Lorelei Beach Resort: A Mansion by the Beach

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Are you looking for some modern comforts by the sea? A place of tranquility and away from the busy city? Lorelei Beach Resort is the best place to be. Take a 15-minute barge ride either at Sasa Wharf or at Davsam Ferry to Island Garden City of Samal, then a few kilometers away from Plaza Azalea. The resort is just next to Bali-Bali. Definitely a great choice for relaxation by the Sea. 20170701_165017-01[1]20170701_163543-01-01[1].jpeg20170701_165135-01-01[1]The fairly new beach resort looks very much like a mansion facing the Sea, complete with standard rooms and superior rooms. It’s more like a pension hotel with good amenities.20170701_165238-01-01[1]20170702_072446-01[1]20170701_161921-01-01[1]Chill, eat, sleep, repeat. Truly a perfect place for staycation. 20170701_165521-01-01[1]20170701_165448-01[1]We stayed at their family room, which can accommodate 10-12 pax. It was pretty huge with 2 sea view balconies!
20170701_161013-01-01[1]Perhaps you know what’s my fave spot, ta-daah! 20170701_161649-01-01[1]20170701_161521-01-01[1]The unobstructed view of the balcony. Imagine yourself waking up with a lovely scene of blue skies and blue sea. Ayeee!20170701_160310-01-01-01[1]Staying in the resort indeed will make you feel relaxed because of the greenery, swing sets and cottages at the beach front.20170701_162111-01-01-01[1]20170701_162315-01[1]You’ll definitely fall in love with the stillness of the place. No crowd. No noise. Only the sound of nature.20170701_160119-01[1]20170701_162429-01[1]Not to mention the outstanding service and the very warm and accommodating manager, Ms. Fairylene (The Mermaid on the photo of their resort) Sorry for exposing you! lol.20170701_162011-01[1].jpeg There’s a salt water rock pool when you have had enough of the sea. 20170702_073642-01[1]And those who wouldn’t want to get wet, you can enjoy the playground, play billiards or table tennis. But for me, I could soak all day! lol20170702_074201-01-01-01[1]20170702_073803-01-01[1]Spend your perfect weekend getaway at Lorelei Beach Resort. Where relaxation gets its real meaning. 20170701_164332-01-01[2]20170701_164657-01-01[2]20170701_163351-01[1].jpegRoom rates start at Php3,500 all good for two. They have a family room which is good for 10-12 pax at Php10,000. 20170701_161837-01-01[1]20170701_183035-01[1]And all rooms are with complimentary breakfast. 20170702_080856-01[1]Amenities:
Hotel Rooms
White Sand Beach
Swimming Pool
Fitness Area
Billiards Table20170701_162336-01[1]How to get there: Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Take the Barge to Island Garden City of Samal from DavSam Ferry or at Sasa Ferry Terminal. And from the docking area in Samal, Barangay Catagman is just 10-15 minutes on paved highway with a beautiful view of Davao Gulf. 20170701_162708-01[1].jpegFor inquiries & bookings, visit their FB PAGE Lorelei Beach Resort or simply contact 09064409250

Maldives on the Cheap: Budget Luxury Guide

The Maldives is one of those countries I never imagined I would be able to visit. It was only a dream Paradise Travel Destination of mine for ages. If you asked me 8 years ago if I would like to go to Maldives, I would probably just laugh not because there’s something wrong with the idea of being there, in fact, it’s my dream but because I knew it would never ever going to happen.DCIM100GOPROG0090684.JPGThere are only three things which I know about the Maldives. First, it’s an Archipelagic Nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Second, it has lots of Private Luxury Resorts that I could never afford. Third, it’s damn expensive to go and stay there. But I guess, the Universe has a way of surprising me. Before I knew it, I found myself on a wooden platform at the balcony of an over-the-water bungalow while starring at the horizon and enjoying the scenic view of the brilliant turquoise blue ocean. Maldives was no longer a dream for me, but when I was there, It felt like I was living in one.20170130_084059-01-01-01[1]20170130_084055-01-01-01[1]While the Maldives don’t have to break your budget, it’s important to know a few things before you go – or you’ll make some costly mistakes.

How to get to the Maldives:

Malé International Airport (formally known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport) is the primary gateway to the Maldives. It is connected to a number of airports by several commercial airlines. But if you’re coming from Southeast Asia, you can connect in the following cities through these low-cost carriers:

  • Singapore – SriLankan Airlines, Tiger Airways
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – AirAsia

Beaches are what tourists come to the Maldives for, but you need to ask yourself what type of beach holiday you want to enjoy there. As far as cost is concerned, there are two ways of doing it: Budget and Luxury.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1121.JPGFor a budget holiday, you need to plan ahead. Airfare alone is damn expensive. Either you book way ahead or keep a look out for promo flights if not, then be willing to pay a whooping $800-1000sgd round-trip. Uh oh! But we got ours only at about $400sgd per person two way. I booked 4 months earlier though. That’s the catch! lol And if you are coming from Singapore, I highly recommend Sri Lankan Airlines, aside from it being a flag carrier airline, their service really didn’t disappoint. They serve meals even on a short flight to Malé from Colombo. Just an hour away! You’ll never be hungry. lol! For your accommodation, if you are not willing to spend for a Private Island Resort, stay in one of the hostels, guesthouses or even Airbnb in the main Male Island or some local Islands which can only cost around USD$40-60/per night and just explore the Private Island Resorts through Island hopping which is at USD$50 for a full day excursion.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0454.JPGFor a luxury holiday, of-course, book a Private Island Resort and enjoy their over-the-top pampering. Stay in an over-the-water bungalow and feel like you’ve stepped into an aquarium. Need I say more? Each Private Island Resort has its own Airport service, either a private boat or seaplane transfer.20170129_150235-02-01-01[1]While I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything, I would think twice about going the cheap route if I wanted to be able to drink wine and wear a bikini, which is generally allowed only on the private island resorts. Do take note that the Maldives is a Muslim country and forbids alcohol and pork from entering their country or being consumed on local islands.

3 Things to consider before booking a Private Island Resort:

FB_IMG_1486229338510-01-01[1]In the Maldives, nothing is accessible without taking an additional domestic flight or a ferry to your chosen Island Resort. Hence, booking your preferred resorts ahead of time is a must, not unless, you want to stay in the local island and just sleep at a nearby guesthouse/hotel, and that’s a different story.20170130_173910-01-01-01[1]20170130_173859-01-01-01_(1)[1]1.) Consider the location: If you want to stay in a Private Island Resort, usually you’ll have to pay for Airport transfers, as the local ferries don’t stop at the resort islands. Speedboat transfers are expensive, roughly costs USD$100-300 round-trip but Seaplanes will cost you a bomb at USD$500-700. Take note that the farther the Island is from the Airport, the more expensive it is of-course. But you don’t need to travel too far just to experience your dream paradise getaway at a private island resort in Maldives. 4-stars private resorts offer a reasonable price and are already as good as those extortionate ones. 20170129_194512-01[1].jpeg20170129_194451-01[1].jpeg2.) Consider the meal options. Being in a private island means your only food source is the resort’s restaurants and in-room dining service. Expect them to be overpriced. Rooms may be booked full-board (breakfast, lunch & dinner buffet), half-board (breakfast and dinner buffet) and just bed-and-breakfast. But you can bring chips and other goods especially at-least a few liters of water. Bottled water is very expensive. You surely would not want to keep on buying from the resort’s pricey restaurant. DCIM100GOPROGOPR6933.DCIM100GOPROGOPR6872.DCIM100GOPROGOPR6919.3.) Consider the tour options. Being at an exclusive resort means you can only hire them for your touring needs, and their tour rates are much higher than those in the local islands. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0181.JPGWhen in Maldives, I suggest that you have to experience their signature over-the-water bungalow accommodation. It’s worth the price!DCIM100GOPROGOPR0142.JPGUp Next is my review on Thulhagiri Resort & Spa, A Private Island Resort where we stayed for a couple of days. A great choice of a budget luxury holiday. How much did we spent? Check out if it’s worth the price!


Paradise Getaway, Maldives

I’ve always dreamed to visit Maldives, and each time I picture it mind, it’s always that scene of me sitting at the balcony of an over-water bungalow with the sound of the waves and breeze from the sea, enjoying the view of the brilliant turquoise blue ocean where any time I can just jump off and swim under the crystal clear sea. A Maldivian holiday, that’s how I’ve always imagined it to be.

20170128_093713-01[1]Voila! It’s no longer a dream! Welcome to MALDIVES!

Just a 25 min. speedboat ride from Male’ International Airport lies the so-called “Lovers Paradise”, Thulhagiri Island Resort. A sparkling turquoise blue lagoon surrounds the exotic island of tall shady palms and fine white beach sand, located in the center of North Male’ Atoll. The resort offers a perfect balance of an unspoiled beauty of a tropical island and all the comforts of sophistication. Thulhagiri is indeed typically a Maldivian Island Paradise.FB_IMG_1486229338510-01-01[1]I always do a bunch of online reading before any trip. And for this dreamed Maldives getaway, of-course! I spent many nights finding which resort to stay. All I did was to look for something luxury but still on a budget. You don’t need to break the bank just for that Maldivian Paradise holiday. While the Maldives are known for their luxury resorts and over-the-top pampering, it is still possible to enjoy an affordable trip to paradise.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0058.JPGDCIM100GOPROGOPR0059.JPGIt’s not easy to go through one by one of the many resorts in Maldives, but I guess, it has always been my charm to easily find what I want despite the many choices. Gotcha! Thulhagiri Island Resort, Maldives.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0963.JPG20170129_165126-01-01[1].jpegAin’t this too perfect? A huge area of reallllly fine white beach sand.
Forget about being tanned when you are in this Paradise. DCIM101GOPROGOPR1273.JPGDCIM100GOPROGOPR1213.JPGThulhagiri Island Resort, the kind of luxury on a budget I was looking for. With the best value and the best quality. We got the over-water bungalows. Indeed breathtaking! There was a ladder that descended from our balcony and having that steps to the ocean was truly amazing. Our over-the-water bungalow did not disappoint. It was pleasing, immaculate and spacious with majestic and conventional quality. There was a glass-covered coffee table that you could look through and be delighted by the crystal-blue waters and fish galore. It’s really like you’re living atop an aquarium.20170129_114446-01-01-01-01[1]DCIM100GOPROGOPR0722.JPG

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0694.JPGOoops! Sorry for the messy room! lol

The sound of the waves and breeze from the sea while looking out over the jade-and sapphire-hued ocean on our private deck was my everyday favorite.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0181.JPGIt was indeed what I have imagined.DCIM100GOPROG0010119.JPGWill be having a series of posts from our Maldives Getaway!







Mt. Fuji & Hakone Day trip


One not to be missed on any visit to Japan is a day trip outside Tokyo and visit Mt. Fuji, the most iconic image of Japan. Seeing the snow-capped peak of Japan’s number one volcano will be at the top of the list of things to do when in Japan.20170420_094837-01-01[1]At 3776m high, Fuji-san (Mt. Fuji) is considered the highest mountain in Japan. Rising high out of the plains of central Honshū, 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, this dormant volcano is climbed by hundreds of thousands of energetic people a year with many thousands more enjoying the majestic view. But it’s always a hit or miss to see its beauty. And Darn! we were too lucky that day with 100% visibility. Hoooray!20170420_094857-01-01[1]There are only 90 days a year to view the beautiful Mt. Fuji since the weather there changes rapidly. One that you should pay attention with is the weather forecast, as the weather is extremely changeable. Many people who went to visit and would want to witness the magical sight of the mountain would end up seeing nothing but clouds. Don’t be dismayed when you didn’t get the chance since there are still many other spectacular sights to see.

Sharing with you all about our Mt. Fuji & Hakone 1 day trip from JTB TOURS SG. And let me start it with a selfie. lol!MYXJ_20170520232459_save-01-01[1]

Our coach bus departed at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo’s Main Tower in Shinjuku at exactly 8:20 in the morning as per the Itinerary. We were taken directly to the 5th station of Mt.Fuji at an elevation of 2,300 meters. While in transit from Tokyo to Mt.Fuji, our Tour guide “Nana” pointed out cultural sights of interest, entertained us with some Japanese songs and gave us information that helped enrich our Japanese experience. About 2 hours drive to reach the 5th Station yet I actually didn’t notice the time since it was fun on-board. With miss Nana keep entertaining us and a free wifi! What more can I ask?


Seeing the majestic view of Mt. Fuji from afar in my window seat. Aye! I’m screaming of excitement inside, I couldn’t wait till we reach the 5th station.20170420_104702-01-01[1]Tadaaaah! Welcome to 5th Station. Almost close enough to grab the summit of Mount Fuji. A great spot for sightseeing. So surreal. Like a postcard, it’s so lovely!20170420_105429-01[1].jpeg20170420_104859-01-01-01[1]20170420_104755-01-01-01[1]

MYXJ_20170520194241_save-01[1].jpegIt badly needs a selfie yet my front cam didn’t gave justice at all. Where’s Mt. Fuji? HAHA!

Though many visitors are adamant to make their way to the 5th station to experience the mountain up close and it’s apparently the closest area to the snow-capped peak, should you really wish to do this, try to allow flexibility in your plans as the weather plays a key role and sometimes, not all tourists get there if there’s too much snow or rock slides._DSC0185-01-01[1]_DSC0179-01-01[1]Awesome, staggering, heaven.  _DSC0180-01[1] How could I stop taking photos with such amusing sight? _DSC0178-01[1]20170420_104052-01[1]Everyone began to get a little peckish, we went straight to the restaurant which was only a few minutes drive from the 5th Station. And there we had a mouth-watering lunch!20170420_120737-01-01[1]The meal which was included in our package will not only tantalize your taste buds but will also stimulate your visual senses with its intricate aesthetic beauty.20170420_120649-01[1]After a nice relaxing lunch, what about some thrilling experience? 20170420_135815-01-01[1].jpeg20170420_135550-01-01[1].jpegWe took Komagatake Ropeway ride which runs from the edge of Lake Ashi to the summit of Mount Komagatake providing views not only of Mt.Fuji but also Lake Ashinoko and the Izu Islands as well. 20170420_141158-01-01-01[1]20170420_141514-01-01-01[1]The total length of the runway is 1800 meters and boasts the highest vertical distance of any aerial tramway in Japan. For some of the finest panoramic views of Hakone, this ropeway is just the thing.20170420_141818-01-01[1]It’s not just the ropeway, but a little more hike too! _DSC0209-01-01[1]_DSC0202-01-01-01[1]I’m so amused! I took a thousand snaps perhaps. lol!_DSC0221-01-01-01[1]_DSC0213-01-01[1]Mt. Fuji slowly being covered by clouds. 20170420_142521-01-01-01[1]The ropeway runs every 20mins. Since we joined a tour, we needed to catch a certain timing.20170420_144436-01-01[1]Unending magnificent views while aboard the ropeway. And off to do the finale! Lake Ashi cruise but not with the swans. lol!_DSC0230-01[1]_DSC0229-01[1]Cruise across Lake Ashi which was formed by a powerful volcanic eruption nearly 3,000 years ago. _DSC0255-01[1]You can relax on-board seating or take a stroll around the different decks of the boat where you can appreciate various angles of the lake.20170420_151029-01-01-01[1]I swear, it’s hard to stop taking photos. lol!_DSC0247-01-01[1]_DSC0253-01-01[1] It would be no exaggeration to say that this cruise offers a real opportunity to stop for a moment and take in the scenic beauty on offer._DSC0241-01[1]It didn’t just ended there. We were given a bit of time to buy souvenirs and explore the neighborhood village after the cruise._DSC0275-01-01[1]_DSC0271-01-01[1]_DSC0270-01-01[1]Sorry but it’s too instagramable. Mooore snaps please. lol! _DSC0273-01-01[1]_DSC0284-01-01[1]After a pleasant day out, it’s time to head back to Tokyo with arrival times estimated at 6-7pm depending on the level of traffic. Drop-off points are available at either Shinjuku or Ginza providing plenty of options to enjoy a nice meal in the evening.

20170420_152008-01[1]Thank you miss Nana!

For a fantastic day out that provides an enriching experience, why not book this tour! I would highly recommend. It was a long day, but worth it to see Mt. Fuji in its glory.




Nemophila Harmony in Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki Prefecture

Taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather, we visited Hitachi Seaside Park located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese coast in Ibaraki Prefecture.
About 130 kilometers northwest of Tokyo. _DSC0440-01-01[1]_DSC0441-01-01-01-01[1]Isn’t this view from the top incredibly gorgeous? _DSC0447-01-01-01-01[1]20170421_145811-01-01-01-01-01-01-01[1]Covering an area of 190 hectares, Hitachi Seaside Park is home to a variety of colorful flowers and grasses, as well as numerous other attractions, including an amusement park, cycling trails, a forest athletics field, BBQs surrounded by nature, food vans and cafes. But with the emergence of Nemophilas around mid April to beginning of May, it takes you to a whole new level. 20170421_144633-01-01-01[1]4.5 Million Nemophilas, also known as baby blue eyes paint the 3.5-hectare Miharashi Hills light blue._DSC0391-01-01-01-01-01 [1]_DSC0448-01-01[1]It could have been perfect when there’s no longer green but all light blue Nemophilas all over the rolling hills. If we only arrived 5 days later, that is its full bloom, it would surely be a spectacular sight ever! But still, aren’t these gorgeous enough?20170421_150221-01-01_(1)[1]20170421_150730-01-01-01[1]The rolling hills has been magically transformed by the sea of blue flowers which blends in with the sky. What a magnificent dramatic natural event. No wonder it has become a famous scenic spot and gazillions of tourists flock even more on its peak bloom which happens around the last week of April to 1st week of May.20170421_145805-01-01-01-01-01-01_(1)[1]_DSC0466-02-01-01[1] A Blue Phenomenal!

_DSC0423-01-01[1]A closer look of this beautiful baby blue eyes, Nemophilas!

_DSC0429-01-01-01-01-01-01[1]_DSC0425-01-01-01[1]I happily joined the throngs of people, and strolled leisurely around the area snapping way too many pictures. Forgive me. lol! _DSC0496-01-01-01-01 [1]And here’s the yellow Nanohana from the foot of the hill and those baby blue eyes like a backdrop._DSC0511-01-01[1]Other flowers abound in the park, so after spending so much of my time with the Nemophilas. What about seeing Narcissus and Tulips?_DSC0614-01[1]_DSC0523-01-01 [1]So beautiful that I couldn’t resist snapping too many photos._DSC0563-01-01[1]_DSC0559-01-01-01[2].jpeg_DSC0547-01[1]The tulips were spectacularly planted in shapes and undulating curves. There are over 200 varieties of tulips to enjoy and with so many varieties, it was hard to decide what to take pictures of first!_DSC0529-01 [1]_DSC0528-01-01[1]Oh Tulips, you’re too lovely!_DSC0526-01-01[1]Hitachi Seaside Park can be reached by train from Tokyo, (Shinagawa, Tokyo or Ueno Station) in around 90 minutes by limited express train about 3800yen(50sgd/1700php) one way or in around 2.5 hours by regular trains 2270yen(30sgd/1000php) one way. Then get off at Katsuta Station from where the park is a 20 minute bus ride. Park admission costs 410yen(5sgd/180php)

_DSC0343-01-01-01[1]You’ll not regret visiting this Sea of Baby Blue Eye Flowers in Hitachi Seaside Park,
Ibaraki Prefecture.

If you can’t make it on Spring time, then the Red Cochia in Autumn is a die die must-see!


Visit Yokohama: One Day Walking Tour

Anyone who’s been to Tokyo will definitely tell you it’s such an exciting huge capital city. Electrifying, fast-paced and buzzing metropolis. You can’t even cover in one visit. But if you’re looking for something different, maybe somewhere with a slower pace and can be covered in a day, look no further than the port city of Yokohama.

_DSC0693-01[1]Let’s explore Yokohama!

I stayed somewhere in Shibaura Island where Tomodachi Station is only a 10 min. walk and is a JR YAMANOTE LINE, a railway loop line considered one of Tokyo’s busiest and most important lines, connecting most of Tokyo’s major stations and urban centers. Hence, I got the easiest access to explore Yokohama. With just 1 direct line, voila! reached in 30 mins. I didn’t expect it to be that fast tho’. Located south of Tokyo, Yokohama is the second largest city after Tokyo by population and situated in Kanagawa prefecture. Believe me or not, the most interesting parts of the city can easily be visited in a nice and interesting one day walking tour._DSC0658-01-02[1]_DSC0658-01-01[1]Each time I visit a place especially if it is my first time, I always do a bunch of reading online. Why? There’s a lot of places to see but it also depends whether it suits your interest. Thus, I have picked a few famous sights to see in Yokohama and managed to do it in just a day._DSC0669-01[1]_DSC0646-01[1]It’s hard to miss Yokohama Cosmoworld and its colourful ferris wheel. It is divided into three zones according to age appropriateness and unlike other amusement parks, there’s no entrance charge. Instead, you pay only for the rides that tickle your fancy._DSC0680-01-01[1]Head east towards the huge Ferris wheel in the distance. Once you reach the Ferris wheel, The Cup Noodles Museum is just across the street. It’s a fun and interactive museum that shows you the history of instant ramen noodles and the creative thinking of the man who’s responsible for it all – Momofuku Ando a.k.a. the father of instant ramen. _DSC0673-01-01[1].jpegJust keep going, and walk through the World Porter’s shopping mall on the other side of the street. Upon exiting the opposite end, you can see about a block away The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses. But before reaching The Red Brick buildings, I stumbled unto this Marine and Walk Yokohama. It was not on my list but was really glad I came across that lovely cozy area._DSC0756-01-01[1]_DSC0758-01-01-01[1]It has a great range of interesting cafes, clothing & souvenir stores. The shops are pretty good as well. A bit of a hidden gem and doesn’t appear on any of the top lists for things to do in Yokohama. Oh my gosh! It should. Very chilled facility with chic atmosphere. So, we can’t afford to miss a meal from one of the cafes there._DSC0763-01-01-01[1].jpegAnd just a short distance from Marine and Walk Yokohama, you’ll reach The Red Brick Warehouses. One of the major tourist spot in Yokohama. A cultural & commercial facility that utilizes two historical buildings constructed more than a century ago._DSC0863-01_(1)-01[1]_DSC0823-01_(1)-01[1]_DSC0775-01-01[1]Built as a government bonded warehouse during the Meiji and Taisho eras and, as Japan’s first modern port facility. It stopped being used as a warehouse in 1989. Underwent nine years of conservation and renovation work until reopened in 2002 as a cultural and commercial facility._DSC0783-01[1]_DSC0819-01-01[1]

Literally a walking tour without a map guide. haha! But we managed to! Aren’t all these photos the proof? lol!_DSC0901-01-01[1].jpeg

Soak in the atmosphere at Yamashita Park by Strolling through the park. You can definitely enjoy stunning and majestic views of the harbor and Minato Mirai._DSC0897-01_(1)-01[1]20170418_173823-01-01[1]_DSC0899-01_(1)[1].jpegWe ended our day at Osanbashi Pier to see the sunset and the lovely nightscape of Minato Mirai Skyline. Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal, where large-scale cruise liners dock. 20170418_180226-01-01[1]20170418_175449-01[1]20170418_180058-01-01[1]Surrounded by the sea, the pier’s rooftop features wooden walkways that are perfect for a leisurely walk while taking in the best views of the bay.20170418_175612-01-01[1]20170418_180038-01-01[1]20170418_175415-01[1]The cool breeze of the wind & amazing views of the bay made my day!_DSC0919-01[1]
Just as the sun went down, the weather also dropped to around 13°C, darn! Imagine how freezing cold I was with my outfit. lol! But really, the views were too exhilarating that I didn’t mind I was shivering with the weather. haha! 20170418_180324-01-01[1]20170418_183636-01[1]Indeed a lovely nightscape! Who wouldn’t want to walk with these views? 20170418_184356-01[1]20170418_184645-01[1]20170418_190252-01[1]It was nice exploring Yokohama! Sayonara.

Next on the blog: Hitachi Seaside Park on the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese coast.

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Shinjuku Gyoen: Home of Late-blooming Sakura

20170419_110409-01[1]Tokyo boasts innumerable picturesque Japanese gardens and parks which are indeed stunning all on their own, and with the pink cherry blossoms covering it, oh well.. it takes you to a whole new level. 20170419_110554-01[1]20170419_110650-01[1]Konnichiwa! Welcome back to Tokyo! I promised myself that I’ll definitely be back on spring time, yes, I made it! lol But this post is nothing but few weeks older? Errr. Actually, I was bogged down for weeks due to some viral infection when I came back from Japan. What a pity! But thank heavens though, I’m getting slightly better now. Yeyy! And that means, getting back on track here. I’ll be having a series of post about my recent Tokyo trip. And first on the list, Shinjuko Gyoen National Garden_DSC1077-01[1]Visited Shinjuku Gyoen the second time around, and oh dear, it was as lovely as the first time I came last year. Lucky to have spent spring time in Japan for 2 consecutive years now. And I won’t get tired of coming back though, I swear!_DSC1067-01[1]_DSC1069-01[1]_DSC1065-01[1]Ooops! And then there’s me enjoying the sakura rain. lol!_DSC1010-01[1]_DSC1012-01[1]_DSC1004-01[1]Whenever I hear the word sakura, or cherry blossom the next thing comes to mind is hanami, the famous word hana means “flower” and mi is “to look” or simply Cherry blossom viewing. Who would want to miss such lovely sight? The Hanami season starts from late March to mid April and is for many Japanese the best time of the year. Even tourists flock to witness the sakura bloom in different parts of Japan._DSC0969-01[1]_DSC0956-01-01-02[1]_DSC0956-01-01-01[1]In spring, Shinjuku Gyoen becomes one of the best places in the city to see cherry blossoms and it is one of Tokyo’s largest and perhaps most beautiful park. Entrance to Shinjuku Gyoen is 200 yen (2.5Sgd/88Php). The paid park’s spacious lawns, meandering walking paths and tranquil scenery provide a relaxing escape from the busy urban center around it._DSC0991-01-01[1]_DSC0992-01[1]_DSC0993-01[1]Undoubtedly one of the best places to see cherry blossom in Tokyo. Home to over one thousand cherry trees of both early- and late-blooming varieties, meaning that the cherry blossom season here lasts longer than elsewhere in the city. Trust me. Last year, I went around 1st week of April, goshh! everywhere is pink and all in full bloom. So beautiful! This time though, I was a bit late for the usual peak of sakura bloom, it was already 3rd week of April that time so I wasn’t really expecting much like before but I was surprised to see that there were still many cherry blossom. There were those white ones too! I felt I wasn’t late for spring. haha!_DSC1062-01[1]_DSC1064-01[1]And since I have taken a bunch of snaps, forgive me, I just can’t resist! lol _DSC1082-01-01-01-01[1]_DSC1080-01-01-01[1]

When you visit Tokyo, never miss to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden especially during Spring and Autumn. _DSC0996-01[1]

How to get there:
Shinjuku Gate is roughly a 20 minute walk east from the “New South Exit” of JR Shinjuku Station. However, we were quite lazy to walk that time, so we took a cab from JR Shinjuku station which cost around 600yen (7Sgd/250Php) and reached in 5mins. lol!20170419_103150-01[1]20170419_103157-01-01[1]


Balay Verde Restaurant: From Farm-to-table Experience

Have you had your salad today? Or are you like me who’s too lazy to prepare? Trying to be fit and healthy in action but end up always only in words. Sadly, I’m definitely just like anyone else. But as we get older, we tend to realize the value of our health. 

I’m more towards changing my very unhealthy habits gradually now. Yes, finally! I certainly know how hard it is to get rid of those good food in the market, and generally those are processed, oily, salty, rich in msg, sugary, and high caloric. Closing one’s eye and indulging only to its savory taste, hmm.. is the everyday thing for everyday’s unhealthy meal. But it’s not too late yet. Making one simple change to your diet which is adding a salad almost every day, can pay off with plenty of health benefits.

Eating salads is a super-convenient way to work in a couple of servings of vegetables and/or fruit. Green salads are on the menu of almost every restaurant. But buying and eating it outside, nowadays you also wouldn’t know if it is safe nor fresh? Organically or Conventionally grown?

I had a short stint in Davao a week ago. And I was invited to have a first taste of the SALADS which will be served in Balay Verde Restaurant, link to their Facebook Page, (opening 3rd week of April, located at the 2nd flr. Corporate Center Abreeza).

The Restaurant is a collaboration of the 3 Farms: HUNI, La Fermette and Gem’s Farm. It will be a farm-to-table experience. Everything from the menu are all grown and produced from the 3 farms with zero-synthetic chemical used. Hence, they pledge to serve nothing but FRESH & ORGANIC produce.

Without much adieu, let me share the 8 promising SALADS you can try soon.

1.) BALAY VERDE SALAD20170325_114607-01-01[1]

Your Protein rich salad, topped with salted egg and white cheese plus smoke salmon fish with a Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette.

2.) FRENCH FARMER SALAD20170325_115949-01[1]20170325_120015-01[1]

Quite intriguing taste! Arugula is added sparingly which gives it that bitter/spicy note. Instead of the smoked salmon fish, there’s the seared beef for you and a Béarnaise Dressing. It also has camembert cheese and black olives.

3.) THE KING SALAD20170325_122319-02[1]20170325_122422-01[1]

This will surely be one of your fave especially if you like nuts. It has Almond-ginger Dressing. I won’t describe further, it’s for you to taste!

4.) LILY’S SALAD20170325_123552-01[1]20170325_123625-01[1]

20170325_133800-01[1]Have you heard of Roselle flower? Hey, hey! it’s edible okay! Roselle’s vitamin C is 3 times stronger than black wine, 9 times stronger than citrus orange, 10 times more than star fruit and 2.5-fold compared to vitamin C in guava fruit. It gives a sour taste to the tongue yet it compliments to all other ingredients mixed. The Mayonnaise-Celery Dressing is perfect! This also has Seared Chicken, Golden Raisins, and White Cheese made from Lily’s milk. Lily is the name of their cow in La Fermette. So, now you know why it’s called Lily’s Salad? lol!

5.) MICHELLE’S MEXICAN SALAD20170325_125157-01[1]

While Filipino taste is more like that of Mexicans, for this salad, I guess you know what I mean. You surely will love this!

6.) MIDORI SALAD20170325_130750-01[1]20170325_130832-01[1]This for me is the Wasabi salad and among the 8, is definitely my favorite. The Wasabi Vinaigrette is the reason why. Wasabi indeed is more than just your HOT SUSHI CONDIMENT! Try this first if you love the kick of wasabi. Topped with sesame seeds, mongo & alfalfa sprouts with Tuna Steak.

 7.) SUPERFOOD SALAD20170325_132717-01[1]20170325_132741-01[1]

The mixture of taste from the many different ingredients amazingly compliment each other. Love the sweet potatoes countering the sour taste of Roselle and the Lime Vinaigrette. It also has quinoa, fresh chili and white cheese.

8. KERABU SALAD20170325_133925-01[1]20170325_133934-01[1]

Living in Singapore for nearly 3 years now, this is definitely a very usual taste for me. Of-course, it’s what I eat mostly. Sambal Belacan Dressing, I knew it! Indulge yourself with its Caramelized Pork, Dried Shrimp, Mint Leaves, and Pickled Mangoes.

Balay Verde Restaurant is like a Salad Stop in my Hometown, Davao. Where Fruits and Vegies take the Center Stage but unlike any others, Balay Verde will only serve you nothing but FRESH and ORGANIC produce. You can make your own salads too! But aside from just Salads, they will also serve Lunch and Dinner. And again, everything used in all of the recipes are from the farm. Even beef and pork meat, poultry, etc.,

Here’s one of the many dishes they have, Sinigang na Baboy sa Bayabas. 20170325_135103-01[1]Sinigang is a filipino sour soup dish which uses unripe tamarind but unlike the usual recipe, this version of Sinigang makes use of ripe guava as the souring agent, giving you the mild flavor. And not to mention the tender meat, sorry, I just died. Really! I can finish 1 big bowl. lol!

It’s normal to crave something sweet after a good meal. What about a french croque en bouche and blueternate hot tea?20170325_140226-01[1]20170325_140320-01[1]The petal of the blueternate flower is too pretty to eat! Oops! Yes, it is edible! It ain’t only for decorative purpose.

20170325_110832-01[1]The chocolate is not the usual commercial chocolate but rather homemade. Tastes like dark-chocolate and is made from cacao. Like me, you definitely will love the vanilla custard filling. 1, 2 or 3, you surely can’t get enough of it!

Tip: Eat the croque en bouche at one-shot instead of biting. And you’ll know why. :pMYXJ_20170331102048_save-01[1]

Balay Verde growing soon at the 2nd flr. Corporate Center Abreeza.

Some candid shots while picking veggies and fruits to take home. lol! Thank you Balay Verde Restaurant core group for inviting me.  20170325_153356-01[1]20170325_152433-01[1]20170325_152300-01[1]20170325_152202-01[1]20170325_152046-01[1]








The Best of Seoul: 4 Days Travel Itinerary

Four days may just be enough to glance off an amazing city. But in order to maximize your short trip, it should be well planned. Though it may be too impossible to see everything with little time, sorting it out by only visiting the “must-see” makes you get the most of your trip. Prep yourself by reading travel guides online specially if it is your first time. Don’t fret! Travel less like a tourist and more like a local even on your first visit. Why not!

Annyeong!20161122_100855-01[1]Touchdown Incheon International Airport. Seoul nice to see you. lol!

After getting off the plane, I had to take about 2 -3 walkalators then descend four escalators, take a train to another building, then go up several more escalators just to get to the immigration area. Phew! I’m not exaggerating but that’s how big Incheon International Airport is, I should have known. lol! 20161122_105842(0)-02[1]There are several different ways to travel from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul. The most popular ways include taking the Airport Railroad Express (AREX), Seoul Metropolitan Subway, Airport limousine buses, and taxis. Among these, the Airport Railroad has the benefit of avoiding traffic on the roads and it runs directly from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station, with no stops along the way. Taxi would be the most expensive transport while Airport limousine bus is the most convenient, hassle-free! And for that long hour flight to Seoul, spacious seats of the airport limousines are well sought after.

20161122_105610-01[1]And here’s me waiting for the Airport Limo. lol!

We arrived past 9 in the morning at Incheon Intern’l Airport. It took us nearly 2 hours to settle everything at the Airport. From Immigration, taking our luggage out from the baggage carousel, buy T-money card for our Seoul transpo. Then finally! Aboard about 10.55 in our Limo Coach and reached 12nn at Gangdamgo Bus Stop where we were fetched by our Cool Host, Jin Ho by Comestay Airbnb. Click link to read my Superb Airbnb experience in Seoul.

Late lunch around 1 and here’s our 1st authentic Korean meal! Tadaah! 20161122_143521-01[1]20161122_143528-01[1]20161122_143531-01[1]20161122_143533-01[1]

Here’s my itinerary:

Even if you have a list of places to visit, you need to be flexible. Don’t be too stiff on your itinerary. So in our case, since we had some delays on our arrival, we chose to visit the place nearest our accommodation and just took the cab from there and because honestly we’re too hungry to take the train too. haha! Don’t worry, taxis are way way cheaper in Seoul than Singapore.

1st stop: Changdeokgung Palace, it’s just a walking distance from where we ate so it was indeed a good exercise after pigging! 20161122_152432-011Changdeokgung Palace is recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site by the UNESCO. It’s definitely worth a visit. Wrote more about the Palace on a separate post. Click the link.

Everywhere is Instagrammable! So don’t miss to take bunch of snaps along the way. 20161122_150514-01[1]20161122_150545-01[1]Even street-sides are just too pretty not to strike some pose. Yay or Nay? 🙂

20161122_150628-01[1]20161122_150611-01[1]20161122_150709-01[1]Next stop: Bukchon Hanok Village.

A good 20-30 mins walk from Changdeokgung Palace to the village, including some delays because you know, pictorial is life. lol!20161122_155852-01[1]20161122_155909-01[1]

20161122_171157-011Road junction heading towards the Hanok Village.

If you like to have a look at how a hanok house looks like, Bukchon Hanok Village is the place to go. Home to hundreds of traditional houses, called hanok, that date back to the Joseon Dynasty. It’s an Interesting place to visit and definitely will give you a different view of Seoul. 20161122_165134-01120161122_170322-01[1]Seeing those homes – and people who still live in them today is amazing. Very quaint and worth the walk down the neighborhood. Click to read more about my awesome experience at Bukchon Hanok Village.20161122_164025-011It was more memorable and extra fun as I get to wear Hanbok while roaming around the Village. Yaaay! I thought I was filming K-dramas. HAHA! Yes, if you watch Korean dramas often, you’ll recognize that they use those houses and streets a lot as the setting for their dramas.20161122_164931-01120161122_163751-011Left the area past 6pm and headed to the Magical Place of Seoul, N Seoul Tower.20161122_181947-011 20161122_181401-01[1]Some scene of my recently favorite Korean drama Legend of the Blue Sea was filmed there. Click the Link to read more about the Romantic highest point in Seoul.20161122_175357-01120161122_175406-011On foot or by cable car you can get to the Namsan Tower. But on our visit, it was too cold (I guess no one would even dare to walk all the way up) And of course the view will be even more awesome if you take the Cable Car. Tip: make sure you stand on the sides to see the view while heading up the tower. 20161122_180852_001-021
We spent roughly 2 hours there. Aside from the wonderful view at the tower, they have restos/cafes and shops too. And of-course! For couples, this would be the sweetest part of your Seoul trip. Don’t forget to lock your love at the “padlock of love” railings and dream that your love will last forever. Ayee!

Nearly 8pm and you probably know what’s next, Seoul’s Street Food/Night Market. Yaay! Time for food, finally! haha20161122_215407-01[1]20161122_215359-01[1]Visited 2 Places After Namsan Tower. Myeongdong shopping district, where aside from shopping, you can indulge yourself to their very own delish street-foods.20161122_215325-01[1]I would advise to go straight to Myeongdong from Namsam Tower as it is near from there specially when you take a cab. Your Seoul trip will not be complete if you miss to visit Myeongdong district as it is widely known by locals and even more for tourists. On my separate post, read more about my Myeongdong night stroll. Seoul’s beauty haven has got to be Myeongdong. You definitely will gravitate the place every night for make up hoarding. So, go get yourself an extra suitcase if you have such vanity for Korean cosmetics.

Around 11pm, Last stop: Dongdaemun Design Plaza.20161122_192004-01[1]Such a unique Architecture. A great place to walk around specially at night because of the many good LED deco in the plaza. The led lighted flowers are too beautiful to behold. And on our visit, though it was not winter but the weather was dropping to -3.. Phew! It was a challenging walk anyway. Here’s a link more about DDP.20161122_192734-01[1]20161122_192447-01[1]At the street side in front of DDP has Night Market which will come alive at 10pm. Though some will set up early, it would be best to come late if you intend to shop there, and it’s open until 5 am! Some shops are even 24 hours open. haha! You definitely will have all your time. For us, we ended around past 1 am. Day 1 might seem to look jam-packed but for a night person like me, I still can stay there until 3am. Can you? lol!

Day 2 Itinerary:

Rise and Shine. Welcome Day 2!
For the entire Seoul trip, a combination of Free & Easy and an Arranged Tour was the best way to get the most of our trip. Every single day was indeed maximized. And yes, it was worth doing! So, for the 2nd day of our Seoul escapade, the best decision was getting an arranged tour to visit Nami Island, Gangchon Rail Park and Petite France. No hassle. Just convenience. 20161123_113913-01-01120161123_105713-011First stop of the arranged tour, Nami Island. Indeed I left my heart there. More about Namiseom in my previous post. Click the link. We left there around 1pm to catch our 2pm slot for the Rail Biking at Gangchon Rail Park.20161123_133520-01120161123_151324-011 A pleasurable experience awaits you at the old railroad tracks. 20161123_141148-011Such a unique and fun way of enjoying Korea’s scenic views. More about the amusing vibe while cycling around one of the oldest rail road tracks on this link, Gangchon Rail Park.20161123_155400-01120161123_161343-01120161123_160738-01-011Save the best for last, Welcome to Petite France. Korea’s little Europe town. Nestled in the mountains overlooking Cheongpyeong Lake is a French cultural village. Link to read more about The Petite France.20161123_161509-01-011Reached Seoul proper nearly 8pm. Expect some traffic jam when you’re nearing Seoul but at least you get to rest and sleep inside the private van rather than commuting which is more exhausting, definitely will consume much of your time and you only end up with visiting Nami Island or maybe Petite France too if you’re lucky. 20161122_192106-01-01-01[1]20161122_191821-01[1]The drop off point back in Seoul was at DDP. We had dinner at some random cafes there and since street=foods are everywhere, non-stop food trippin’ indeed!

Day 3 Itinerary:

Hongdae:20161124_114400-02[1]Started our day with a food hunt. We randomly chose a restaurant for our brunch around 10am at Hongdae area. Most favorite district of Seoul has got to be Hongdae, only because of the gazillion cafes there. It is young, vibrant and filled with interesting shops and turns into a festive outdoor area at night. But sadly, we went on a day time so we really haven’t experienced its night scene. However, true enough that the highest concentration of clothing stalls and vintage shops are found along its main passageway. There’s got to be non-stop shopping when you visit Seoul.

Our sumptuous authentic Korean meal, which I realized was good for 4-5 and we’re only 2. lol!

After the Heavy Meal and a good walk around Hongdae, we took a cab to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace since it’s pretty near from Hongdae.

Gyeongbokgung Palace20161124_140134-01120161124_140208-01120161124_134135-011One of the most iconic sights in all of Korea. Gyeongbokgung, which means “palace greatly blessed by Heaven,” was built in the heart of Seoul surrounded by Mount Bugaksan and Mount Namsan. 20161124_135307-01120161124_135658-01120161124_135632-011When in Korea, one of the “must do” things is to visit a palace. However, there are 5 palaces within the city which offer a taste of Korean history. And Gyeongbokgung Palace is definitely one not to miss. It is arguably the most beautiful and remains the grandest of all five palaces. Click to read more of it here –> Five Must-see on your first Seoul trip.

After exploring the huge grounds of Gyeongbokgung Palace, take a leisurely stroll to the magnificent square, Gwanghwamun Square, just a few distance away facing the gate of the palace.20161124_134355-01[1].jpeg20161124_140339-011A public area located in the heart of central Seoul that features museums, statues, restaurants, and beautiful surrounding views. The view of the Mountain behind the Gyeongbokgung Palace from the square is certainly magnificent.20161124_141011-01120161124_140753-011The golden statue of King Sejong the Great is the focal point of Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul.

20161124_141156-01-02[1]20161124_141156-01-01[1]There’s too much to see, let me rest first. haha!

We’re a bit late for autumn but visiting the famous Women’s University in Korea made me feel that we’re ain’t late yet. You see! 20161124_152423-01120161124_152741-01120161124_152714-011 Ewha Woman’s University and its Fashion Street. Has got to be one of my fave! 20161124_151821-011Just outside the University is the Fashion street. 20161124_153229-01120161124_153923-011My GAAAd! I literally drool which shop to see first. lol! Everywhere is damn cheap! I did regret for not coming here on our first day, I could have saved a lot of won. haha! Prices are really cheap. If you want to shop a lot, head straight to Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street. Click the link  to read more.20161124_181431-011Sadly, needed to leave the area around 7 pm for a gathering hosted by Jin, our Airbnb host. He arranged a simple dinner for all his guests to meet and know each other. How does it sound? Isn’t it Cool? Link to read about Why our Seoul trip was even more memorable. 20161124_195151-01-011

Another lovely day indeed! I just Seoul love you! :p


Our dinner ended up with Soju and Wines and slept nearly 3 am. Wheow! It was indeed a fun night but a torture for the day ahead? haha! Of-course, you have the choice not to wake up too early the next day if you happen to party the night before but because, Skiing is definitely more fun than sleeping. Needed to wake up a bit early to avail for the free coach departing at 7.30 am for VIVALDI PARK SKI WORLD, but luckily the BUS STOP where they pick-up tourists is just 5 mins taxi away from our place. So we still had a good 4 hours sleep anyway. Yaaay!

Skiiing! Why not? 20161125_103151-01-01-01120161125_103151-01-01-021Read more about VIVALDI PARK SKI WORLD on my previous blog. 20161125_1121530-01-01120161125_1121530-01-021The experience was priceless. Spent half day at Vivaldi, left there about 12nn and reached Seoul past 1pm. Ski Resorts will usually open around December during winter. We were just lucky, so lucky that they opened early even if it was still around November, maybe because of the winter-like weather? Of-course no need to think twice. It’s a must on your itinerary when you visit Seoul, dive in while Ski Resorts are open.20161125_105651-021Back at 1pm, it was intended for roaming around the streets of Gangnam.img-20170107-wa0005-011

Read about my awesome walk around the streets of Gangnam where I met and befriend with a local. How lovely it is to meet and make friends with locals when you travel. Truly an extraordinary trip. Kamsahamnida Seoul! I will definitely be back.20161125_154935-01-01-011While it is too impossible to see everything with limited time, do a lot of reading before your trip, and aside from visiting the best sights as there are a lot, do consider if it suits your interest. If not, you can opt not to include it in your itinerary. That’s how you maximize every single day of your trip.

Saranghe! I Seoul See you again!20161125_121019-01120161125_121116-011



Seoul Shopping: 3 Places You Should Go on Your Very First Visit

Seoul has tons of great shopping. Without getting a taste of Seoul’s shopping vibe, your trip to Seoul would surely be like a scrap. And if you only have an ample days of visit and would want to maximize your trip by visiting must see attractions at the same time shopping, hey hey! Don’t fret! It’s certainly possible. You can squeeze some shopping time on your itinerary. May it be during the day, night time or wee hours since there are shopping areas open 24 hours. Whaaat? Yes, you’ve read it right! 20161122_215658-01[1]To give you a feel of Seoul’s shopping vibe, you don’t have to visit all the shopping areas. Just a visit to these 3 shopping haven is more than enough.

Let’s start with my favorite shopping district,20161124_153331-01120161124_181431-0111.) Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street.
For people who like to shop on a budget, take my word, head here first. My mistake was coming here on our last day and have already bought many stuff at Myeondong, DDP and some underground areas on our first few days.20161124_153227-012Read more about my shopping experience at Ewha Woman’s University Fashion Street on my previous blog. Click the link.

2.) Myeongdong20161122_215325-01[1]A very touristy area and the mecca of beauty shopping in Seoul. Aside from beauty products, it actually has everything. There are both expensive and cheap stuff. But it depends on how you shop, and how well can you find treasures. Of course, you too pay for what you get. Shops usually open from about 10am-9pm. If you love Korea’s beauty products, make sure you have an extra suitcase. (I guess you know what I mean) lol!20161122_215347-01[1]20161122_215140-01[1]You can see the famous beauty brands at the road shops (aka mass market) like Missha, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Elif, Primera, Holika Holika, Etude House, Laneige, IOPE, name it! They have it! And prices for those beauty products are cheaper than those you buy overseas, so you definitely will end up hoarding. Woowoot!20161122_215935-01[1]But to be honest, I find it weird to see many shops repeating after a short distance. I even thought that I just went to a certain shop not realizing that there are many of them in the area so in the end I find it boring. Maybe only for me who’s not so insane of cosmetics. But just a tip though, don’t be too easily lured in by the free masks they give but don’t be afraid to ask for extra samples if you do choose to make a purchase at a store. They are generous! Trust me.20161122_214758_001-01[1]You’ll find big brands too, such as H&M, Zara, Nike, Adidas, UNIQLO, and most of the popular Korean brands.

Ooops! Myeondong vibe is not just about that! It’s not only about Shopping but food-tripping too!20161122_215359-01[1]20161122_215407-01[1]

There are many street-food stalls. Yeeey! Come here on an empty stomach and enjoy their very own appetizing street-foods.20161122_195226-01[1] They sell everything from sweets (banana + rice krispies + nutella crepe) to typical Korean goodies (tteokbokki, bulgogi, japchae, korean kogo, egg bread, kimbap) and many mooore!20161122_215926-01[1]

3.) Dongdaemun district20161122_191821-01[1]
Dongdaemun is the heart of domestic Korean fashion. Those small retail shops found on the streets and subway stations buy their merchandise wholesale here. So go and do your shopping at Dongdaemun Market. It’s open 24 hours. Seriously! And if you want to shop but left no time, you can make this as your last stop for your day itinerary. But do take note that, Dongdaemun is cheap, but it’s not always the cheapest. There are also several shopping malls at the area so take your time to wander around. You’ll never be bored! 20161122_191651-01[1]And what’s good about this shopping area is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, also called the DDP which is just opposite the Dongdaemun 24 hours shopping district.
There’s no other UFO-like building you’ll see there.
It has become a major urban development landmark in Seoul.
The centerpiece of South Korea’s fashion hub and popular tourist destination.
An ultramodern structure designed to host fashion, cultural, and design exhibitions.20161122_192106-01-01-01[1]20161122_192106-01-01-02[1]20161122_192304-01[1]The place blew me away. I’ve only seen impressive pictures but seeing it in person, especially at night, was really something I couldn’t even describe.20161122_192004-01[1]

20161122_192734-01[1]My favorite is the rooftop garden filled with huge patch of flowers that shine beautifully in the dark. 25,550 stalks of flowers lighting up the rooftop are indeed breathtaking. No wonder it has captured the city of Seoul.

20161122_192447-01[1]20161122_192909-01[1]20161122_192633-01[1]Visitors who want to learn more about the DDP can register for a guided tour (available in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese). Those who wish to participate are required to make a phone reservation at least two weeks before the tour. It’s free of charge by the way, but some exhibitions may require admission fees. And do take note that tours are not available on Mondays.20161122_193122-01[1]Even if you only have an ample days of visit, you can’t go wrong with a well planned itinerary. So, who said that visiting must see attractions at the same time shopping is not possible? Uh-ohh!

Let me have a drink first while braving the -3 degree weather. lol!20161122_195909_001-01[1]