Upside Down House Melaka


You should not think in a normal way though.
You need to think out of the box so only you can let your creativity go wild!

Just like a normal house, this one is divided into 5 sections; living room, kitchen, children’s room, master bedroom and bathroom. All of the furniture and decors are placed upside down.

Not much I can say about the amazing idea but it is all about creativity beyond word description!

Come let’s get inside!
Oooops! Shoes have to be taken out before entering, like any normal house. :p


The living room.
Equipped with plasma TV,  sofa, coffee table, small cabinet and a phone and there is even some snacks on the table.
Then there’s the dining area, along with the kitchen.
If you look carefully, there are mini macarons and donuts served on the table.
Counter tops complete with cooking utensils and an oven to bake.
img1443323843972[1]img1443324291683[1]And of course a fridge. Which is apparently overloading with vegetables and fruits.
Ohh. Gotta do some laundry! haha
img1443324724018[1]img1443324773045[1]img1443324597010[1]A house wouldn’t be complete without bedrooms!
And this one is for the kids. 🙂
And the master bedroom.
Got work table, dresser, and make up some more!
And what would it be without a toilet?
So here’s the toilet with a sink, mirror and toothbrush.

It’s a fun place for you to unleash your creativity! 🙂

Upside Down House Gallery
G12&G14,Jalan PM 7,Plaza Mahkota,Bandar Hilir,Melaka, Melaka

Admission Fee:
– For Malaysians:
Adults: RM15
Kids: RM10

Senior Citizens: RM15
Disabled: 50% discount

– For non Malaysians:
Adults: RM20
Kids: RM16

Operating hours:
Mon – Thurs: 10am – 6pm
Fri – Sunday: 10am-9pm

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