Borobudur Sunrise Tour, Central Java

20160211_055026-01The Borobudur temple is a majestic piece of architecture located in Central Java. The temple sits majestically on a top of hill overlooking lush greenery and cultivated fields. This famous Buddhist temple allows you to travel back in time to enjoy an unrivalled combination of history, culture, spirituality and natural beauty.20160211_054406-0120160211_054405-01-0120160211_054415-01-0120160211_053940-0120160211_054027-0120160211_054427-0120160211_054424-0120160211_053902-01 (1)The magnificent Borobudur temple is one of Indonesia’s spectacular site and is widely considered to be one of the world’s seven wonders. An ancient site dating from the 8th and 9th centuries decorated with stone carvings in bas-relief representing images from the life of Buddha. The structure is like a set of massive interconnecting Lego blocks held together without any glue making its stonework has no equal. This awe inspiring monument is truly a wonder.20160211_061319-0120160211_061323-0120160211_061317-0120160211_061316-0120160211_061314-0120160211_061308-01 (1)20160211_061255-01Went for a sunrise tour. It was quite misty and the experience began from absolute darkness. Armed with a small electric torch and an adventurous standpoint, you start from walking up steep steps to get to the peak of the temple, find a cosy spot that gives you the best view of the emerging sunrise, watch the sky bit by bit change colours, and keeping your eyes peeled just so you won’t miss a single moment.20160211_051941-01SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES20160211_053440-01 (1)20160211_055310-0120160211_055305-0120160211_054848-0120160211_054613-0220160211_055045-0120160211_055051-01-0120160211_055029-01Describing the view as spectacular is totally an understatement. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.20160211_055646-01 (1)20160211_060950-0120160211_060948-0120160211_060314-0120160211_060946-0120160211_060750-0120160211_060754-0120160211_060616-0120160211_060625-02SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt is absolutely worth visiting.20160211_061058-0120160211_061805-0120160211_061736-0120160211_061734-01

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