The Venetian Experience

Can you favour a certain dose of fake?


As for me, when artificialness is taken to perfection, I can appreciate and admire that! Definitely would admire that! And this what I had felt when in the Venetian Macao.


Do yourself a favour and feel the full Venetian experience If you’re heading to Macau. Don’t ever miss a chance as there is nothing quite like it in Macau, or probably Asia.


The Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world, and the largest single structure hotel building in Asia. A location and attraction in itself.
An ultimate luxury experience- with a theme- Venice.


You can take a stroll along the river while window shopping and admiring all the European-esque fake buildings.



Hundreds of shops awaits you at the Grand Canal Shoppes. It is designed to resemble the canals in Venice.


The blue water of the canal, will certainly give you an impression of an outdoor setting rather than an indoor one. Pretty awesome! From the high ceilings with Renaissance art frescoes to the never ending floor and the glittering shop signs. Oh well, everything captivates your eyes.


You can even sip your cappuccino’s at that fake Venetian square under that artificial blue sky (eternal weather and sky, day and night, all year around, on that square.) This was one of my amusement. Really really impressive! You won’t get any idea of the weather outside. It is indeed a form of art, make-believe, theatre…. You are walking through a decor.


You can ride gondolas along the three canals in the “water city” of Venetian, to get first-hand experience of canal life.


So here’s the best thing of this Venetian experience:
Having a gondola ride with a serenade from the gondolier.
Such a superb romantic experience out of a romantic landscape. (:

6 thoughts on “The Venetian Experience

    1. El! Jusko wala gani nagamit among cam nga dala ky nabilin sa hotel sa hk. Phone lang gud ni. Note 4 nga cam. Hehe Go! Balik el pag mahuman natong gina construct nila nga pina eifl tower. Naa napud bago sila ongoing cnstruction. Pina parris in macao ang peg. 2016 ata cgro mahuman.

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    1. I’ve read your post and I love it! I couldn’t help but to agree, totally agree! I so love black ensemble. It will never go out of style. My wardrobe fills 70% black. Haha

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