Denim on Denim


Everyone is wearing double denim.
Should you or shouldn’t you double up on your denim?
Take a look! Twice as much denim is twice as good. (:



On this trip, I played with denim on denim. It is totally fab! Trust me. haha
The weather was kinda erratic by that time so I wore a midriff cropped top as an inner for my denim polo
(Incase Mr. Sun is out again after a low rainfall, I’ll be totally ready to feel balmy wearing my slinky inner) yay!

You can never go wrong with faded jeans. Thumbs up! :p



It was in the month of June, (ssshhh… my birth month) when we visited Hong Kong.
These shots were taken at Harbor Grand Kowloon Hotel.
( I have my review about the hotel on a separate post. )
Take a peek of it as you might want to stay there when you visit Hong Kong.

Street style wanderer
Street style wanderer

Accessories: Michael Kors Bradshaw Oversized, Bentein FJ Gold Black Necklace.
Jeans from Giordano
Cherry cropped top from Bugis Street for 5 bucks
Cheap deal denim polo top on flea market, hurrah!
You don’t need a bunch of bucks to look fab.
Always remember It’s not about the clothes you are wearing, It’s how you wear it! 🙂

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