Beauty Made in Korea

Everyone of us want to look beautiful. Aren’t you? Even male want some beauty too. From time immemorial, appearance has been the prime in humans’ minds. Either it be centuries back, or today in this modernized world, humans are judged by their physical appearance. It is not even a secret that the standards of beauty nowadays are rather strict and demanding. Truly Society have always valued beauty.

Appearances that match the existing beauty standards remain one of the vital feature of a modern individual. Would you agree? But those people who are discontent with their appearances, also have different ways of improving the way they look, such as makeup, clothes, or being in harmony with themselves. Indeed time has evolved. Vanity in our culture has increased and become more acceptable.

Speaking of looking stunningly attractive, have you ever thought of Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery? What are your thoughts on it?

Let me share mine..

When I visited Seoul, I knew it’s not just about Kimchi, K-pop and K-beauty. lol! I’ve been such a fan of many K-dramas until I’ve loved anything about Korea. And when I say anything, I mean to include even those “fake” or shall I say enhanced beauty. Yes, apparently they’re famous for it. Believe me or not, it’s fairly accepted and commonly done. But despite such a mock-up, it’s as if as natural that you wouldn’t figure it out. That gorgeous beauty though! Pore-less lustrous skin, double lids, bigger eyes, V-shaped jaw and whoaah! that perfect nose job. Wow! And those are just one of the simple and common procedures. I couldn’t even believe when I was told that going to the plastic surgery center carries as much weight as getting a haircut — it’s an everyday thing! Oh! Seriously?

Really time has changed. Nowadays, people are more open about their desire to be attractive. And without a doubt, Korea is famed for its Perfect Asian Beauty. That alone made their medical tourism for Cosmetic Surgery a boom.

What I like from travelling is also learning a lot of things from locals and other travelers. From wandering around Seoul during my trip, I’ve actually known a local. She’s damn beautiful! Let’s call her Jude. Sorry jude, if by any chance you bumped into this blog post, please don’t hate me of exposing these all. lol! (I know you won’t) haha! And don’t worry, there’s millions of jude in the world anyway. :p

I couldn’t believe that my Seoul trip would turn out to be so informative because of her. Jude is one of the many Koreans who have done Cosmetic Surgery. What? Yes, true. But can you imagine how I brought up the topic? lol! (that’s how a chatty mouth can go overboard) haha! She’s too nice and welcoming. And from there, we just clicked I guess. Chatting non-stop and learning a lot from her, that alone made my trip even more meaningful.

As we were loitering around the streets of Seoul, she pointed a lot of plastic surgery centers. Really! I was shocked, it seems like it’s just around any corner. (Drool)


img-20170108-wa0002-011img-20170108-wa0001-011img-20170108-wa0005-011img-20170108-wa0006-011Few of my photo snaps. I couldn’t imagine how many Plastic Surgery clinics are there in South Korea. No wonder they are the  Cosmetic Surgery Capital of the World.

Most people get cosmetic surgery done to improve their appearances, but at some point, their wishes don’t always come true. Damn scary right?! The truth of the matter is that it can actually be fatal or may have the unwanted result if the procedure isn’t performed correctly. More complications arise from improper training of the surgeon. Many “discount” price clinics that claim to offer professional service for a low price have begun to show up all over many countries. Most of those doctors not even properly trained to perform such drastic cosmetic surgeries. Thus, giving anyone their worst nightmare.

Since Korea is widely known as the haven for Cosmetic Surgeries. Jude shared to me a particular platform that would be of a help in case I myself will consider to do any kind of Cosmetic Surgery. HAHA! It felt funny though because I couldn’t even imagine myself doing like a nose job, (I surely would be mooore beautiful, right?) Waaaa. haha! Yes, I’m beautiful in my own eyes anyway. lol!img-20170107-wa0005-011 So, to those who are planning to do Cosmetic Surgeries in Korea. Hey! You surely will thank me for this. Though it has been introduced for me to use, I’m generously sharing it for everyone to know. Indeed it’s very beneficial specially to those coming from South East Asia who would want to do Cosmetic Surgery in Korea. Worry about the language? Not anymore! Discreetly searching about Cosmetic Surgery? You don’t have to! Everything is in the platform. And if you are one of those already planning to do but don’t know how and where to start, this is definitely for you!


Here it is —> Click the link to know more about what Jude has introduced me when it comes to doing Cosmetic Surgery in Korea.

I never thought that even for Cosmetic Clinics has this kind of platform. It surely will make your life easier if you wish to do any Cosmetic procedure. And you actually don’t have to worry since only reputable clinics are listed there. Need not to waste your time inquiring individually and non-stop searching over the web. It’s as easy as if like choosing and booking your hotels in AGODA, or browsing cheap flights in skyscanner.
What’s even more good in the platform is they bring out price transparency plus a lot of good reads on their POST section. (Click to read anything what Korea has to offer)

In the future when you do any surgery through using the platform, do drop me some mail and share your experience. (If you don’t mind) I would love to hear them!

My Seoul trip was worthwhile indeed. It was not just pure sight seeing and shopping but it actually was too informative and productive because of Jude and also because of my chatty mouth and bubbly personality perhaps that’s why I bumped into her. HAHA! Thanks Jude!

I guess I have to end here? Even if I still have a lot to say but it’s getting too long now. lol!

Let me share more of it on a separate blog post. Look out for it!



Cheers to life, to people you meet, to places you travel!


How to get that Effortless Brows on Fleek? (My catch on Eyebrow Embroidery)

I actually been struggling for ages whether should I go for an eyebrow embroidery or not, thank goodness I’ve finally made up my mind and did it! I’m sorry, I just have to give up that everyday time-consuming routine to do my eyebrows perfectly even if it may sometimes doesn’t look so perfect. lol!


Okay, let’s have an eyebrow talk. I couldn’t be more excited to share that eyebrow embroidery experience which I had recently.

Many would say that our eyebrows play a significant role as far as physiognomy is concerned. Agree? Yes or Yes? :p

I’m actually not fond of having full make-up. At certain times, I can survive with just a lip tint and a powder on and I’m good to go. Ain’t too boring yah. lol. But wait.. Forget about lip tints and powder but not the eyebrows. haha! Well, most of the time I pluck, draw and color my brows just to have it on fleek.

So how do you girls shape and maintain your brows?

Some of my friends and even me would usually go for eyebrow threading just to shape the brows from time to time but honestly it’s just too painful! I did it for many times and believe me, each time seems like forever a first time. Seriously! I hate that Ouchy thing! Teary eyed, shouting and keep pausing in between. Phew! I wish I knew how to shave my brows, at least in that way it’d be painless but hell I don’t have the skill. So I’m stuck with plucking, twee-zing and then draw and color. Uggh! Doing it everyday is just taking a lot of time. (Sigh) Do you have the same agony as mine? Yes? Then, Iv’e got your back there! You better consider doing what I did to get you out from that agony. 🙂

I Finally did it! Yaay! So, what is eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a new beauty trend that efficiently accentuates the eyes by adding coloured pigment to the skin by filling in empty spots on your brows to give them a fuller and more flawless look. Singapore and Korea is among the many nationalities where eyebrow embroidery is being popular. And since I’m currently living in Singapore, to be honest, Iv’e been influenced by its fame here. lol.

It is NOT a tattoo procedure (which is permanent, by the way) in which ink penetrates deep into the dermis. Eyebrow embroidery introduces pigment to the epidermis – the superficial layer of the skin – with minimal intrusion. Using pigment matched to the actual brow color, eyebrow embroidery produces a semi-permanent natural look. The cosmetic procedure is definitely safe (not unless you go for disreputable salon). New and sterilized equipment should be used, and high quality brow color with numbing and antiseptic capabilities to avoid infection and lessen pain. It lasts for up to 2 years. And once it fades, then your time to do the touch up! Ain’t that easy?

I did my brow embroidery at Charme, Far east plaza. Look for Jess or Lee! 🙂

Thank you Ladies!img_20160928_220516-011

The embroidery process:

20160914_115138-01-02-01-011Excuse my thin and long brows. haha!

The entire process took roughly 2 hours and half with quite a portion of the time dedicated to the consultation. Ms. Lee Peng was so patient in shaping my brows, I was too fussy and pretty apprehensive. I worried a lot since this has to do with my face after all. But the service is admirable. I do appreciate Ms. Lee’s patience as she needed to erase and draw again just to achieve the shape which suits me.


Time for numbing cream application and after which, the brow area was covered with a cling wrap for about 20-30mins before the actual process starts.


Voilaaa! Painless and I love it! When I say no pain, trust me. I’m too reliable to say so. Coming from a person whose pain threshold scores 2 out of 10. Oh, Come on! I felt no pain at all, like real!


The process of eyebrow embroidery uses a blade to continuously make small cuts into your skin to place the dye. It’s almost like a tattoo though, except that embroidery deposits the dye only at near the surface of the skin, making it semi-permanent. Too thankful to Ms. Jess Leow, the artist who was so nice and friendly. Keeping me assured that everything is fine since I keep worrying a lot. I know I was so annoying then. haha! I’m sorry, I’m such a worrywart. :p

Jeez! I love it! img-20160914-wa0005-01-01-011


I was given a cream to apply twice a day until the color will peel off making it look natural. And PLEASE bare in mind, when some parts start to peel, don’t ever strip off the remaining parts. Just a no-no! Let it peel off completely by itself. It usually will take about a week time but mine started to scab on the 9th day and lucky as I was, on the 10th day all completely removed. Aye!

Day 1 until Day 8 was pretty dark! But I love it still! 🙂photogrid_14750703324121

Not until Day 9th and 10th when it actually look so weird. haha! Lucky I have fringes to cover, so it wasn’t really that much of an issue. Eee!

This is the reality you have to face. haha! It will definitely scab once it is completely healed. Fortunately, mine was only for 2 days. 🙂20160924_173727-01-01-011

Are you ready for the effortless eyebrows on fleek?

Didn’t it look more natural? Take note, it’s effortless! Woohoo! photogrid_14750699803981

Now I’m thinking for another semi-permanent procedure. Can you actually guess what it is? haha!



The Famous BB Treatment, Now in Singapore (Review)

K-beauty is indeed a worldwide phenomenon. Who won’t agree? Everyone is obsessed with K-beauty, hmm.. I even bet you are! :p And of course, count me in for that obsession. haha! Why such a face looks pore-less, soft and lustrous? Can anyone tell me why? What’s the secret? As I’m freaking’ envious of that dewy white guise, makes me even think that I was sleeping when God poured such blessing. haha! Kidding aside, this post is actually about the recent treatment that I had at Lee Na Young Aesthetic Singapore.

For the past few days I was too busy looking for a salon that does eyebrow embroidery as there are a lot like really a lot here in Singapore. From cheapo to high-cost ones. From natural to 3d, 4d, 6d. Phew! Been so busy reading reviews and searching over and over in all my social media accounts. Contrary to my purpose, I came across this Aesthetic establishment that does this so called Covered BB MTS treatment. My obsession of K-beauty come alive! Hurray!


Lee Na Young Aesthetic Singapore is from Korea and they just opened a branch here in Singapore and the other one is in Australia. They do eyebrow & eyeliner embroidery, lip color enhancement, facial treatments, eyelash procedure, etc. You can check on their website on the services they provide.

Going back to the treatment which I did recently, they claim to be the first in offering this kind of treatment here in Singapore. I was skeptical in doing so. I did a lot of research about it and yes, I couldn’t agree more that is actually pretty new here in Sg. As to my research too, I only saw one Salon offering this but on their add is also “coming soon”. So I was even more excited to try it out. PS – Blame it to my curiosity! haha!

Okay, so what is this treatment for? Honestly speaking, whenever I hear “BB”, I only can think of that K-beauty which I’m too obsessed with. Of course! Who doesn’t know about BB? The Blemish Balm creams that everyone has been using just to achieve that dewy bright Korean look. Well, I ain’t wrong! Covered BB MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System) treatment gives you that immediate skin brightening and rejuvenation effect using micro-needle derma roller with KFDA approved skin color ampules (100 percent natural ingredients). The treatment is effective for any type of skin. I can attest because I actually have a very sensitive skin and fortunately after the treatment there was no unpleasant reaction. Yay! All I felt was my face was sooo smooth like that of a baby. Yaaay! I couldn’t resist moving my fingers back and forth unto my cheeks too. Uh oh! And the best part, it went 1 shade lighter right after. Just wow! I want to do another session! Booo! haha

The Treatment Essentials:
20160907_172444-01120160907_172512-011The skin color ampule which gives the brightening effect while the MTS derma roller facilitates the passage and absorption.

SPOT that pretty obvious difference!

Left Photo shows Before treatment while Right Photo is the awesome After treatment. 🙂photogrid_1473267134190-011
(PS. Sorry for the untrimmed facial hairs, the big pores and the small pimple scars which I actually just pricked, few days ago. haha!)

The process took us 40 mins to an hour including facial cleaning prior to the BB treatment (they will remove your make-up and apply some serum and massage it unto your face) And a mask application right after the BB treatment. Initially, the word needle made me a bit scared though. Regardless of being micro or what, it is still a needle. Right? But hey, I was wrong. No need to be so nervy cause it’s actually not painful at all. It was even addictive. Yea, I like the vibrating feeling over my face.


Thanks to Miss Serene, the Manager at Lee Na Young Aesthetic who did the treatment for me and to Miss Inna, the very accomodating reception staff. The service is really commendable!