A True Farm-to-table Experience

It’s been awhile since I last posted about going organic. Yes?

Coz something great is going to happen, mark your weekends starting April 2018!20170713_171506-01-01[1]

Go organic!
Davao Farm Holiday believes that a new way to cook and eat is possible, will you join them?FB_IMG_1522935338036[1]

Starting on April 28, 2018, Saturday and Sunday will never be the same again!
Huni Farm is opening its gates and will be hosting buffet lunch from 10 am till 3 pm.

Among their goals is to explore new and interesting ways to connect people to food and community. They will serve organic meals of fresh harvest from the farm as they educate their guests with the importance of knowing the quality of food they take and serve to their loved ones.FB_IMG_1522935312222[1]

They have been influenced by many styles of cooking and they love to experiment. At their table you can expect to find the freshest ingredients, beautiful and rustic presentation that you won’t soon forget. A weekend  at their table is not only an occasion to share and meet new people, but also an opportunity to discover new sustainable ways of living. This Farm to Table Experience will make the perfect anniversary gift, birthday present, family occasion, group outing, romantic date, or just a wonderful way to experience the farm.

Huni Farm is located at Wangan, Calinan District , Davao City.

Join them with your family and friends! FB_IMG_1522935250808[1]

Together let’s support local farmers, lets promote their products and take part in the establishment of a strong relationship of our community to quality food, local farmers and the environment.

This is the first project of Happy Islands Business Development and Consultancy under the banner of its mother project Davao Farm Holiday.  Gourmet Lunch at Huni Farm is a  new flavor of Davao Tourism which will be launched in cooperation with Livelife Travel and Tours.

For booking and reservations please contact:



Perfect weekend: Review of Rimba Jimbaran Bali by Ayana

Thinking of a weekend getaway and escaping the bustling city life of Singapore?20180119_141539-01[1]
There’s a lot of places you can choose from and make the most of your weekend. You can fly to Bankok, Penang, Langkawi or anywhere in the nearby Malaysia and Indonesia but hey, Bali is always a good idea!20180119_104840-01[1].jpegOh Bali, it has only been a few weeks, but how I’ve missed you!20180119_142635-01-01[1].jpeg20180119_140313(0)-01-01-01[1]Spent the weekend in Bali a few weeks ago and I can’t help but look back to such wonderful experience. 20180119_131642(0)-01-01-01[1]Sunshine, blue skies, and sea breeze was exactly what I wanted. Thanks to Skyscanner, a travel fare meta search engine which I always use to shop for cheapest airline ticket online. However, booking flights just a day before isn’t going to be that cheap but thanks to Jet Star and Air Asia, both airlines offer many promotional fares from Changi International Airport even if it’s a last minute booking.20180119_133205-01[1]Hooray! Flights booked! Where to in Bali just for the weekend? Uh-oh! Bali is too big to explore for just over the weekend, but since I wanted a tropical beach relaxation, what about staying in a resort? Yes, please!20180119_133831-01[1]20180119_133931-01[2]
There are a lot resorts to choose from (insert headache lol!) but Rimba Jimbaran Bali by Ayana came out number one from my choices, and it didn’t disappoint!20180119_125312-01-01[1]20180120_142611-01-01[1]20180119_125425-01-01[1]The Hotel is under the management of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali. AYANA is more well known as a romantic luxury resort for couples while RIMBA is more a family resort. The big PLUS for this is they permit guests from RIMBA to use AYANA and vice versa. Staying in one hotel and having double the facilities, or should I say triple since you’re permitted to use the KUBU BEACH CLUB too.  20180120_100758-01[1]What a BIG YES for this resort. They have everything! A retreat that is simultaneously luxurious, contemporary and Balinese.

20180119_124845-01-01[1]20180119_124837-01-01[2] Where to start with Rimba?
Seriously, I’m out of words to describe how lovely my stay was.20180119_124834-01[1]20180119_124622-01-01[1].jpegTheir famous circular sunken seating on infinity pool.20180119_120851-01-01[1]And my welcome drink. ❤20180120_142720-01-01[1]
Right from the moment you enter the front gate and drive towards the hotel through the lush greenery and perfectly manicured gardens, to reaching the magnificent lobby, you are made to feel special when you step out of the taxi with a beautiful frangipani lei  (flower necklace) and all the staff give you the warmest welcome. How lovely!20180119_125222-01[1]The service is impeccable. Every staff I met from the captain to the porter to the front desk to housekeeping, etc. have all been super helpful, courteous, professional, and pleasant. They’re all very attentive, seeming to know when to ask what you want and when to leave you alone.20180119_122730-01[1]At check in, I was so surprised that they’ve upgraded my room to an Ocean View Suite. Yay! The suite comes with a private furnished balcony having partial views of the Indian Ocean, surrounding forest, tropical gardens and the multi-tiered pool. 20180119_144909_010-01-01[1]It is equipped with a 47-inch flat-screen TV, work desk, minibar, iPod docking station and the day bed which can be converted into an extra bed. The marble-tiled bathroom features a large soaking tub, a shower and double vanities. And for extra comfort, do enjoy the complimentary aromatherapy set and L’Occitane bath essentials.

Here’s a short video of my Ocean View Suite in Rimba and some snippets of Ayana:


Worry less. Sea you at the beach? Aw! 20180119_140009-02-01[1]20180119_1415290-011.jpeg
Here’s one of my fave, The Rock Bar Bali. The famous Rock bar overlooking the West Coast of Bali. Awarded as World’s Best Bars with Views and World’s Best Hotel Bars by Forbes Travel Guide, CNN20180119_135305-01-01[1]Rock Bar is the perfect location to watch the sunset over the sea. 20180119_134757-02[1]Perched nearly 50 feet atop a cliff with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, this outdoor club is a chic spot for sunset cocktails and late-night live music plus the HUGE WAVES and when I say HUGE, I mean it! lol! Just a tip though, don’t sit at the corner areas unless you want to get wet! :p20180119_134635-01-01[1]20180119_135826-01-01[1]20180119_135349-01-01[1]Locals and tourists from around the island line up every evening for entrance via an inclinator. And of-course, resort guests of Rimba and Ayana are granted priority access. Yahoo!

Met a few tourists at The Rock Bar and here’s a decent photo before getting splashed by the huge waves. lol!

Snippets of the famed Rock Bar Bali and the Ocean beach pool of Ayana ❤

Happiness is found in waves. Yay!

20180119_165548-01-01[1]20180119_165545-01-01[1]Beach or Pool? Both, please! AYANA has over 12 magnificent swimming pools and that’s more than enough to keep you occupied during your stay!  20180120_092555-01-01-01[1]20180120_092709-01-01-01[1]For a short weekend getaway, I only had the chance to enjoy 3 among the 12 pools: Ocean View Infinity Pool, Unique Rooftop Pool and the H20 Pool. 20180120_130918-01[1]20180120_130838-01[1]20180120_130912-01[1]Well.. well, there are plenty of reasons to be back and I definitely will. ❤20180119_161616-01-01[1]20180119_161909-01-01-02[1]20180119_161549-01[1]What an amazing resort indeed! You can have a change of scenery every hour and not run out of options. Then the next day you can move onto Ayana on the excellent shuttle service and repeat! I really don’t need to go out from the resort. They have everything! And if you’ve had enough of Rimba and Ayana, head down to Kubu Beach club which is also a must visit. 20180120_095843-01-01[1]With stunning views of the coastline and brilliantly set up space in the actual beach club and beautiful sand beach on the other side which I didn’t had the chance to stay longer and explore as it was raining heavily.  Too bad, but I’ll be back for sure! :p

Would I recommend? A BIG Yes!!! Drop some love below. ❤




Shopping for the Best Flowers in Singapore

Flower shopping in Singapore doesn’t have to be boring, or just another tab on your list of chores. Not at all, at least, when you shop from A Better Florist. This is by far one of the best flower shops you’re going to find in Singapore, and there are many of them. In such a competitive market, they’ve managed to quickly establish themselves as the best florist in Singapore, and it’s not just because they have many shops around Singapore. It’s more about their philosophy and about their beautiful designs.

You can visit one of their flower shops, but you also have the option to shop online, from their website. It’s simple, convenient and you save a lot of time and money. There are several categories, through which you can scroll through and shop within a matter of minutes. Everything that you see on their website is up for grabs at all times, and you get to choose from all kinds of different bouquets and arrangements. Among their flower offering they have their signature blooms, which are the most popular flower designs most customers go for, funeral flowers, hand bouquets, bundles, flower bunches, flower arrangements and gorgeous flower stands for bigger events, such as weddings. They cater to a large crowd, the young and the old, the business people and the ones that just appreciate beautiful flower décor in their homes. There is plenty of versatility, and something for everyone’s taste.

Their team really does have a special sense for design, since their flower combinations and designs aren’t usual and expected. They mix it up all the time, and always introduce something new and creative. In addition to being the masters of flowers, the best florist in Singapore is also a gift shop. Besides flowers, you can also shop for hampers, any kind of hamper for any occasions, from graduation to a get well soon hamper. There’s a category that also features fruit baskets, which come in handy when holidays arrive. You can customize your fruit basket or any gift for that matter. If you need a baby shower gift, they also have that too. The list would go on and on, but they really do have a lot to offer.

fruit orchard.pngBeing able to shop online is fantastic, but it has to come with a great delivery. The flower delivery Singapore usually offers isn’t innovative or fast for that matter. A Better Florist definitely offers the best flower delivery in Singapore, as they deliver on the same day, even if it’s a big holiday, like Christmas or Chinese New Year. If you have an emergency, they can also make a quick delivery, within only 90 minutes. The delivery is fast and reliable, but it won’t cost you extra, which is something I think everyone can appreciate. No extra cost, but you still get to enjoy this wonderful delivery service.


Besides being the flower delivery Singapore has always wanted to have, they’ve expanded and now have several locations out of Singapore. If you’re in Hong Kong, you can rely on the best flower delivery in Hong Kong for all your needs, because A Better Florist has recently opened a flower shop there. Several bloggers have already dubbed them the best florist in Hong Kong.

And, here’s another perk. If you have already tried their service in Singapore, you can even rely on A Better Florist if you’re in Dubai. They are by far the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and they offer a terrific Dubai flower delivery.

Overall, A Better Florist seems to have found what Singaporeans have wanted all along, and they’ve managed to make shopping so much more easy and convenient, which consequently makes everyone’s life easier. Whether you need a Hong Kong flower delivery or a Singapore flower delivery, I highly recommend ordering from A Better Florist.

abetterflorist photo.jpg



Las Casas Filipinas: A Place Like No Other

Did you ever wanted to step back in time of the forgotten era of our heroes?20170811_220421[1]
Experience a blast from the historic past in an otherworldly resort in Bataan. 20170811_2157161.jpg20170811_215540[1]
This review may a bit too late now but still, I can’t opt not sharing it. Many have sent me direct messages from my social media accounts, asking where the picturesque places of my posts were taken. And they couldn’t believe that it was just somewhere in Central Luzon, Philippines.20170811_215228[1].jpgOllah! Welcome to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar!20170705_132625-01[1]20170705_131951-011.jpeg20170811_2154331.jpgLas Casas Filipinas is set in a vast property fronting the sea, along Umagol river, in Brgy. Pagasa BagacBataan. A place like no other, a one of its kind.20170811_205300[1] 20170811_2053521.jpgThe owner of New San Jose Builders, José “Gerry” Acuzar, started rebuilding Spanish colonial-era mansions in Bagac in 2003. Spread over 400 hectares, the park features a collection of 27 Spanish colonial-era buildings, with the entire site made to resemble a period settlement.20170811_205459[1]And in 2010, the heritage park was opened to public. The resort has a restaurant, a beach, calesa rides and a swimming pool. It plans to have 50 such heritage houses. The houses were chosen based on their historical, cultural and architectural value.20170811_205809[1]20170811_205156[1]Las Casas Filipinas showcases architectural pieces from different parts of the country which were carefully assembled brick by brick. 20170705_171048-01-01[1]20170705_170936-01-01[1]20170705_170958-01-01[1]It is definitely the perfect place to immerse in the mesmerizing time of our country’s historic past and solely admire the beauty and wonder of 18th century architecture.20170811_211233[1]20170811_211517[1]The houses were often of “stone houses” type, which have stone foundations on the first floor and made of wood on the second floor. These houses were carefully dismantled, transplanted from around the Philippines. 20170811_211813[1]20170811_211607[1]20170811_211725[1]Each house was dismantled in situ brick by brick, numbered, transported to the Bagac site, where they were reassembled and restored. For parts that were missing, woodwork and bricks were replicated to resemble the original structure.20170811_210944[1]20170811_210703[1]20170811_212133[1]
The serene and relaxing ambiance will make you stay not only for a day. And I did regret though. A day tour may be short of a time to take in the beauty that it is but an entire weekend would suffice for that matter.20170811_220421[1]20170811_220528[1]This was one of my fave window view.20170705_150020-01[1]20170811_22045411.jpgOne thing I have to warn you though.
This may not be your usually cheap budget, but it’s all worth it.20170705_153132-01[1]20170705_153845-01[1]20170811_211855[1]I don’t know if you get that same feeling of nostalgia that I get whenever I see old colonial houses and churches or if you find so much beauty in those rustic heritage. 20170811_215755[1]20170705_144506-01[1]It’s not just the nostalgic vibe or the intricacy of architecture that gets me every time, but it’s that feeling of being taken back in the past, of having a vision of what was it like back then.20170811_220611[1]20170811_2210111.jpg20170705_153508-01[1]20170705_153448-02[1]20170705_164520-01[1]The owner indeed had a great concept of restoring the casas.  20170705_145433-01[1]20170705_145254-01[1]20170811_215850[1]The stories behind the houses during the guided tour made them more meaningful and unique. 20170705_143918-01[1]20170811_220229[1]20170811_220145[1]20170811_220934[1]Everything was a delight and I’m definitely gonna come back.

20170705_161405-011.jpegOh! I missed this! 

As of July 2017 Entrance fee for Day tour costs 40sgd (1500Php), 3 course meal included.20170705_133622-01[1]20170705_134648-01[1]There’s more to it than just taking pictures. There’s a beach where you can swim and surf all you want, a heritage tour (AM and PM schedules are available), a riverboat cruise that will take you around the place using the Umagol River, a kalesa ride or even an afternoon yacht! Details here.20170811_210146[1]How To Get There: It is approximately 4 hours away from Manila and an hour drive from Subic. If you’re commuting, their website has instructions on how to easily get there! It’s a resort so you definitely can sleep there! While the room is not your usual modern hotel that you’re used to, it surely would be nice to experience at least once! Room rates here.

And before I end this post, I would like to thank Bea’s Travel and Tours. Bei also has an Airbnb unit in Subic, where I stayed for a couple of days. Thankkk you sooo much for making my Subic trip damn fantastic! Catch my next post, Things to do in Subic, soon!



Lorelei Beach Resort: A Mansion by the Beach

This video doesn’t exist

Are you looking for some modern comforts by the sea? A place of tranquility and away from the busy city? Lorelei Beach Resort is the best place to be. Take a 15-minute barge ride either at Sasa Wharf or at Davsam Ferry to Island Garden City of Samal, then a few kilometers away from Plaza Azalea. The resort is just next to Bali-Bali. Definitely a great choice for relaxation by the Sea. 20170701_165017-01[1]20170701_163543-01-01[1].jpeg20170701_165135-01-01[1]The fairly new beach resort looks very much like a mansion facing the Sea, complete with standard rooms and superior rooms. It’s more like a pension hotel with good amenities.20170701_165238-01-01[1]20170702_072446-01[1]20170701_161921-01-01[1]Chill, eat, sleep, repeat. Truly a perfect place for staycation. 20170701_165521-01-01[1]20170701_165448-01[1]We stayed at their family room, which can accommodate 10-12 pax. It was pretty huge with 2 sea view balconies!
20170701_161013-01-01[1]Perhaps you know what’s my fave spot, ta-daah! 20170701_161649-01-01[1]20170701_161521-01-01[1]The unobstructed view of the balcony. Imagine yourself waking up with a lovely scene of blue skies and blue sea. Ayeee!20170701_160310-01-01-01[1]Staying in the resort indeed will make you feel relaxed because of the greenery, swing sets and cottages at the beach front.20170701_162111-01-01-01[1]20170701_162315-01[1]You’ll definitely fall in love with the stillness of the place. No crowd. No noise. Only the sound of nature.20170701_160119-01[1]20170701_162429-01[1]Not to mention the outstanding service and the very warm and accommodating manager, Ms. Fairylene (The Mermaid on the photo of their resort) Sorry for exposing you! lol.20170701_162011-01[1].jpeg There’s a salt water rock pool when you have had enough of the sea. 20170702_073642-01[1]And those who wouldn’t want to get wet, you can enjoy the playground, play billiards or table tennis. But for me, I could soak all day! lol20170702_074201-01-01-01[1]20170702_073803-01-01[1]Spend your perfect weekend getaway at Lorelei Beach Resort. Where relaxation gets its real meaning. 20170701_164332-01-01[2]20170701_164657-01-01[2]20170701_163351-01[1].jpegRoom rates start at Php3,500 all good for two. They have a family room which is good for 10-12 pax at Php10,000. 20170701_161837-01-01[1]20170701_183035-01[1]And all rooms are with complimentary breakfast. 20170702_080856-01[1]Amenities:
Hotel Rooms
White Sand Beach
Swimming Pool
Fitness Area
Billiards Table20170701_162336-01[1]How to get there: Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Take the Barge to Island Garden City of Samal from DavSam Ferry or at Sasa Ferry Terminal. And from the docking area in Samal, Barangay Catagman is just 10-15 minutes on paved highway with a beautiful view of Davao Gulf. 20170701_162708-01[1].jpegFor inquiries & bookings, visit their FB PAGE Lorelei Beach Resort or simply contact 09064409250

Balay Verde Restaurant: From Farm-to-table Experience

Have you had your salad today? Or are you like me who’s too lazy to prepare? Trying to be fit and healthy in action but end up always only in words. Sadly, I’m definitely just like anyone else. But as we get older, we tend to realize the value of our health. 

I’m more towards changing my very unhealthy habits gradually now. Yes, finally! I certainly know how hard it is to get rid of those good food in the market, and generally those are processed, oily, salty, rich in msg, sugary, and high caloric. Closing one’s eye and indulging only to its savory taste, hmm.. is the everyday thing for everyday’s unhealthy meal. But it’s not too late yet. Making one simple change to your diet which is adding a salad almost every day, can pay off with plenty of health benefits.

Eating salads is a super-convenient way to work in a couple of servings of vegetables and/or fruit. Green salads are on the menu of almost every restaurant. But buying and eating it outside, nowadays you also wouldn’t know if it is safe nor fresh? Organically or Conventionally grown?

I had a short stint in Davao a week ago. And I was invited to have a first taste of the SALADS which will be served in Balay Verde Restaurant, link to their Facebook Page, (opening 3rd week of April, located at the 2nd flr. Corporate Center Abreeza).

The Restaurant is a collaboration of the 3 Farms: HUNI, La Fermette and Gem’s Farm. It will be a farm-to-table experience. Everything from the menu are all grown and produced from the 3 farms with zero-synthetic chemical used. Hence, they pledge to serve nothing but FRESH & ORGANIC produce.

Without much adieu, let me share the 8 promising SALADS you can try soon.

1.) BALAY VERDE SALAD20170325_114607-01-01[1]

Your Protein rich salad, topped with salted egg and white cheese plus smoke salmon fish with a Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette.

2.) FRENCH FARMER SALAD20170325_115949-01[1]20170325_120015-01[1]

Quite intriguing taste! Arugula is added sparingly which gives it that bitter/spicy note. Instead of the smoked salmon fish, there’s the seared beef for you and a Béarnaise Dressing. It also has camembert cheese and black olives.

3.) THE KING SALAD20170325_122319-02[1]20170325_122422-01[1]

This will surely be one of your fave especially if you like nuts. It has Almond-ginger Dressing. I won’t describe further, it’s for you to taste!

4.) LILY’S SALAD20170325_123552-01[1]20170325_123625-01[1]

20170325_133800-01[1]Have you heard of Roselle flower? Hey, hey! it’s edible okay! Roselle’s vitamin C is 3 times stronger than black wine, 9 times stronger than citrus orange, 10 times more than star fruit and 2.5-fold compared to vitamin C in guava fruit. It gives a sour taste to the tongue yet it compliments to all other ingredients mixed. The Mayonnaise-Celery Dressing is perfect! This also has Seared Chicken, Golden Raisins, and White Cheese made from Lily’s milk. Lily is the name of their cow in La Fermette. So, now you know why it’s called Lily’s Salad? lol!

5.) MICHELLE’S MEXICAN SALAD20170325_125157-01[1]

While Filipino taste is more like that of Mexicans, for this salad, I guess you know what I mean. You surely will love this!

6.) MIDORI SALAD20170325_130750-01[1]20170325_130832-01[1]This for me is the Wasabi salad and among the 8, is definitely my favorite. The Wasabi Vinaigrette is the reason why. Wasabi indeed is more than just your HOT SUSHI CONDIMENT! Try this first if you love the kick of wasabi. Topped with sesame seeds, mongo & alfalfa sprouts with Tuna Steak.

 7.) SUPERFOOD SALAD20170325_132717-01[1]20170325_132741-01[1]

The mixture of taste from the many different ingredients amazingly compliment each other. Love the sweet potatoes countering the sour taste of Roselle and the Lime Vinaigrette. It also has quinoa, fresh chili and white cheese.

8. KERABU SALAD20170325_133925-01[1]20170325_133934-01[1]

Living in Singapore for nearly 3 years now, this is definitely a very usual taste for me. Of-course, it’s what I eat mostly. Sambal Belacan Dressing, I knew it! Indulge yourself with its Caramelized Pork, Dried Shrimp, Mint Leaves, and Pickled Mangoes.

Balay Verde Restaurant is like a Salad Stop in my Hometown, Davao. Where Fruits and Vegies take the Center Stage but unlike any others, Balay Verde will only serve you nothing but FRESH and ORGANIC produce. You can make your own salads too! But aside from just Salads, they will also serve Lunch and Dinner. And again, everything used in all of the recipes are from the farm. Even beef and pork meat, poultry, etc.,

Here’s one of the many dishes they have, Sinigang na Baboy sa Bayabas. 20170325_135103-01[1]Sinigang is a filipino sour soup dish which uses unripe tamarind but unlike the usual recipe, this version of Sinigang makes use of ripe guava as the souring agent, giving you the mild flavor. And not to mention the tender meat, sorry, I just died. Really! I can finish 1 big bowl. lol!

It’s normal to crave something sweet after a good meal. What about a french croque en bouche and blueternate hot tea?20170325_140226-01[1]20170325_140320-01[1]The petal of the blueternate flower is too pretty to eat! Oops! Yes, it is edible! It ain’t only for decorative purpose.

20170325_110832-01[1]The chocolate is not the usual commercial chocolate but rather homemade. Tastes like dark-chocolate and is made from cacao. Like me, you definitely will love the vanilla custard filling. 1, 2 or 3, you surely can’t get enough of it!

Tip: Eat the croque en bouche at one-shot instead of biting. And you’ll know why. :pMYXJ_20170331102048_save-01[1]

Balay Verde growing soon at the 2nd flr. Corporate Center Abreeza.

Some candid shots while picking veggies and fruits to take home. lol! Thank you Balay Verde Restaurant core group for inviting me.  20170325_153356-01[1]20170325_152433-01[1]20170325_152300-01[1]20170325_152202-01[1]20170325_152046-01[1]








MISOODA Event: Korean Surgery Sponsorship

I wrote about the latest Beauty Platform in Korea on my previous blog and in case you missed it, read it here > Beauty Made in KoreaIt’s about my discovery of MISOODA.COM, link to their website.

I am actually rather satisfied with my natural looks, but there are some imperfections which I thought I could improve on. And like anyone else, I do appreciate natural beauty but I also do admire those people who are brave enough to go under the knife just to get that enhanced beauty. Well, why not? This modernized world has brought us to many medical advancement and we all have the chance now to enjoy the current medical technologies arising.

Have you ever looked at the mirror and instead of seeing that flat and wide nose you’re seeing a narrow nostrils with elongated shape? Uh oh! Or that manly jawline altering it the way you want or the way it would look better? Droopy eyes? Not Anymore! No eyelids? Oops.. You’ll soon have! Double eyelid surgery is even the most common and famous minor cosmetic procedure. So, depends on which area you want it to be enhanced, name it and you surely can get it done. With the dramatically developing technology, it is now no longer a dream to achieve that pretty face you want or even a perfect body you desire through cosmetic surgery.


My plastic Surgery research started when I met and befriend with a local in Korea, where she introduced the latest Korean beauty platform, MISOODA.COM. It has piqued my interest. From there, I began to be curious about Korea’s cosmetic surgery trend. Took me more than 3 nights as there are lots of information to read through online. But like me, you surely will end up with hesitations, weighing the pros and cons, because of the fact that there are also failed surgeries. It all boils down to getting a reputable clinic with an experienced surgeon as there are many inexperienced ones in the market providing you a cheaper offer. Don’t dare, or else you’ll get a nightmare.

The platform, MISOODA.COM makes it convenient for people who wish to do Cosmetic Surgery in Korea. It gives them the assurance that they will be on a safe hands, for they will no longer need to search one by one of the hundreds of clinics found in Seoul putting them to No Risk of choosing disreputable clinic since all the clinics listed in the platform are all board-certified and deemed qualified.

Now, MISOODA.COM has an ongoing model search. Do you want to make your dream a reality? The dream to achieve that beautiful face you desire is all in your hands now. You can join their event and win 50% or 100% Korean Surgery Sponsorship. This Model Search event is your chance to get that beauty/body you’ve ever dreamed of.


100% Sponsorship could be so enticing but this makes you no control over the procedures done. Surgeon decides for everything, even changing how you naturally look like as long as it yields to the very best of you. But they will need you to provide full face/body surgery photos of before and after the procedure then write post surgery updates/reviews of until 6 months. You also might need to stay for a bit longer period due to clinic rules, while that of 50% Sponsorship, is the other way around. Which I bet is the good deal. It’s like getting that surgery type you’ve ever wanted at a 50% off discount. You’re all in control over anything done. Staying in Korea for only a few days until the stitches are all taken out which normally takes 7-8 days only. Awesome! It does need you to write post surgery reviews though but won’t require you to provide full face/body photos, only the area where surgery was done. Ain’t it pretty simple? If you already thought of doing any cosmetic procedure, now is definitely the time. Grab this chance to get 50% off the procedure price.


Hurry and Apply now while it is still open. Nothing can be easier than choosing 50% or 100% sponsorship and select the clinic you want in their website. Misooda and Clinic selection will be within 2 weeks of application. And there you go, successful candidates will do their dream Korean Surgery before 31st July 2017. Do read all the guidelines stated on their site once you qualify.

Here’s the Link to your Application, MISOODA.COMCheers Ladies!

So, drop me a line if you happen to join the event.


How to get that Effortless Brows on Fleek? (My catch on Eyebrow Embroidery)

I actually been struggling for ages whether should I go for an eyebrow embroidery or not, thank goodness I’ve finally made up my mind and did it! I’m sorry, I just have to give up that everyday time-consuming routine to do my eyebrows perfectly even if it may sometimes doesn’t look so perfect. lol!


Okay, let’s have an eyebrow talk. I couldn’t be more excited to share that eyebrow embroidery experience which I had recently.

Many would say that our eyebrows play a significant role as far as physiognomy is concerned. Agree? Yes or Yes? :p

I’m actually not fond of having full make-up. At certain times, I can survive with just a lip tint and a powder on and I’m good to go. Ain’t too boring yah. lol. But wait.. Forget about lip tints and powder but not the eyebrows. haha! Well, most of the time I pluck, draw and color my brows just to have it on fleek.

So how do you girls shape and maintain your brows?

Some of my friends and even me would usually go for eyebrow threading just to shape the brows from time to time but honestly it’s just too painful! I did it for many times and believe me, each time seems like forever a first time. Seriously! I hate that Ouchy thing! Teary eyed, shouting and keep pausing in between. Phew! I wish I knew how to shave my brows, at least in that way it’d be painless but hell I don’t have the skill. So I’m stuck with plucking, twee-zing and then draw and color. Uggh! Doing it everyday is just taking a lot of time. (Sigh) Do you have the same agony as mine? Yes? Then, Iv’e got your back there! You better consider doing what I did to get you out from that agony. 🙂

I Finally did it! Yaay! So, what is eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a new beauty trend that efficiently accentuates the eyes by adding coloured pigment to the skin by filling in empty spots on your brows to give them a fuller and more flawless look. Singapore and Korea is among the many nationalities where eyebrow embroidery is being popular. And since I’m currently living in Singapore, to be honest, Iv’e been influenced by its fame here. lol.

It is NOT a tattoo procedure (which is permanent, by the way) in which ink penetrates deep into the dermis. Eyebrow embroidery introduces pigment to the epidermis – the superficial layer of the skin – with minimal intrusion. Using pigment matched to the actual brow color, eyebrow embroidery produces a semi-permanent natural look. The cosmetic procedure is definitely safe (not unless you go for disreputable salon). New and sterilized equipment should be used, and high quality brow color with numbing and antiseptic capabilities to avoid infection and lessen pain. It lasts for up to 2 years. And once it fades, then your time to do the touch up! Ain’t that easy?

I did my brow embroidery at Charme, Far east plaza. Look for Jess or Lee! 🙂

Thank you Ladies!img_20160928_220516-011

The embroidery process:

20160914_115138-01-02-01-011Excuse my thin and long brows. haha!

The entire process took roughly 2 hours and half with quite a portion of the time dedicated to the consultation. Ms. Lee Peng was so patient in shaping my brows, I was too fussy and pretty apprehensive. I worried a lot since this has to do with my face after all. But the service is admirable. I do appreciate Ms. Lee’s patience as she needed to erase and draw again just to achieve the shape which suits me.


Time for numbing cream application and after which, the brow area was covered with a cling wrap for about 20-30mins before the actual process starts.


Voilaaa! Painless and I love it! When I say no pain, trust me. I’m too reliable to say so. Coming from a person whose pain threshold scores 2 out of 10. Oh, Come on! I felt no pain at all, like real!


The process of eyebrow embroidery uses a blade to continuously make small cuts into your skin to place the dye. It’s almost like a tattoo though, except that embroidery deposits the dye only at near the surface of the skin, making it semi-permanent. Too thankful to Ms. Jess Leow, the artist who was so nice and friendly. Keeping me assured that everything is fine since I keep worrying a lot. I know I was so annoying then. haha! I’m sorry, I’m such a worrywart. :p

Jeez! I love it! img-20160914-wa0005-01-01-011


I was given a cream to apply twice a day until the color will peel off making it look natural. And PLEASE bare in mind, when some parts start to peel, don’t ever strip off the remaining parts. Just a no-no! Let it peel off completely by itself. It usually will take about a week time but mine started to scab on the 9th day and lucky as I was, on the 10th day all completely removed. Aye!

Day 1 until Day 8 was pretty dark! But I love it still! 🙂photogrid_14750703324121

Not until Day 9th and 10th when it actually look so weird. haha! Lucky I have fringes to cover, so it wasn’t really that much of an issue. Eee!

This is the reality you have to face. haha! It will definitely scab once it is completely healed. Fortunately, mine was only for 2 days. 🙂20160924_173727-01-01-011

Are you ready for the effortless eyebrows on fleek?

Didn’t it look more natural? Take note, it’s effortless! Woohoo! photogrid_14750699803981

Now I’m thinking for another semi-permanent procedure. Can you actually guess what it is? haha!



The Famous BB Treatment, Now in Singapore (Review)

K-beauty is indeed a worldwide phenomenon. Who won’t agree? Everyone is obsessed with K-beauty, hmm.. I even bet you are! :p And of course, count me in for that obsession. haha! Why such a face looks pore-less, soft and lustrous? Can anyone tell me why? What’s the secret? As I’m freaking’ envious of that dewy white guise, makes me even think that I was sleeping when God poured such blessing. haha! Kidding aside, this post is actually about the recent treatment that I had at Lee Na Young Aesthetic Singapore.

For the past few days I was too busy looking for a salon that does eyebrow embroidery as there are a lot like really a lot here in Singapore. From cheapo to high-cost ones. From natural to 3d, 4d, 6d. Phew! Been so busy reading reviews and searching over and over in all my social media accounts. Contrary to my purpose, I came across this Aesthetic establishment that does this so called Covered BB MTS treatment. My obsession of K-beauty come alive! Hurray!


Lee Na Young Aesthetic Singapore is from Korea and they just opened a branch here in Singapore and the other one is in Australia. They do eyebrow & eyeliner embroidery, lip color enhancement, facial treatments, eyelash procedure, etc. You can check on their website on the services they provide.

Going back to the treatment which I did recently, they claim to be the first in offering this kind of treatment here in Singapore. I was skeptical in doing so. I did a lot of research about it and yes, I couldn’t agree more that is actually pretty new here in Sg. As to my research too, I only saw one Salon offering this but on their add is also “coming soon”. So I was even more excited to try it out. PS – Blame it to my curiosity! haha!

Okay, so what is this treatment for? Honestly speaking, whenever I hear “BB”, I only can think of that K-beauty which I’m too obsessed with. Of course! Who doesn’t know about BB? The Blemish Balm creams that everyone has been using just to achieve that dewy bright Korean look. Well, I ain’t wrong! Covered BB MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System) treatment gives you that immediate skin brightening and rejuvenation effect using micro-needle derma roller with KFDA approved skin color ampules (100 percent natural ingredients). The treatment is effective for any type of skin. I can attest because I actually have a very sensitive skin and fortunately after the treatment there was no unpleasant reaction. Yay! All I felt was my face was sooo smooth like that of a baby. Yaaay! I couldn’t resist moving my fingers back and forth unto my cheeks too. Uh oh! And the best part, it went 1 shade lighter right after. Just wow! I want to do another session! Booo! haha

The Treatment Essentials:
20160907_172444-01120160907_172512-011The skin color ampule which gives the brightening effect while the MTS derma roller facilitates the passage and absorption.

SPOT that pretty obvious difference!

Left Photo shows Before treatment while Right Photo is the awesome After treatment. 🙂photogrid_1473267134190-011
(PS. Sorry for the untrimmed facial hairs, the big pores and the small pimple scars which I actually just pricked, few days ago. haha!)

The process took us 40 mins to an hour including facial cleaning prior to the BB treatment (they will remove your make-up and apply some serum and massage it unto your face) And a mask application right after the BB treatment. Initially, the word needle made me a bit scared though. Regardless of being micro or what, it is still a needle. Right? But hey, I was wrong. No need to be so nervy cause it’s actually not painful at all. It was even addictive. Yea, I like the vibrating feeling over my face.


Thanks to Miss Serene, the Manager at Lee Na Young Aesthetic who did the treatment for me and to Miss Inna, the very accomodating reception staff. The service is really commendable!


Four Points By Sheraton, Penang


If you are looking for a nice, clean, reasonably priced hotel with beach and yet close to town, Four Points is the right place for you. Situated on a tranquil stretch of white sandy Tanjung Bungah beach, overlooking the Straits of Malacca. This low-key modern hotel is just 15 minutes drive from George Town and Batu Ferringhi, 45 minutes from the Penang International Airport and merely 4 km to Gurney Drive promenade. Certainly a great halfway point between beach and the hustle and bustle of George Town.

20160521_085539-01[1]20160521_085427-01[1]20160521_085351-02[1]20160521_085333(0)-02-01[1]The lobby offers a pleasing feeling as it has a direct view of the ocean.

As I went to see the room, I was amazed. The deluxe ocean front room did served my expectations – tidy, modern, beautiful sea view (you could watch sunrise from your room’s window too!), has all the basic amenities including hairdryer and iron. Oh yes, just what I needed to escape from a busy work life in Singapore. And needless to say, free wifi everywhere.20160519_183641-01_(1)[1]20160519_183622-01[1]20160519_175141-01[1]20160519_175221-01-01[1]20160519_175613-01[1]

Their staffs were helpful and friendly. It was indeed a breezy check in for me. By the way, my nth time making hotel reservation from booking.com and it has always been easy and reliable.

Waking up to this lovely view of nature.
Time to hit the breakfast buffet. 🙂20160520_073756-01[1]20160520_081524-01[1]20160520_074011-01[1]20160520_081755-01[1]
Good food with a great view. Such a combo! This was actually one of my favorite during our stay. There’s a casual restaurant with a terrace offering ocean views, as well as a bar, an outdoor pool and meeting space. There’s direct beach access.20160519_184211-02[1]20160519_184150-01[1]20160519_184426-01[1]

If you wish to go to Batu Ferringhi, they also provide free shuttle on selected hours but on a first come first serve basis. Just approach the counter and have your name listed!


So to everyone eyeing a short vacay in Penang, then Four Points by Sheraton is what I recommend for you.
Enjoy your stay!
Four Points by Sheraton Penang
Address: 505 Jalan Tanjung Bungah, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone:+60 4-371 8888