I Have Received A Liebster Award!

I started blogging a year ago when my admiration to my favorite bloggers went on to the next level. lol! Yes, frankly speaking though. As to how I adore them so much there began myself trying to be like one of them. Haha! But, I never really thought I would enjoy doing such. It makes me feel happy to know that people enjoy reading what I write. Thus, up until now I still make some time to share my travel tips and stories, favorite style statements and reviews of any sort even if I am too busy at work.

Let’s talk about Awards,  I have been nominated for my first ever Liebster Award by Happily Tanned. The Liebster Award is awarded by a blogger to another blogger if they frequently read the blog posts and find them interesting.

Thank you Neha! Now let me answer the questions she prepared.

Which is the one place that every traveler should visit and why?
– I have not traveled the World yet but from those Countries I’ve visited, Japan is definitely a must visit. It has many charms awaiting to be discovered. The culture, people & food captivated me. Japan has fantastic food, beautiful temples and shrines, zen gardens, national parks, and a culture with long and rich history. It lived up to all my expectations and it will certainly make you feel to come back again.

Hotel, hostel or home stay?
– Hotel offers the cookie-cutter experience of a room, a few amenities, and an overpriced minibar. But there are times that I actually like something different just for a change, Home stay! It’s something of a unique experience though, apart from getting an affordable place to stay, it gives you a home-away-from-home comfort in a new city. =)

How do you handle situations when travel itineraries don’t go as planned
– Hmm.. It’s actually normal. It’s expected. Doesn’t mean that you planned everything well, then it will all be perfect and organized during your trip. No, not really! Don’t expect too much yah. haha! But how you actually handle situations when travel itineraries don’t go as planned is just too easy. Relax and don’t worry too much! All you need to do is to be Flexible enough. Don’t be afraid to change or switch plans. Go with the flow! Being so stiff on your travel itineraries will just make you feel frustrated and end up spoiling the mood on your trip.

Lessons you learnt while travelling
– Patience, patience and patience. lol! It’s the most important thing I have learned and developed while travelling.

What can ruin a great travel experience?
– In my own experience, I’m too impatient. lol! I easily get irritated if things didn’t go as planned and it ruined my travel experience before. Then I’ve learned how to be patient, and just enjoy no matter what circumstances may happen.

One thing that you carry everywhere you go
(Apart from mobile phone, laptop and DSLR)
-Lippies! lol

What’s your favorite season?
– I love the colours of Spring and Autumn.

Do you watch travel shows? If yes, then what’s your favorite TV show?
-Seldom. Sad to say, my work eat all my time. haha!

What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?
-Since I’m too used up at work, my free time is actually meant for going out. I may be too busy then but I really find time to enjoy and hang out with my friends and of-course, blogging!

Why do you travel?
– The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

What do you feel is the most important takeaway for your readers (from your blog)?
– Apart from imparting tips, suggestions, etc., I just want all my readers to feel as if they are part of the story. =)



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