Jinho. The kind of host most guest do wish to have. Big thanks Jin! I must compliment on the assistance Jin gave us especially in booking a last minute tour package and shuttle service to visit Vivaldi Ski Resort. Oh my! I guess our itinerary won’t be all possible without his help.20161124_193658-01120161124_193416-01120161125_152009-01120161125_151856-01-01120161125_151856-01-02120161124_193426-01220161125_151810-01-01120161125_151452-01120161125_151730-011My favorite part of our stay was when we had dinner & drinking sesh with the other guests. Jin organized a simple dinner for his guests. He cooked and prepared authentic Korean food for everyone, not to mention their very own KIMCHI which is always present in every meal. (expect it!) lol. 20161124_193412-01120161124_195151-01-01120161124_1953010-011Oops.. It doesn’t just end there, hollah! cheers everyone! Wine, soju, korean beer.. hmm, What else did I missed? haha! If i remember it right, we ended almost 2am. Now spell FUN!

Indeed a one of a kind and memorable trip to Seoul. Choosing Airbnb is definitely a fun way of meeting and knowing locals and other travelers.