Why I Fell In Love With JAPAN

I was fascinated with Japan back when I was in College. The culture, people & food captivated me. As I recall, I even wanted to take up International Studies Major in Japanese Language and Literature, haha that’s how I’m enthralled over this country but then again I ended up with the famous course in town, Nursing. Yes, a distinct fact. lol.

Backtrack 2011, I was a full time Nurse and a part time online English Teacher for Japanese thru skype video call. Even if I get too tired working in the hospital, I still enjoyed every conversation I had with my Japanese students. As they were learning from me, I also learn from them. And there grew my love for this country even more.

So finally! My first time going to Japan! Like finally!
(You surely have an idea how excited I am) Yay!

Indeed, it was a life-long dream to experience and explore Japan and it lived up to all my expectations. Japan has fantastic food, beautiful temples and shrines, zen gardens, national parks, and a culture with long and rich history. Bonus part is, I went during Spring. Oh Yes Sakura! Those lovely sakura, so delicate and marvelously formed. Such a delight to be walking under a canopy of Cherry Blossoms. Japan is without a doubt a wonderful place and, while it may be an expensive country to visit, there are plenty of ways to make this country affordable.

There will be a series of post about my very first trip to Japan and the trip covers OSAKA, NARA, KYOTO and TOKYO. 🙂






11 thoughts on “Why I Fell In Love With JAPAN

    1. Hey dear! Thanksss! But all the pictures are in Japan. The last three is from tokyo. Disney Sea Tokyo, Odaiba Diver City and the view of Statue of Liberty with the brdge from Odaiba also. 😄😄😄

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    1. Thanks! I went last month and Im not even halfway yet to blog about my Japan trip. Been to Osaka Nara Kyoto and Tokyo. Japan is really one of the best. Spectacular with the magical sakura everywhere. I love! 🙂


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