Glass-walled pool over the Harbour


Fell in love with the magnificent view over the harbour!
Wish I had brought my swim-wears for Hong Kong trip. Too bad, really! urghh..
Sorry not sorry for being unready! I never knew the rooftop glass-walled pool was superb!
But since I’m inventive and creative, I was quick to find a way to solve my worry. Yuhooo! (:

On the roof, surrounded by comfortable chaise lounges, the famous glass-walled pool makes for a dazzlingly unique and memorable swim. Awesome!

Truly a Breathtaking eyeshot!


The pool bar and whirlpool ensure complete relaxation.

Street style wanderer

Unveiling my creative way for an Instant swim-wear.
(“If there’s a will there’s really a way! haha )

Since I never brought pairs of swim-wear (sorry I still can’t get over it) heh!

So here’s my Instant swimsuit:
Cage bra used as top and thank God for spandex undies!
Shawl from cotton on.

Hurrray! (:

Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel


We stayed here for 4 nights to celebrate my Birthday.
We had booked an Harbour view room and after looking at the photo’s on their website before we left I had pretty high expectations. Well… we were not disappointed.


The hotel exterior is very impressive- as is the main entrance.
The glass panoramic skyline view is outstanding and complimented by impressive chandeliers.
The upkeep of the hotel is immaculate.





The rooms are up to date and the best was getting an Harbour view room.


The rooftop pool is spectacular- much needed for the hot city!
The pool is also slightly heated which is nice.
The views are incredible- You need to go up at night time and be really blown away by the lights of Hong Kong Island.


Due to the location, being quite far from the main city, the hotel does compensate with a very regular shuttle bus. This made travelling around Kowloon and then onto Hong Kong Island very accessible. We only used the shuttle to get into town though and generally caught a taxi on the way back, usually because we got so lost we couldn’t find our way back to the pick-up location. (looser..haha)

The concierge and doormen are extremely attentive. There is nothing they can’t do for you. The service from the minute we got out of the taxi was amazing. (Hey hey! I got the taxi driver’s call card in case for anyone’s future use. haha! He was so friendly and accommodating. He was just who we need to tell us about where to go and what to do on our trip. Got a free tour guide I think, yay!

Found the hotel location to be ideal being further out but it was still close enough to be convenient. The walk along the promenade is an easy and pleasant walk (although the erratic weather was too disturbing! But ooops, It never stopped us.) It should be summer time when we visited but the weather was really strange. It was like a sunny day and pooof suddenly rains, wt…f! still thankful though that rain would last not more than half a day and the shortest period is like 2 hours I think. haha Yes! I did check my time all the while.

On my Birthday, to my Surprise when we got back to the hotel after wandering around is a Greeting Card from the Manager. THANK YOU!


We had my Birthday dinner at The Promenade where they offer fabulous views over Victoria Harbour. Lined with floor to ceiling Harbour view windows, marble flooring and plush seating creating an opulent venue. It also boasts additional live-cooking stations and a quality selection of seafood. I couldn’t remember how many times I had my plate refilled. haha!


And the best part was my boyfriend’s surprise. After eating so much like.. oh! I can’t breathe.HAHA Grossss!! My boyfriend told me he needs to go the toilet, I totally never questioned coz I even felt it. ewww! heehee (: So I waited there and still munching on my desserts, yes I’m still not finish yet. haha! Minutes later when he came back, I got shocked for he was already bringing a bouquet of roses and a slice of cake. Bad ass! His lies were believable.


And so everything was remarkable.
Thank God for the Gift of Life.

Street style wanderer
Happy 26th Birthday! Hurrah for another year! (: