Melaka World Heritage City

A few months back, went to visit malaysia.
Melaka, where it all began. Exploring a World Heritage City.


Malacca (also locally known as Melaka) is a small, friendly city that with many eye-catching sights. The city indeed is a mix of old and new, historical establishments and old shops stand side-by-side with shopping complexes and there’s just so many colourful sights in the city.



It is easy to go around on foot or trishaw to explore the many places that make Malacca unique.


You just can’t stop from taking cute shots from the paint job outside the building, is already an attraction on its own.

The Orangutan House is owned by an artist, Mr Charles Cham who started his art gallery studio in Malacca in 1992.

Didn’t really explore yet on the day of arrival. Was a bit too lazy after a 5 hours coach ride from singapore. And oh by the way, stayed in The Pines Melaka hotel. Will be having a different blog post about the hotel though for having such an awesome stay for 3 days in Melaka. Hope it can help you guys when you visit the heritage city.


So the day of arrival was a day of pigging out and shopping. Yes you read it right! Far from singapore’s crazy food and shopping is a good place for those who don’t like to spend so much on clothes and food. (hey it’s me!)


  • Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall
  • Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall

These 2 Shopping malls can make you spend your ringgits! haha

Nando’s Malaysia! Famous for PERi-PERi flame-grilled chicken.
My hunger pangs definitely was satisfied! haha


Did some walk after pigging out and I just can’t stop from striking a pose. Melaka is probably the only place in the world that has ruins of both Asia and Europe. Beautiful architecture is just by foot. So don’t be a lazy bitch! haha :p


And after some walking you need  refreshment. Don’t fail to try out Bikini Toppings! Location is at a less crowded corner of Jonker Street.
Somehow, even under a super hot sun, this cafe is quite chilling and windy.  Serves mainly desserts: Coconut Jelly, Coconut Shake, Ice Cream..


It was a great day indeed! Back in the hotel for some relaxation and night swimming overlooking the city. Watch out for my next blog about The Pines Melaka.




Will be having a separate blog about: Getting Around Melaka by Trishaw!
Tour Melaka in 1 day and you’ll see the must attractions!





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