Penang Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

George Town, the capital of Penang Island in Malaysia has been sprawling in its street art glory. Around corners and hidden in alleys is where you can find these creative masterpieces. A very easy trail to walk but if walking your way around Georgetown in the sun doesn’t look appealing then better go get yourself a trishaw or hire a bike.20160520_134109(0)-01[1]20160520_134008-01[1]Ernest Zacharevic, a London-trained Lithuanian artist has painted beautiful murals in George Town. His artwork is spread out across Penang’s city centre and is truly pretty impressive. The street art depicts images of everyday life in Malaysia and is combined with real physical objects such as a bicycle, a swing or a motorcycle. Tourists taking photos are simply invited to take part of the scene. Can you resist then? I cannot! Lol.20160520_132348-02[1]20160520_132705_001-01[1]20160520_134346-02[1]20160520_134619-01-01[1]20160520_134438-01[1]20160520_133815-02[1]20160520_134637-02[1]

Here’s more of it.


Straw hat Random Shop in Penang
Inner, Vest Forever 21 Dotonbori Osaka
F21 SG Shades and Accessories 
Bradshaw Gold-Tone Michael Kors
Sneakers Stan Smith Adidas Tokyo

7 thoughts on “Penang Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

  1. I travelled to Penang earlier this year and the cool street art was definitely an unexpected highlight. The only thing I enjoyed more than the artwork was the food! Great photos here.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more tom. I really Love the food as well and the street art was somethng of a bonus. Will go back again but next time is a combination of Langkawi trip since Langkawi from Penang is just a boat ride. 😉


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