The Famous BB Treatment, Now in Singapore (Review)

K-beauty is indeed a worldwide phenomenon. Who won’t agree? Everyone is obsessed with K-beauty, hmm.. I even bet you are! :p And of course, count me in for that obsession. haha! Why such a face looks pore-less, soft and lustrous? Can anyone tell me why? What’s the secret? As I’m freaking’ envious of that dewy white guise, makes me even think that I was sleeping when God poured such blessing. haha! Kidding aside, this post is actually about the recent treatment that I had at Lee Na Young Aesthetic Singapore.

For the past few days I was too busy looking for a salon that does eyebrow embroidery as there are a lot like really a lot here in Singapore. From cheapo to high-cost ones. From natural to 3d, 4d, 6d. Phew! Been so busy reading reviews and searching over and over in all my social media accounts. Contrary to my purpose, I came across this Aesthetic establishment that does this so called Covered BB MTS treatment. My obsession of K-beauty come alive! Hurray!


Lee Na Young Aesthetic Singapore is from Korea and they just opened a branch here in Singapore and the other one is in Australia. They do eyebrow & eyeliner embroidery, lip color enhancement, facial treatments, eyelash procedure, etc. You can check on their website on the services they provide.

Going back to the treatment which I did recently, they claim to be the first in offering this kind of treatment here in Singapore. I was skeptical in doing so. I did a lot of research about it and yes, I couldn’t agree more that is actually pretty new here in Sg. As to my research too, I only saw one Salon offering this but on their add is also “coming soon”. So I was even more excited to try it out. PS – Blame it to my curiosity! haha!

Okay, so what is this treatment for? Honestly speaking, whenever I hear “BB”, I only can think of that K-beauty which I’m too obsessed with. Of course! Who doesn’t know about BB? The Blemish Balm creams that everyone has been using just to achieve that dewy bright Korean look. Well, I ain’t wrong! Covered BB MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System) treatment gives you that immediate skin brightening and rejuvenation effect using micro-needle derma roller with KFDA approved skin color ampules (100 percent natural ingredients). The treatment is effective for any type of skin. I can attest because I actually have a very sensitive skin and fortunately after the treatment there was no unpleasant reaction. Yay! All I felt was my face was sooo smooth like that of a baby. Yaaay! I couldn’t resist moving my fingers back and forth unto my cheeks too. Uh oh! And the best part, it went 1 shade lighter right after. Just wow! I want to do another session! Booo! haha

The Treatment Essentials:
20160907_172444-01120160907_172512-011The skin color ampule which gives the brightening effect while the MTS derma roller facilitates the passage and absorption.

SPOT that pretty obvious difference!

Left Photo shows Before treatment while Right Photo is the awesome After treatment. 🙂photogrid_1473267134190-011
(PS. Sorry for the untrimmed facial hairs, the big pores and the small pimple scars which I actually just pricked, few days ago. haha!)

The process took us 40 mins to an hour including facial cleaning prior to the BB treatment (they will remove your make-up and apply some serum and massage it unto your face) And a mask application right after the BB treatment. Initially, the word needle made me a bit scared though. Regardless of being micro or what, it is still a needle. Right? But hey, I was wrong. No need to be so nervy cause it’s actually not painful at all. It was even addictive. Yea, I like the vibrating feeling over my face.


Thanks to Miss Serene, the Manager at Lee Na Young Aesthetic who did the treatment for me and to Miss Inna, the very accomodating reception staff. The service is really commendable!


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